Weekly News
Thursday, April 1, 2021
"Strive to become for the whole community a good example of every virtue: of humility, gentleness, active compassion, obedience even in the least of things, freedom from anger, detachment, unpossessiveness and compunction, guilelessness and uninquisitiveness, of simplicity and estrangement from the world." St. Simeon the New Theologian
Deacon Perry's homily on the second Sunday of Lent connected St. Gregory Palamas to the day's Gospel reading (Healing the Paralytic, Mark 2:1-12) and challenged us to reflect on how deeply we desire and need Christ: "Both St. Gregory and today's Gospel emphasize the desire and the determination to see God. Both raise a question for each of us to ponder: What are we willing to do to be in God's presence? How far would we go to encounter and experience Christ directly? What is so striking in the Gospel reading is the relentlessness of this group of friends in pursuing Christ. They were determined. They would not give up. Their desire to be in Christ's presence was fervent. They found a way [going through the roof!] to get close to the Lord and to enable their paralyzed friend to see Christ face-to-face. St. Gregory Palamas defended the teaching that it is possible even today to encounter Christ directly. The question is, are we willing to do what it takes? Are we willing to stop gossiping and criticizing others? Are we willing to fast? Are we willing to go out of our way to help someone in need? Are we willing to read our Bibles or stand in prayer, speak honestly to God, and listen in silence? God is real, and we can see Him. But the climb up to the rooftop is difficult. We need to let go of some of the attachments that tie us down. ...And finally, before we can see the Lord, we also need to lower ourselves in humility. For only in this way will we 'see Him as He is' (1 Jn 3:2). Only in this way will our Lord greet us 'face-to-face' and say to us, 'my child, rise…and walk' (Mk 2:5)." To hear Deacon Perry's entire homily, please click on the video above.  
Great Compline with Metropolitan Nathanael and Father Evan Armatas's "Book Week" presentation, "Expanding the Toolkit"

Our sincere thanks to His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael for leading us in prayer during Monday's Great Compline service. We would also like to extend our deepest gratitude to Father Evan Armatas for his exceptionally moving and thought-provoking presentation on the nine tools of spiritual transformation that speak to both the individual and communal nature of our salvation in Christ. Father Evan's full presentation can be viewed by clicking on the video. Here's an excerpt from Tool # 6, Community: "The reading on the second week of Lent, which we just celebrated, was from Mark chapter two, verses one through twelve. It tells a familiar story of the healing of a paralytic. Now this man lies paralyzed, and his paralysis is not just physical it's probably total—what that means is that the man not only cannot get up physically, but he cannot get up spiritually. So in this totally helpless state, this person has to be carried by his friends and where do they bring him? They bring him to Jesus, and in a rather dramatic fashion, they climb onto the roof of a house, and they tear that roof apart, and they lower their friend down on his pallet at the feet of Jesus. I want you to consider for a moment that that is an icon of community. These four friends easily represent those who we are surrounded by and whose piety and goodness impact our salvation but, more than anything, their faith. It's their faith, not the faith of the paralyzed man, that leads to his restoration, to his salvation. Good friends make all the difference in our transformation." Father Evan's book can be purchased by clicking on the button below:
We thank God for the opportunity to pray in person, and would love to have all of our family back together praying and celebrating the Divine Liturgy under one roof. Secure your reservation today by clicking on the button below. If a service is full, please check back as the date approaches. If you are unable to attend after signing up, we ask that you remove your reservation from Signup Genius (or contact the church office) so that others may attend.
Wednesday, March 31st, 5:30|6:00 PM
Ninth Hour & Presanctified Liturgy
"Because of Your law, O Lord, I waited for You; my soul waited for Your word. My soul hopes in the Lord."

Friday, April 2nd, 7:00 PM
Salutations to the Theotokos &
Communing with the Saints
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"Rejoice, O Lady, exceedingly wonderful, who reconciles with God all those who bless you, the Theotokos, each time."

Sunday, April 4th, 8:15|9:30 AM
Orthros and Divine Liturgy
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"If anyone wishes to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me." Mark 8:34

Monday, April 5th, 7:00 PM
Great Compline

"My soul, O my soul, rise up! Why are you sleeping? The end draws near and soon you shall be troubled. Watch, then, that Christ your God may spare you, for He is everywhere present and fills all things."

