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* "Greetings fro m the Holy Cross Mission Center" in Bangla
Phonetic:  Pabitra Krush Mission Center Theke Subheccha
A Message of Hope, Trust & Faith
The Way, the Truth, and the Life:
Companions Along the Way!
As the Universal Church embarks on Holy Week , let us each take time during this final preparation time to reflect on the mystery of the Cross,  Our Only Hope , breathe new life into our sacrifices, and remember our global family. Holy Week begins in the same way around the world with Palm Sunday and we would like to share images of this beautiful celebration from a number the countries in which we serve.

Holy Cross Parish in the Dandora Community of Nairobi, Kenya celebrates Palm Sunday under the guidance of Fr. Luke Muhindo, C.S.C.
(Left)  Holy Cross Parish in Bugembe (Jinja), Uganda celebrates with their local community, Fr. Vicent Mbusa, C.S.C., pastor, and the Universal Church as we all enter into Holy Week with the celebration of Palm Sunday.
(Right)  Parishioners of Parroquia El Señor de la Esperanza Parish in Canto Grande (Lima), Perú remember Christ's journey into Jerusalem as they begin Holy Week with a procession through the streets of their community with pastor Fr. José Luis Tineo, C.S.C.

Fr. Alfredo Ledezma, C.S.C., leads the Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday) procession for La Luz Parish community in Monterrey, Mexico.

(Left)  The parishioners of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Port-au-Prince, Haïti, participate in the Palm Sunday celebration with the Provincial of Haiti, Fr. Eric Jasmin, C.S.C., to their new parish built and founded by Holy Cross. The members of our General Administration, the leaders of Holy Cross made their canonical visit this past week. 
(Right) In the Hill Tracks area of Bangladesh, the local community gathers with Fr. Dominic Sarkar, C.S.C., Bandarban Parish pastor, at St. Michael Chapel, located in the Bandarban parish, to pray and begin Holy Week with the Palm Sunday procession and Mass.
To see more pictures from these Palm Sunday Celebrations, click here to view the full photo gallery.
We invite you, friends, to join us on this journey through Holy Week to reflect and ponder God's love and our expression of it. May the Holy Spirit guide the hearts of the faithful to see Jesus in each person near or far, and help us live out His mercy and love in a special way this coming Easter season.
Photo Credit:
Br. Paul Bednarczyk, C.S.C. (Haiti); Rev. Alfredo Ledezma, C.S.C. (Mexico); Rev. Jose Luis Tineo, C.S.C. (Peru); St. Monica's Parish, Santa Monica, CA (Dandora); Rev. Vicent Mbusa, C.S.C. (Uganda); Rev. Dominic Sarkar, C.S.C. (Bangladesh).
The Four Cornerstones of the Holy Cross Mission Center
HCMC Announces Focal Points for Our Shared Ministry Across Borders
With an eye to the ever evolving needs of our Holy Cross family and the impact of global events, the HCMC has identified four areas of emphasis, four Cornerstones, which in many ways reflect the important mission work of Holy Cross around the world. These Cornerstones build upon the traditional ministries of the Congregation of education, parish life, and mission, and are centralized in supporting one another and addressing the needs of the most vulnerable; they are consistent with the Church's Social Teaching. What we see are efforts across the Congregation, which have been going on in these areas, and we hope to encourage and support more of them, as well as highlight the universality of these efforts across the Congregation's ministerial commitments.

