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January 2023


Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,


Have you ever heard or said, at this time of the year, “After Christmas when it all calms down”, or “In January, we will get caught up -- it is so quiet then.” I know I have said it and, in my mind, thought it was true. So often it is not! If we look to the Epiphany Season, we are not given an image of “calmness” or “getting back to normal.” Instead, if you think of the walk through Epiphany, it is a rather hectic journey: Baptism at the River Jordan, perhaps going to Cana for a wedding, calling disciples, teaching on the mount, healings, a visit to Mount Tabor -- not much calm or resting. Epiphany is instead a series of manifestation of Christ as “beloved”, “miracle worker”, “teacher”, “healer” and “transfigured”. Epiphany means manifestations and each week we reflect on one as a time to grow. Growth is not rest but active. 


This year the delusion of “it all calming down” is even more profound. As in most January’s, we are rushing to get Annual Reports done, getting ready for the Winter Thaw Sale of soups, books and more, and the first meeting of the new vestry. In addition, there are “walk abouts” to attend and Episcopal Election. The Vestry will also begin working on how to end one chapter of the parish’s life and prepare for the next. All of this, like Epiphany, is about growth. Growth for the diocese, for the parish and for ourselves.


We are reminded of the disciples Jesus calls with words of “follow me”.  Have you noticed he does not give them an agenda, an itinerary, or a syllabus. Instead, it is a call to a journey centered on “going with the flow”. Sometimes I feel for the disciples, it seems that they are always just trying ‘Catch Up’ with Jesus.


In the busy ness of this Epiphany, let us remember to take a moment each day to catch up. Let us look for an opportunity to pray about the growth that God calls us to: as individuals, as Holy Apostles Parish, and as the Diocese of New Jersey.


Canon Art+


JANUARY 7/ 8 Baptism of Christ

Weekend Schedule

JANUARY 28 / 29 Annual Meeting Sunday

4:00 PM

No Service due to Electing Convention

8:00 AM

No Service due to Annual Meeting

9:30 AM

Mass and Annual Meeting

FEBRUARY 1 Candlemas (Feast of Presentation)

11:00 AM

Mass with Blessing of Candles

FEBRUARY 19 / 20 Last Epiphany

Weekend Schedule


7:00 AM

Mass with the Imposition of Ashes

8:00 AM

Great Litany and Morning Prayer

11:00 AM

Mass with the Imposition of Ashes

5:30 PM

Mass with the Imposition of Ashes

7:30 PM

Choral Mass with the Imposition of Ashes

Our next newsletter will have details about this year’s Lenten Program. Please remember that we will be gathering palms for burning during Epiphany for Ash Wednesday.


A reminder that the committees and organizations of the vestry and parish are asked to write a report for the Annual Meeting Booklet. A list of reports needed is posted on the door near the refreshment counter. The booklet will be printed and compiled for distribution on January 22nd. You may email your report to [email protected].


The Annual Meeting of Holy Apostles’ Episcopal Church, Yardville, in the Diocese of New Jersey and county of Mercer, will be held on Sunday, January 29th, 2023, beginning at 9:30 AM at the parish center. The purpose of the meeting is to receive the reports of the state of the parish in things temporal and spiritual, receive the budget adopted by the vestry and elect officers for the congregation. Officers to be elected are: 1 warden for a two-year term, 3 vestry persons for 3-year term, delegates and alternates to the Diocesan Convention and to the Trenton Convocation. Should the Electing Convention of the Diocese require a second day, the wardens and vestry will meet at the appointed time and adjourn the meeting, until the following Sunday.


The voters shall be baptized, at least sixteen years of age, members of the parish through Confirmation, Reception or Letter of Transfer, regular attendants at the services of the parish and contributors to the current expenses of the parish for six months prior to the Annual Meeting.


Our annual January sale, formerly known as "Books, Baubles, Baked Goods and Soup Sale" -- will be held on Saturday, January 21 from 9 AM to 1 PM. We'll be selling our popular soups, bakes goods, jewelry and books!


A sign up for making soups and baked goods has been prepared. Books from the barn will need to moved the week prior to this event..

Mark your calendar, and tell your friends!

Winter Thaw Flyer


We are again gathering warm clothes for cold weather during the month of January. Clean clothing in good condition we be gathered in the Baptistry. Each Tuesday the gathered items will be given to TASK for distribution. Please do not bring Items in until January 8th.


We will continue Confirmation Class preparation thru the spring. The Confirmation Class will be presented Saturday, May 20, 2023 at Trinity Cathedral. Although Canon Art will have had his last Sunday service, he will present the class at the Cathedral, and we hope that you will plan to attend the service. We are planning to have a reception for them on May 21st after the 9:30 service.

Youth translations of the Lord’s Prayer will appear in Lent. The Saints articles, which are prepared by the class, will be printed in the upcoming newsletters.


