All Things Important Newsletter -
May 2022
May Meeting Info
May 11, 2022

Next week we will be hosting Emerging Artist columnists
Isabelle Colantuonio and Meredith from HBHS from
Lawrence Barn
28 Depot Rd
Hollis, NH

Have you ever wanted to try digital art, but don’t know where to start? This month we will be teaching you how to combine your existing traditional art with digital art through editing and drawing!

***Bring pictures of your favorite traditional art you have created as well as a phone, tablet, or laptop, and we will teach you how to combine these two mediums. ***

In addition to this presentation, please scroll down to see Isabelle's article on the significance of combining traditional and digital art.

Hollis Arts Society is proud to announce the Grand Opening of our gallery space at 100 W. Pearl Street in the heart of downtown Nashua!
Our opening weekend dates are :
Thursday May 19 from 12-5
Friday May 20 from 4-8
Saturday May 21 from 11-2

Every other month our exhibition space will rotate and host a new Featured Artist as well as assorted pieces by our current members. So if youve been wondering what your membership can do for you, it can get you into our refreshed gallery space and our Opening Night festivities will be paired with other big events in Nashua.

All art work will be for sale with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit the Greater Nashua Mental Health organization.

Public is welcome and can drop by the gallery starting May 19.
The Gallery at West Pearl will have an attendant on staff every:
Thursday from 12-5
Friday from 4-8
Saturday from 11-2

All members of the Hollis Arts Society are invited to submit their artwork for possible exhibition. You can find our exhibitor info here:
Meet May Guest Artists:
Isabelle Colantunio
Meredith from HBHS
I’m Meredith and I’m currently a graduating senior at Hollis Brookline High School. After I discovered digital art through social media in middle school, it became one of my continuing main passions. Over the years, I’ve built skills in the software Clip Studio Paint and the iPad app Procreate. Along with visual art, I have a deep interest in creative writing, so I strive to weave the two together with my work by focusing on character illustration and visual storytelling. One of my future goals is to tell stories through comics!

Isabelle Colantuonio is currently a Senior at the local high school and will be attending Lesley University next year and dual majoring in Video Game Design and Fine Arts with a minor in Photography. She has been doing traditional art for 12 years, and her favorite mediums are acrylic paint, gouache, and digital photography. In her free time she reads, plays video games, takes photos, and crochets. You can contact her at [email protected]

Voices of Emerging Artists
What is the Significance of Being Able to Combine Digital and Traditional Art?

This month I (Isabelle C.) will be presenting at the HAS meeting about how you can take existing art and add to it through digital art. In addition to this presentation, I wanted to highlight in this article the significance of combining traditional and digital art.
I started combining traditional and digital art two years ago when I took a graphic design class and started manipulating photos together in the computer program Adobe Photoshop. After that I learned that both my traditional photographs and my own artwork could be combined with my new digital art skills. This led to me taking my own traditional illustrations and then doing lineart or color digitally. After this I transitioned to taking photographs and combining them together to create new images.
Each stage of this digital art style helped me develop my own sense of how to combine these images to create new artwork. The significance of this style of digital art is not just that you have created a new piece of art with existing ones, but that you have the ability to create effects that cannot be obtained in traditional mediums. For example, I am a fantasy photographer, which means I take traditional photos of castles or castle-like buildings and edit them to look like they would be in a fantasy world. This image (see image of castle with article) was actually three different images together. I would have not been able to easily capture the ravens flying around the castle or the correct lighting with just digital photography in this location, but through editing with digital art I was able to obtain the effects that I wanted. I was able to draw the smoke effect around the castle digitally and bring the whole image together in a way that would not have been possible in traditional photography where I was photographing.
How can this apply to paintings, drawings, or any other type of digital art? It can really apply however you would like! You can add lineart to a painting digitally or even make it look 3D. If you weren’t able to achieve the tones of color you wanted traditionally, you can edit them in with digital art. Any way you use it can help turn your traditional art into another piece or even help you achieve an effect you wanted to add to your digital art.
If you would like to see a live demonstration of how to combine digital and traditional art, come to this month’s HAS meeting on
WEDNESDAY MAY 11 where I will be presenting with Meredith S. about how to use digital tools to create new artwork!
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