With reflection on the macro-view of the Congregation's missionary work and holding up the Gospel of Love, we have come to see these four areas of ministry as the areas in which this work is trending across the Congregation. These trends now are the foundation for living out the charism of mission and truly do  answer the call to live out the Catholic faith in a modern society which has a tendency to value success and ambition over charity and self-gift. Part of the Cornerstones' beauty is that they will continue to serve o ur international mission of Peace and highlight how m embers of the Congregation are already involved in the four Cornerstones through their ministry endeavors. The Cornerstones are also present in Pope Francis' ministry and leadership. Pope Francis has consciously and effectively talked about these areas of need in our world in his homilies, general audiences, and encyclicals, but also through his pastoral ministry, like his visit to the Chilean women's prison during his pastoral visit, his initial papal visit to the island of Lampedusa and genuine concern for immigrants and refugees, his concern for the poor and environmental crisis (Laudato Sí). Our Four Cornerstones will continue to build bridges and serve the most vulnerable, the poor, and those most in need of Love with hopes to build communities of more Compassion and Peace. 
The Holy Cross Mission Center focuses many of its projects in the following four areas of support in a desire to link  works across the Congregation, which are dedicated to these four Cornerstones:
1.  Women and Children
  • The most poor and vulnerable among us are women and children as they suffer the greatest from inequality, injustice, and impoverished health and education.
  • Success in bringing justice and battling poverty in many ways is dependent on the empowerment and support of women. Women are the strength of the family, and they play an important role in breaking the cycle of poverty as mothers, protectors, and nurturers. 
  • Women, and similarly their children, are often ostracized, forced to live without opportunity, and face extreme injustice and marginalization. 
  • Children bear the brunt of poverty - there is no one poorer than a poor child. Advocacy and protection are essential to the growth and success of children. Our youth are the future, let us invest and care for them.
  • The Congregation has many wonderful projects and ministries throughout the world to support children whose rights have been taken, or children, who have been abandoned or abused. Providing safety, a home, education, food, medical and emotional support for children and young people, has been the work of Holy Cross throughout many generations and across all lands.
  • There will always be a need to support women and children; the ministries may change over the years, but the need will always remain.
2.  Immigrants/Refugees & Indigenous Peoples
  • Receiving and aiding immigrants is a Catholic issue and a call of the Church. The Catechism of the Catholic Church announces this fact by explaining that "The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin" (No. 2241, emphasis added). 
  • Our common faith tells us that we are brothers and sisters; we are all children of the Living God, no matter race, ethnicity, language, or place of origin. We all originated from our Lord, God. Thus, we are responsible for taking care of each other and there are immigrants the world over who can benefit from our assistance. 
  • Immigration is a global phenomenon. Catholic tradition calls us to respond to the needs of immigrants. The needs are great as peoples are more on the move than ever before in our world. 
  • Refugees require immediate care as they are fleeing situations of danger and hardship.
  • Indigenous peoples have been evangelized and offer many gifts to the Church and the way our faith is lived out in their various cultures.
  • Holy Cross Ministries from Nairobi, to Chittagong, to Santiago, to South Bend - and all places in between - have served and continue to care for immigrants and refugees.
3.  Environmental Issues &
                Care for our Common Home
  • The environment is a global concern, yet many areas feel a greater impact than others, such as in Bangladesh, where climate change has divided communities, destroyed or washed away structures, and affected food supplies. Communities have become nomadic in order to survive. All of this makes evangelization harder and is impacting Holy Cross ministries.
  • This cornerstone has two parts:
    • Awareness and education
    • Support the needs of people
  • Caring for our Common Home is not just a question of environmental respect, but also a need to answer the needs of the poor. Our brothers and sisters living in poverty are generally the most impacted by the degradation to Creation. They are most often those who go without access to clean water.
  • Pope Francis wisely points this out in his encyclical, Laudato Sí, by announcing that "today, however, we have to realize that a true ecological approach always becomes a social approach; it must integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor (Laudato Sí, 49).
  • In the last year new environmental projects in Chile, Brazil, Haiti, Uganda, India and Bangladesh and elsewhere have been undertaken through Holy Cross ministries.
4.  Peace Initiatives
  • "Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice" (Benedict Spinoza)
  • The message of Peace, accompanied by our actions, needs to be proclaimed and lived in every corner of our earth. 
  • The lifelong journey to seek and work for peace continues to invite us to a deeper conversion in our desire in us to follow the words of Christ, "Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God!" (Matthew 5:9) 
  • Peace is the golden thread woven throughout all Holy Cross ministries and is the foundation for the three other cornerstones.  
  • This cornerstone calls us to look at our power and see how to use it for the betterment of others. Reflecting will help us grow in gratitude for blessings and increase solidarity with our global brothers and sisters. We will see we can, and need to, use words and actions to bring change and Peace. We must breathe Peace into our students, schools, parishes, and ministries.
  • The Holy Cross Mission Center strives to unite efforts in peace education and promotion of Peace with our schools, parishes and young people - our future - throughout the world. We hope to be agents to encourage people united by Holy Cross to work for Peace and live it out locally and globally. 
As the Mission Center continues to serve God's people and make Him known, loved, and served, we will harken our work toward addressing the needs of these four Cornerstones. This work will in turn proliferate the work of serving the neediest of the world through education, parish ministry, social justice and outreach, and evangelization.
These are present and future needs of our world. Please join us in this good work, this mission.
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NEW! HCMC BLOG SERIES - Coming April 2018
Spes Unica Blog: Mission Edition -  What Happened Along the Way Series
In addition to launching our Instagram page, @CSCMission, we also are excited to announce the beginning of our blog series through the  Spes Unica blog. Since the HCMC works to promote the mission of Holy Cross and create opportunities for the global family of Holy Cross to encounter one another and grow in holiness and grace together, this blog series will do just that through inviting authors to share their experience of the missions and the global community of Holy Cross. 
The Spes Unica Blog: Mission Edition blogs will be posted monthly and each post will feature a different guest author.   In order to share their experience and invite you into their moments of grace, each guest author will reflect on the question of "what happened along the way?" Sharing these moments is  an opportunity for our guest authors to tell others about their experience of living a life of mission, and what truly happened to them along the way.
Come and see just what happened during these journeys; you never know what you may learn about yourself along the way.  Look for the first Mission Edition Post in April!
Mission Focused Photo Galleries NOW available for viewing on Website
Want to see what's going on at the missions and how others are supporting the work of Holy Cross across borders?  Come check out our  photo galleries . Click here to look through photos from Uganda to Peru, from Mexico to Bangladesh.  The work being done across the Congregation to educate, evangelize, and serve our brothers and sisters around the world is beautiful and we would like to invite you into the lived reality of the Holy Cross missions; come and see your family!
Event Follow-Up
Photo Credit: The Vatican
Official Logos for Papal visits to Chile and Peru
Photo Credit: Thomas (Pat) Gordon, ND Senior
Pat teaches Bangladeshi students art of boxing
Papa Francisco visits Chile and Perú

