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Hollyweird Gay and Transgender Agendas: The Difference Between a Man and Woman - New World Order

July 11, 2020

by Cathy Harris, Syndicated Columnist

Hello Everyone:

As a Researcher, Speaker, and Syndicated Columnist, I never thought I would have to write an article as important as this one. The info in this article is going to knock your socks right off your feet.

At the end of our time, all of us will be judged on how we lived our lives. Did we use our skills, talents and passions to educate, inform and inspire others -- especially those around us. 

I felt so compelled to write this article not just because I am a humanitarian, and a "Love Coach" at, but also because I have been educating my audience since March 2020 on several agendas during this paradigm shift

I would like to think that I have one of the smartest audiences out there -- who can take my information and use it and make good decisions in their lives. This is what we do as "Empowerment Speakers."

Another big reason I am writing the article is because I am from Atlanta, which next to Hollyweird, probably has one of the largest gay and transgender populations in this country.

Know up-front and because I was born and raised in rural Georgia with a great value system, I was raised to love all people especially if they put out #KindEnergy to the universe. So I have no ill-will toward any group of people.

I left Atlanta in 2013 after 20 years. I have heard so many people on and offline make the statement over and over again -- that they hate to go to Atlanta because they can't tell the men from the women.

Many people have said for years that there is a movement or agenda to feminize males especially black males. Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this article, you will have more knowledge under your belt and you will see indeed 'beyond a shadow of a doubt', yes there is a movement to feminize not just black men, but all men.

Two years ago many politicians and businesses were trying to decide if they should make a restroom -- not just for men and women, but also for transgendered people. 

Many parents were upset because they did not want their kids (especially their daughters and even males) to end up in these restrooms with people that was actually born men. 

Now we are seeing that they had every right to be concerned because now we are finding out that some of these transgendered people (especially the ones that transgendered from men to women) did in fact have #EvilIntent.

Back in my day doctors have been known to cut off the penis of boy babies by mistake -- when they were circumcised and because of these doctors' mistakes, parents had the decision to choose to raise these kids the opposite sex.

But today I thought it was crazy when parents were allowing their 5 and 6 year olds to decide if they wanted to be transgendered.

Now what is even crazier than that is today parents are actually raising their kids the opposite sex, no matter what sex they were born with.  

If Hillary Had Been Elected

At the beginning of all of this in March 2020, I learned pretty quickly about all the arrests that were taking place for Child Pedophilia and Satanic Cults and Sex and Human Trafficking and other crimes against humanity especially in New York and Hollyweird, which was the hub for these crimes against humanity.

So understand up-front what is happening in this country right now is a #NecessaryEvil and had to take place. Bill and Hillary Clinton and several of the past presidents are part of the Deep State including Barack and Michelle Obama. 

Even many Demoncratic governors and mayors today are a part of the Deep State and this is why people are being ripped apart right now -- mentally, physically and spirtually. So understand up-front -- why all of this is taking place and just know there is a lot of judgement coming down the pipeline. 

Evil can't rule forever and your life will be restored to some 'sense of normalcy'. You just have to hold on and take care of the people you love.

The Deep State had BIG PLANS for us such as probably FEMA Camps, UN Troops, Tainted Vaccines and the COVID understand up-front it is no secret this was indeed their plans.

If Hillary (Killary) had been elected, then all of us would be on #MandatoryVaccinations right now because she was deep in bed with the pharmaceutical industry. 

And we all need to understand that the pharmaceutical industry funds medical schools for students and this is why medical doctors are forced to sell poisons (medication) as they practice on you --  #PracticeMedicine.

Big Name People Involved

Not only are big names like Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg involved in these illegalities, I tried to warn people even about Oprah, who is a part of #PizzaGate Child Trafficking Ring

And because of that I lost many friends and acquaintances because people are still in denial. Any time when a rich black person get caught up in something so terrible like this -- black people think there is some type of racism involved. 

These people barely had a pot to piss in but they wanted to defend Oprah -- a billionaire.  She is at home with #AnkleBracelets on on  #HouseArrest  and will be tried later this year and is facing 30 years.

Here is a picture of Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Will Ferrell attending a #SpiritCooking event. These are events ran by a transgendered male in Hollyweird, where they eat dead bodies.

Supposedly, John Legend also gave one of these events and him and his wife are reported to be good friends with Ellen so you know they are up to no good.
Here is Lebron James and his affiliation with the #PizzaGate Child Trafficking Ring. Why would he write a tweet like this if he wasn't involved? 