January 8

January 15

February 5

February 19

March 12

April 16

May 20 - Confirmation

May 21 - Reception

CHRISTMAS: Our thanks to all those who provided greens, holly, or baked goods for the Christmas Celebrations. Your contributions were a real blessing. We would also like to thank those who came to fill the cookie bags for home visitations. It was a great time of fellowship and community building.

We continue to be blessed by the ministries of Deacon Denise, Lyn Powell and the Handbell Program. Their efforts greatly enhanced our worship experience again this year.


As a New Year begins, I would like to reflect on the Advent Outreach Ministries at Holy Apostles’. We just observed our third Advent and Christmas seasons where a pandemic was still in the news and with us. Though most of the precautions of the first two years have been lifted many of our parishioners remain cautious. As I posted the lists of gifts for the Adopted Family members, I wondered if all requests would be donated. By the fourth Sunday of Advent the Jesse Tree was overflowing with gifts. I was not surprised to be overwhelmed by the outpouring of your support. In additions to the wrapped gifts for the members of the Adopted Family and the in-kind gifts for Womanspace, a number of gift cards were donated for the family and for Womanspace. Through donations made to the Discretionary Fund, we were able to assist two other families with gift cards and one person with wrapped gifts. Your generosity warms my heart and soul, and your spirit of giving brightened the lives of many people this Christmas. Thank You! And thank you to the “elves” who assisted with sorting the gifts and preparing them for pickup or delivery.


In January we sponsor a Winter Clothing Drive and gather gently used warm clothing for men, women and children. Donations may be placed in the BIG basket in the narthex. Donations will be delivered to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK).


The Poor Box Ministry is in support of Episcopal Community Services of the Diocese of New Jersey. Donations as of December 31, 2022 total $1,212. You may support this ministry by dropping your donation in the Poor Box located on the back wall of the nave or by sending a check to the church made payable to Deacon’s Discretionary Fund with “Poor Box” on the memo line.


The weather outside offers us a perfect time to be indoors knitting or crocheting for our Purl & Pray ministry. There is a basket in the narthex containing directions and materials for you to choose from. Completed items may be place in the basket. 


Throughout the year non-perishable food items placed in the Wicker Basket by the Altar are delivered weekly to the Allentown Food Pantry.


Thank you for the many ways you love and serve the Lord!



The electing Convention for the 13th Bishop of New Jersey will be on Saturday, January 28th. Delegates have been registered for in person or online attendance.


From January 10th – 13th, the 5 candidates will be in the Diocese for “walk-abouts”. Delegates are asked to attend in person or online for one or more of these events. Other interested members of the parish may also attend. The sessions will be recorded so that you may view them at other times. The Clergy only Session will not be recorded.

January 10th (Tuesday)

        2:30-4:30  Clergy Session at Trinity Cathedral


January 11th (Wednesday)

        1:30-3:30  Church of the Ascension in Gloucester City

        7-9            Holy Trinity, South River


January 12th (Thursday)

        6:30-8:30  St. Luke’s Gladstone


January 13th (Friday)

        7-9   St Luke and All Saints, Galloway


Due to the uncertainty for the ending time, we are not planning a 4:00 PM service on January 28th. The only scheduled service will be 9:30 AM with the Annual Meeting.



Mark your calendar for a fun evening. If you’ve never been, make sure to come.


Friday, March 24th

Theme: Trivia Night

Time: 6pm —doors open

      7pm—entertainment begins

$10 per person


Here’s how it works:

  • Hosts/hostesses sign-up for table(s), each seating 8-10, and sell “tickets “ to fill them
  • Decorate your table(s) however you like
  • Each table provides their own food and drinks


We have a friend who has called trivia games before. She will provide all questions and answers; suggestions for categories are welcome and must be submitted by February 12th.


Each table will choose a team name. For those who have more than one table, each table is kept separate. Team names can be provided that night.


There will be a 50/50 as well as an auction table. Items are requested for the auction table and may be brought into the office. Please be sure to mark the item(s) for the Table Party. Volunteers will be needed to man these 2 areas—yes, you still need to pay.


Any questions, see Alyson or Lyn.


The Altar Guild will be meeting in person this winter rather than online. This is so we can continue training in preparation for Canon Art’s retirement.

  • January 12
  • February 9
  • March 9
  • April 13


The Vestry will have its annual reorganizational meeting on Tuesday, January 31st. The vestry normally does not meet in February due to the previous meeting held at the end of the month. However, a February meeting may be needed to focus on transition work, and the wardens would set the date of this meeting. The March meeting will be held on March 14th.


If a ladybug lands on you, count their spots. It will tell you how many years of good luck for you!


The vestry has started planning two events for Canon Art's retirement. On May 7, we will celebrate after Canon Art's last service at Holy Apostles. On June 16, a dinner celebration will be held at Mercer Oaks Golf Course. More details will follow soon. Please mark your calendar for these special events.

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