There seems to be a trend to Pope Francis' recent pastoral visits; November 2017 to Bangladesh and Myanmar and then January 2018 in Chile and Perú. It would appear Pope Francis is following Holy Cross around the globe. While in Latin America for his seven-day visit, Pope Francis visited both Chile and Perú, two countries Holy Cross has been present in since the mid-1900s. A ctually, this month marks the 75th anniversary of Holy Cross in Chile and this year marks 55 years of Holy Cross in Perú. We were blessed that the Holy Father visited these countries where Holy Cross has a long history and significant presence in the life of the Church!
One of the greatest things that happened during this visit was that the people of Chile and Perú, and all who were listening and watching, heard in their native language the inspiring, faith-filled and challenged words of the Holy Father! Our prayer is that the young people who heard his message and follow!
Want to see what Papa Francisco did while in Chile and Perú?  Click here to check out the official Vatican Photo Gallery.
88th Annual ND Bengal Bout Tournament

With a one-two punch, the 88th Annual Bengal Bouts Tournament declared itself the champion! With the dedication to the Holy Cross missions in Bangladesh, the men of the University of Notre Dame Men's Boxing Club, through their annual fundraiser, along with the generous support of of 1400+ donors, raised over $145,000, surpassing both their first and second fundraising goals. 
The Boxing Club was started in 1920 by Coach Knute Rockne, but it was in 1931 that the club gained its identity as it began fundraising for the Holy Cross missions in East Bengal. Since then, the club has dedicated their training and tournaments to the ministries of Holy Cross in Bangladesh, and aim to nourish minds, bodies and spirits. The HCMC would like to offer our thanks and a message of gratitude to the dedicated men and donors of the Bengal Bouts. Their donations help our missionaries live out Blessed Moreau's desire for the Congregation to be missionary and form others in this charism. 
Want to donate to the Bengal Bouts and the Holy Cross missions in Bangladesh? You can donate by visiting their website or by texting Bengal to 71777.
Upcoming Events
Called to Serve God's People - US Province Ordination
With abundant joy and thanksgiving, the United States Province of the Congregation of Holy Cross announces the Ordination of three new priests on Saturday, April 7, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. (EDT) at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, located on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. The Most Reverend Daniel Robert Jenky, C.S.C., Bishop of Peoria, Illinois, will confer the Sacrament of Holy Orders on Rev. Mr. Christopher William Brennan, C.S.C., Rev. Mr. Brendan Joseph McAleer, C.S.C., and Rev. Mr. Timothy Robert Weed, C.S.C. The Ordination Mass will be streaming live on the Internet as it happens. Those interested in tuning in should visit Ordination-live.holycrossvocations.org.
Dedication Ceremony for the Father David E. Farrell, C.S.C., Pavilion
The Father David E. Farrell, C.S.C., Pavilion, January 2018.
Fr. David E. Farrell, C.S.C., has been a missionary in  Perú f or thirty years, with the last twenty in Canto Grande, one of the largest and most impoverished barrios of Lima.  Here, he served as pastor to over 250,000 people in Perú's largest Catholic parish. Fr. David is currently in the United States with health issues that will most likely prevent his return to Perú on a permanent basis. 