One of the experts told me this about Lebron,  "Yes he is involved and his wife is a transgender and their children genders are flipped also. He's a 33 degree free mason and that is why he has that tattoo! He's marked, he's a gatekeeper at the top!"


This picture is a total lie. Keep reading because wait til I discuss Kaepernick. It will be an all out war against me -- that is for sure.

New Agenda

When I wrote the article on April 1, 2020 entitled "My Take On What Is Happening In this Country" -- I will admit I wasn't sure of all the agendas at that time.  However, everything that I mentioned in the e-newsletter -- all the agendas turned out to be true.

Besides these agendas -- Monetary Global Reset, 5G Installation, and Massive Arrests of Pedophiles and Satanic Cults, Sex and Human Traffickers and other crimes against humanity, there is another BIG AGENDA we must discuss. 

That is the GAY and TRANSGENDER agenda. This is not just about feminizing men, but it is about flipping the sex of EVERY BABY born today (#NewWorldOrder)

We know that during the Obama administration for 8 years, his only job was to usher in the gay and transgender agenda, however, at the time we had no idea how serious or how big it was -- until now. 

Well, supposedly gay and transgender individuals along with rappers, NBA, NFL, NHL, Dancers, Singers, etc. and moviestars are about to be used by the Deep State to CONVINCE the masses to engage in the MARK OF THE BEAST, which very well could be some type of mandatory vaccination or microchip program.  

Their goal is also to rebrand pedophiles as "Minor-Attracted Persons" and make pedophilia legal. 

The Problem With The Masses

People love these rappers, NFL players, etc. and especially these moviestars so they are having a hard time saying goodbye even though they know these individuals were heavily involved in Satanic Cults, Pedophilia Rings, Sex and Human Trafficking Rings and other crimes against humanity. 

Many of these individuals will be tried in Military Tribunals and put to death with no appeal process. Hollyweird, if it even exist after these individuals are taken down, will never be the same again.

Depopulation Agenda is Still in Full Effect

Check out Bill Gate's wife in the photos, when #TransgenderedPeople get older, they really look bad  -- especially when they are #OldMen anyway. They can't keep up that pretense forever.

Now since Bill Gates, who refused to vaccinate his own children, and his flunkie Fauci (aka Fraudci), who were head spokespersons in regards to the #DepopulationAgenda , are believed to be under arrest and are no longer on the scene, the #DeepState (aka "The Elites, the Cabal, Shadow Government, etc.) main weapon at this time is not just #MainstreamMedia , but because many individuals are #StarStruck (in love with rappers, moviestars especially reality show moviestars), it is also rappers and moviestars that will be used as part of the New World Order and/or   #DepopulationAgenda. 

Subliminal Messages Used

How are you going to marry your adoptive daughter -- unless you were attracted to her the entire time. 

Remember that Pedophiles always surround themselves around children so it not a shocker that Disney has been messing with the minds of our children for decades now. They do this by placing subliminal messages in their subconscious mind, which is a form of lesser magic.

Back in the 40s and 50s, supposedly, people were controlled with sublimanal messages from the government. So mainstream media, which is a part of the #DeepState, has been using subliminal messages over the years. 

For many because they are so consumed with nonsense in their lives, unless they actually stop watching TV, it can and will affect them even if they just watch movies on Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu. 

Remember movies and especially advertisements coming out of Hollyweird can and do have #Subliminal Messages in them just like mainstream media. 

Trickeries They Use

Let's look at how some of these other trickeries work.  When the black community, for instance, encounters some type of defeat then black rappers, NFL players and black moviestars especially are used to send us messages and instructions on how to carry out our lives. 

Recently, Oprah was featured on a roundtable discussion on #DeepStateCNN talking to the community about how to deal with police murders. 

Well read my banner above...that is how you need to deal with #PoliceKillings until they come up with a #NationalPoliceReformPolicy (#1000Strong)
 -- something straight across the board. 

I discussed this extensively in my 50 page book "Police Interactions 101: How To Interact With the Police In Your Car, On the Streets, In Your Home"  - that every black male and female child need to read by age 10. 

The book is available as an ebook, paperback and audiobook along with my other 25 non-fiction books at, my Empowerement Company. 

The problem with making any type of police reform is you have all of these scared people especially now distracted with the #CoronaVirus. To put real police reforms in will take a #BraveMovement.

I know 'black on black crime' is taking place, but I really believe a large part of it is white men (who are undercover police officers and white supremacists) are putting on black masks and killing black people including our kids. 

We are too unorganized with other nonsense to catch them in the act. And they keep us distracted with all these messages from black millionaires and billionaires. They keep you #DumbDown.

