Dear Church Family,

One of the important things we are doing during this interim time is talking with one another. The Holy Conversations we are having will be input to our Church Profile that is part of the search process for a new settled senior pastor.  

Truth be told, the first Holy Conversation on hymns was really a practice so we could work out process kinks. Still you provided great thoughts and comments, and we were able to learn from you! 

Members of the Search Committee, who are now serving as support for this crucial interim process, reviewed the input from those conversations and found the following common themes and threads:

Music is an important part of our worship, theology and spiritual life. 
  • The chosen hymns all had very positive, uplifting and loving messages.
  • We have good memories connected to particular hymns.

Community is one of our core values. We see our community as...
  • Open and inclusive--everyone is truly welcome
  • Working together to be God's hands and feet in the world...serving, working for justice...creating change
  • Not confined to the walls of the church. Important to BE the church in the world
  • Caring for and supporting one another at all ages and stages...special focus on children and as family
  • Learning, growing, changing, searching, asking questions
  • Growing and maintaining relationship and connection
  • Stronger together and with God

We see God as...
  • Creator
  • Mystery
  • Forgiving
  • Source of wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment
  • Love...inclusive and empowering
  • Constant, spirit with us always...throughout our lives
  • Present and active, but not controlling
  • Source of hope, comfort, joy, inspiration, encouragement
  • Source of guidance, vision, direction
  • A force for justice and change in the world
  • Accepting, a safe place, a place of rest, shelter, peace

Thank you for all who participated. We learned a lot and hope you did too.

Be sure to read below where we layout October's Holy Conversation on History. We look forward to continuing to learn from and with you.

Peace and love to you all,
Your Interim Support/Search Team
October Holy Conversations: History
The "practice" Holy Conversation on Hymns was a great start and so helpful in working out our process. We are ready to get to work on our first real Holy Conversation on History.

The three questions we are focusing on are printed on graphic so you can start thinking about them now.

Conversations have been scheduled so check the Weekly E-Newsletter and Facebook Group Events for Zoom links.
Also don't be surprised if we show up during book groups, coffee hour, small groups, youth groups, family dinners, and just by calling you up to have these important conversations.

We hope that when you're done with participating in a conversation that you will help by passing it on -that is, have the conversation with one or two other people, and so forth. We want as many people as possible to participate. From ages zero and up and no matter how long you have been a part of our community. We want to hear from you!!

You can always fill out the form at (scroll down on website to see the form), but doing it in conversations is preferred.
What In the World Are Holy Conversations and Why?
Learn more about the what and why on our website or check out our Holy Conversations 101 video.