Wednesday, April 7th, 5:30|6:00 PM
Ninth Hour & Presanctified Liturgy

"Today, He who is unapproachable in His essence becomes approachable to me; and He is suffering the Passion, thus freeing me from the passions."

Ways to Participate in Lent
"Commemoration at the Divine Liturgy is one of the greatest gifts we can receive or offer to our brethren—Hieromonk Gregorios
Prayer and Candle Requests

If you would like to have your living or departed loved ones commemorated during the Divine Liturgy, please submit your names using the button below. Likewise, if you cannot attend a church service and would like candles lit, please click on the buttons below. All requests should be made by 7 pm the night before the service.
Holy Unction Request

Anyone who would like to be anointed with Holy Unction from Clean Monday can ask Fr. Dahdal or Dn. Perry to be blessed by appointment or before/after one of the Lenten services. Please contact the church office at 708-562-2744 to schedule in advance.
Schedule Confession

If you would like to schedule a confession this Lenten season, Father Nicholas Dahdal will be hearing confessions on weekdays after 1:00pm. Please contact the church office at 708-562-2744 to schedule a confession.
Flower Donation Request

During our journey through Lent, we humbly ask our Holy Apostles family to consider helping offset the costs for Lenten and Paschal flowers. At Divine Liturgy, our clergy will commemorate the names of those donations offered in memory of a loved one. Please contact the office at 708-562-2744 if you would like to make a donation. May God be glorified through your efforts.
Sunday, April 4th, 2021


+Nicoletta Theotikos

May her memory be eternal!
Weekly Tray Offering & Stewardship
Almsgiving, works of mercy, means to give to others not what I have, but what I am. Not just to give them my money, or bits of it, but to share myself with others. Metropolitan Kallistos Ware
The third week of Lent has begun, which means a new occasion to offer the fruits of your weekly labors to our Lord! Make your Lenten offering today. The vibrant community of Holy Apostles can't continue without your kindness and generosity. When we come together here, we are one faith, one family. To make your "tray" offering, please click on the button below:
We thank our Holy Apostles family for their continued support, but we still need your help.

We have reached ~50% of our goal for total stewards and amounts pledged.
Click the buttons below to see the latest 2021 Stewardship updates for our parish and give back to our beloved home today: 
Philoptochos News & Events
Decorated Easter Candles (Lambathes)

Philoptochos is selling decorated candles (lambathes) for Easter again this year. Candles will be available to purchase after the Divine Liturgies every Sunday in April and after the afternoon Holy Unction service on Holy Wednesday and the morning (Royal Hours) and afternoon (Apokathelosis) services on Good Friday. The candles will be sold outside in front of the church. The cost is $15.00 per candle. Please wear a mask while browsing and purchasing. Due to COVID restrictions, cash will NOT be accepted, only checks or credit cards. These candles are hand-made by our Philoptochos members and make great gifts for Godparents to give to their Godchildren.

Please contact Angela Karras Neboyskey at akarras@gmail.com or (773) 719-2619 with any questions.
Easter Brake and Take
Philoptochos is offering a Curbside Pickup Sale for Easter. Proceeds from this sale will benefit Operation Classroom and other Philoptochos charities.
When: Saturday, April 24th 
Time: 11-1 PM
Where: Curbside Pick-up in front of Holy Apostles

Orders may be placed online via the Weekly News or the Philoptochos page of the Holy Apostles website, or you may order by cash or check using the mail-in order form. All orders must be received by Thursday, April 15th, 2021. 
To see the menu, download the order form, submit an online payment, see pick-up instructions and download window insert, please click below:

Operation Classroom
The mission of Operation Classroom is “to assist and offer support to teachers and students in underserved or underfunded schools and provide resources that would not have been available through the local school district.” The committee has chosen a project for the kindergartners at the Westchester Primary School for our first mission. This will be an ongoing ministry. There are several ways to contribute. One may support the Philoptochos Easter Curbside Pickup Sale—Easter Brake and Take.  A portion of the proceeds from this sale will be earmarked for this project. Monetary donations without purchase will also be accepted online using a credit card. Finally, one may send cash or a check to the church office. Please make checks out to Holy Apostles Philoptochos and put Operation Classroom on the memo line.  
Holy Apostles Ministries and Events
Communing with the Saints