T hey want you to act like a sheep and do what these people say. This is all by design and they are instructed by the #DeepState to do this.

Hollyweird is a #CompleteFake Run By Bunch of Pedophiles and #Transgenders 

When you find out about what is really happening in Hollyweird...I am not just talking about the arrests of Child Pedophiles and Satanic Cults and Sex and Human Traffickers, but the fact that many of the moviestars are actually transgendered.

Many of the women were born men and many of men moviestars were born women. Their sex were flipped or they transitioned later on in life. Don't Madonna look like a boy sitting in the tub...because she was born a man and this is why she has #MasculineEnergy most of the time.

Back when Obama was ushering the gay and transgender issue in, you had people like Ellen, who is a actually a man living as a lesbian in Hollyweird to come out of the closet. 

After that you had an entire group of people that came out of the closet. Since Obama is part of the Deep State and might actually be a woman himself and Michelle Obama, actually a man, this was the only job he had.
If you don't know the anatomy of male and female, haven't studied Hollyweird, don't know numerology, elites, signs and symbols, then there is no way you can tell who is a man or woman especially in Hollyweird. 

There are people out there that are experts in this and have spent time learning it for years. I have only been looking into this for a while, but already is getting pretty good at recognizing some of the signs. 

However, this is not something I am trying to do more research on, but wanted to give you just a little taste of what they are doing. It is up to you to pursue further research on what they are doing.

They also raise children without social security numbers so they will be easier to kill. This way they are guaranteed a fresh supply of adrenochrome for their #SatanicCults. 

Many kids rescued from the tunnels and caves in cages especially in California and New York, did not even have ears and eyes. They just wanted their blood. 

The Biggest Difference in Men and Women

First of all we knew that most men have #AdamApples. Women also have Adams Apples too, but because we don't have testosterone, it doesn't show like it does in men. 

That is a given, we have known that for years. Now when you have an operation or two or three to shave or chisel down your Adam's Apple, it can be quite dangerous especially if you use your vocal box for speaking or singing. This is why many singer's voice give out on them later on, but early on in their careers.

Arms, Hands & Feet

One of the best ways besides looking for the Adam's apple to tell if a person is a man or women is to look at the length and size of their arms, hands and feet. Men have long arms and big hands and big feet.

If you notice many transgendered people will stand with their hands in their pockets so you don't see their fingers. 

A man's ring finger is longer than the index finger...and almost the same size as the middle finger.  On the other hand a woman's ring finger and index finger is the same length. Most of the time -- maybe not always.  

There are some big Amazon women out there with long arms, big hands and big feet, but usually a man's hands and his feet is much larger than a woman's and men usually have very large toes especially his #BigToe.

Many women in their right minds after they start showing when they are pregnant, especially in their 7th and 8th month of pregnancy never wear high heels but when transgendered people pretend to have a baby bump, some actually have on high heels even when they are supposed to be in their 7th or 8th month of pregnancy. 

Now it is suspected that Denzel's wife is a #Transgender. She looks like she is pregnant with triplets. She is extremely big and still have on heels. 

I suspect she bought the shoes smaller to make it look like her feet have swollen. I can see from here that nothing on her face looks swollen. The length they have to go through to pull off these types of deception is alarming.

Many women do swell up during pregnancy especially their noses, breasts and feet so if you see someone with a, supposedly, baby bump in the late stages of pregnancy and they are not swollen up and have high heels on, there is a good chance that that person is transgendered (born a male and living the life of a female).

Some transgendered people like Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie did not like wearing the superficial #BabyBump so these individuals adopted kids from other countries instead. 

I don't know about Sandra Bullock or Angelina Jolie, but Charlize Theron is raising her two boys as girls. They do this all the time in Hollyweird to transition them to the #TransgenderLifestyle -- since the gay and transgender lifestyle rules Hollyweird.

Notice both Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock both adopted black children because this again is a plan to feminize black males.

People are afraid of the black community so they think if they can flip a majority of them into the gay and transgender lifestyle, then they can control the black community. 


Men have large skulls with slopping back foreheads. When they get old their hairline recedes from the foreheads like most men. 

Women have smaller skulls. Sharon Stone is a man so see how her hair sits back on her head especially as she ages.


You can clearly see the Adam's Apple in Sandra Bullock's neck above. Charlize Theron has an extremely long neck for a woman's and on the picture on the right -- she actually had some type of neck surgery. 

Men have long, big necks with an Adam's Apple.

Women have short skinny necks. So every woman in Hollyweird with a long neck was actually probably born a boy (#Transgender). Keira Knightley has long neck and board shoulders (men features).


They can feminalize the face. They have feminization packages. They can chisel down the chin. Men have square faces and jaws with prominent cheek bones. Women have oval faces with pointed chins.


Men have a deep set of eyes with that extra skin on top. They have a prominent eye ridge. Women eyes look like women' eyes and more softer.


Men have straight backs with broad, horizontal shoulders. Look at the shoulder to hip ratio. Men's shoulders are wider than their hips. 

Because women have hips, their shoulders are not usually larger than their hips. Women have slopped down shoulders with curves in their backs.


Women hips ends above the belly button.Men have long torsos. Men hips ends below the belly button. Their waist is only 90% wider than their hips. 

Nicole Kidman is suspect. Her shoulders are wider than her hips amongst other male features.

Men have a male indentation on both sides coming in as a V. In the pic below -- the singer #Pink is a man with the male indentation. 

Penis Removal

Transgendered people also have a pose to hide their penis. You see all of them using this pose from time to time. So that's another way to tell if they are a transgender -- simply by the way they stand.

Supposedly, if you are transgendered and decide to have your penis removed, you will not only lose some of your sexual drive aka "Libido," but you will start to grow breasts. We know that many men today have breasts even in their 20s and 30 because of low testosterone. 

So for these reasons and these reasons alone, many people who become transgendered from man to women, decide sometimes not to remove their penis. 

And of course building a penis for many women who become transgendered, is probably another hard, but not impossible task to do, but again, will you lose some of your sexual drive?

Adrenochrome Addicts

Many of the people in Hollyood are Adrenochrome addicts. This include moviestars, rappers, singers, ball players, etc.

And because their supply has been cut off since March 2020 when all the moviestars went on house arest, they are hurting pretty badly. 

Many will be too weak to even stand trial when the time comes. 

The below are suspected to be all #Transgenders (born men). Understand this has been happening for years. 

They put in a lot of work on these people. This is deliberate. Some of these transgendered people not only look alike...they all look related...and many do look like aliens. 

Women can do the job very easily,  but they rather use transgendered people.  They shove this down our throats everywhere we go from the checkout aisle in grocery stores on magazine covers to when we turn on the TV after a hard day at work.

The first thing we see are transgendered individuals everywhere we look, however, at the time we might not have known what we were actually seeing -- until now. 

This is the Satanic Kindgom at work here - New World OrderIt's easy to get away from these people. Make it a point not to look at magazines in stores and turn off the TV then there will be no no transgendered people staring you back in the face.

Kaepernick (aka Kap) is a Woman

Kapernick is clearly a woman. He is of Arab descent...not mixed...Has Arab nose, pointed chin and round jaws like a womans, slopped shoulders like women, curvy back like have straight backs...wears masonic Greek Gay Club shirt. He is a woman ( #Transgender) .
Everything he does is scripted. One year before he started kneeling, he was found in a hotel performing  Satanic
Rituals  on naked women. 

He started kneeling about 3 years ago around the same time some of these  Deep State
Child Pedophiles had started to be arrested so was he brought in to take attention off these arrests?
They released 20 strains of the #CoronaVirus in Oct. or Nov. 2019 to cause fear and keep your attention off the arrests. 

Then when things started to open back up they started a  #RaceRiot .  

When things died down they brought the  Corona Virus  back out and forced everyone to wear masks...again just to cause fear and keep everyone's attention off the arrests.
They admitted after the first corona outbreak that they had lied about the numbers and they are lying again about the numbers so enjoy your life.

The people who died the first time had other health conditions. This is all to instill fear so we would not see all the arrests taking place in the background.

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Transgender Videos
Other Hollyweird Transgenders

Remember Hollyweird got some not so good looking women so some of us should have known they were transgenders. 

Seems like in the picture above the Obamas and Bill Gates grew up together. The picture on the right is a picture when Michelle was supposedly a man.
Okay the word is out Michelle Obama is a transgender. You can see the parents of the Obama kids in the picture above. 

Oprah, Beyonce (Jay Z is a woman), Puff Diddy is a woman --- other transgenders include Pink, Olivia (Mariska Hargitay) from SUV (supposedly her mother Jayne Manefield was also transgendered), Kandi from Atlanta Housewives, Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman, Winona Rider, Amy Winehouse, Olivia Wilde, Madonna, Whoppi, Angeli Joli, Sandra Bullock, Cardi B,  Shirley Ceasar, Model Cindy Crawford, maybe Whitney Houston, Viola Davis, Patti Labelle, Denzel Washington, etc.
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