Our Lenten Lecture series "Communing with the Saints" is back! On Friday, March 2nd after the 3rd Salutations (Heretismi) to the Theotokos, Deacon Perry will offfer a brief presentation on St. Catherine of Alexandria. This "great-martyr" was brilliant in mind and spirit, and exemplified exceptional love for Christ. She suffered for our Lord in the year 305, during the reign of the emperor Maximinus (305-313). 

To Secure Your Reservation for the Salutations service click below:
The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago announced today the dates and registration information for Fanari Summer Camp, which will occur in person after last year’s cancellation caused by COVID-19. Registration for Fanari Summer Camp for both participants and counselor applications opened on Tuesday, March 23rd, at 11 AM CST. To learn more or register, click HERE.
Missions Ministry
We are so grateful for everyone's generosity during the "Macaronatha Drive-Thru" supporting, "Road to Recovery: An Orthodox Approach to Addiction." Over $5,000 was raised!

Over the past twenty years, first as an OCMC missionary in Romania and now in Alaska, Floyd Frantz has advanced addiction treatment by adapting and enhancing the well-known Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program with an Orthodox therapeutic perspective.
All donations we receive during Lent will support this ongoing outreach ministry as Floyd Frantz offers the hope of treatment, and our faith, to those who need it the most. May God be glorified through our efforts!

To support this ministry financially, please click below:
Community News
Live Lent is an initiative of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago that is meant to teach and inspire the Metropolis's faithful to truly live out their faith throughout Great Lent. Each week's theme will be announced on the preceding Sunday, along with a "Spiritual Vitamin" in the form of a quote and an action item for the faithful to practice throughout the week. Sermonettes from our Metropolis priests will also help the faithful explore the theme of the week in a relatable and practical way.

This week, practice stillness and prayer in a simple and consistent way. Spend a few minutes in total silence to quiet your mind and soul, and then stand in front of your icons and pray the Jesus Prayer (“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner”). You can do this for a predetermined amount of time (5 minutes, for example) or by using a prayer rope a certain amount of times. The important thing is to do it consistently each day.

For more information, please visit their website HERE
We Need your Feedback on how we Worship!

The Metropolis of Chicago is conducting a survey as part of its Strategic Plan to
to understand and clarify how the laity of all ages define meaningful worship and engagement. The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete and responses can remain anonymous. To participate, you must be located within the Metropolis of Chicago and 18 years or older. 

For more information about the intent of the survey, click HERE to read a letter from the Chancellor, Bishop Timothy of Hexamilion.
The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago released its first-ever Annual Impact Report summarizing key actions and developments taken in 2020. The purpose of the report is to provide data and information related to the financial performance, ministry building, and community outreach of the Metropolis on an annual basis.
St. Paraskevi Church in New York is holding a series of online Lenten lectures that are spiritually edifying. Father John Vlahos has given his blessing for all to attend from any parish. For more information, please visit their website stparaskevi.org
Ascension will host this year's Chicago Metropolis Philoptochos Lenten Retreat on Saturday, April 10. The theme of this year’s event is “Growing In Christ” with Father's Panayiotis Hasiakos and Father Dimitrios Burikas. For more information click on the flyer above.
Explore Your Faith
Finding Peace In Your Life By Managing Your Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions with Fr. John Vlahos

Father John Vlahos, presiding priest at St. Paraskevi in New York gave a talk on March 29, 2021 to the Orthodox Young Professionals group on how to manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Father John's presentation is helpful as we move into the third week of Lent and drawer nearer to Christ, to the tomb, and in need of spiritual tools to help us on this journey.
Click Below to Read About the Lenten Services
In Case You Missed It
Saturday, April 3 an in-person and Zoom presentation on parenting.

The Family Synaxis presents an opportunity for you to grow in faith and family life as we prepare to enter Great Lent. For more information or to register, click HERE.