The Father David E. Farrell, C.S.C., Pavilion, which is located in the Canto Grande community outside of Lima, Perú where the Congregation has served since the mid-1970s, bears Fr. Farrell's name and honors his legacy. The groundbreaking ceremony, which is locally referred to in Perú as "primera piedra" (literally translated as "first stone"), took place in Fall 2015. At this ceremony the first stone, bearing Fr. David's name, was buried as part of the pavilion's foundation by a delegation of students, teachers, and parents from Fe y Alegría 25 and a number of Holy Cross priests and brothers. 
This facility is located within the paremeters the Congregation's school, Fe y Alegría 25, which will enable the school to use this space for gatherings, and as an additional source of income. The pavilion, which is being used and is almost completely finished, is a semi-enclosed, multi-purpose facility for use by all the Holy Cross ministries in Lima for large group gatherings and events, such as prayer services, liturgical celebrations, school assemblies, athletic contests, and adult education programs. Before the construction of the Father David E. Farrell, C.S.C., Pavilion, all large-scale gatherings had to take place outdoors on the dry and dusty fields surrounding the school. It is the only structure of its kind in this sector of Lima. 
Fe y  Alegría 25 students, staff, faculty, and the Canto Grande Community using the nearly-completed 
Father David E. Farrlell, C.S.C., Pavilion to host the 39th Anniversary of Fe y Alegría 25 celebration.
Picture of the Pavilion at night looking into the structure from a near by hill. Fe y  Alegría 25 is located next to the semi-enclosed, multi-purpose facility.
Dedication Ceremony
The District of Perú will host a dedication ceremony for  the facility  on May 12, 2018 at the Pavilion in Canto Grande, Perú. Among the guests at this celebration will be a number of the donors and long-time friends of Holy Cross in Perú Fr. David Farrell, C.S.C., will attend and be accompanied by others from the province with ties to the Holy Cross mission in Perú, as well  as representatives fro m the Congregation and Holy Cross Family Ministries. It is a wonderful blessing to honor Fr. Farrell's years of service, dedication, and missionary endeavors with the dedication of this pavilion, for it will stand always as a reminder of his service and a mode of continuing his legacy for future generations in Canto Grande and the Congregation.
District of East Africa Keepin' Busy & on the Move
Ever Evolving Ministries, Leadership, and Building Projects Move District toward Goals 
New East Africa District Leadership meets with the Cardinal Archbishop of Nairobi
Changes, growth, and much hope abound in the District of East Africa. The District Chapter held in early January 2018, had the election of Fr. Constantine Changwe, C.S.C., replacing Fr. Pat Neary, C.S.C., as District Superior. Pictured here are Fr. Henry Kajube, C.S.C., Assistant District Superior, Fr. Peter Mayanja, C.S.C., District Steward, the Cardinal of Nairobi, Fr. Constantine Changwe, C.S.C., District Superior, Fr. Leonard Olobo, C.S.C., Director of Holy Cross Family Ministries for East Africa, and Fr. Bernard Amani, C.S.C., District Director of Development.

Chapter photo from District of East Africa Chapter, in early January 2018, Kampala, Uganda. A week together of planning for ministries and community life for the coming years as the District members look forward. Visitors to the Chapter were from the General Administration, the US and Moreau Province Leadership, and the Holy Cross Mission Center. As the Chapter finished, all gathered for the ordination to the priesthood of two young East African religious with their families and lay parishioners from all of the regions of the District.

Nothing like a selfie to capture the spirit! Soon to be ordained, on January 6, 2018, Prosper Atukwatse ,  C.S.C., and Joseph Owori, C.S.C., with Fr. Mike DeLaney, C.S.C., who was visiting Uganda from the Mission  Center. Our two newest Holy Cross priests have so much zeal for the apostolate as they serve at Holy Cross Lake View School and Holy Cross parish, both in Jinja, Uganda! The mass was filled with great celebration - music, prayer, dancing, and singing - as Bishop Vincent Kirabo of the Diocese of Hoima (and alumnus of the University of Portland) presided over the Ordination Mass. A great day with two men, their families, and so many of the faithful who gathered together with Holy Cross to celebrate their Ordination!    
Missionary Update
Rev. Daniel Panchot, C.S.C. 
Fr. Daniel Panchot, C.S.C., has recently completed 50 years of priestly life, and he is a  true missionary to Latin America. He has been an integral member of the mission in Chile, Perú and Mexico during these years. Holy Cross in Latin America simply would not be the same without him!

Fr. Daniel has a heart for the poor and the marginalized. His life is dedicated to bring dignity to each person, and to recognize God's love and presence in them. By nature, he is drawn to those who suffer or might be on the margins of society. The truth is, when Fr. Daniel goes to those whom others might not highly regard, and who live on the margins, the margins disappear and he brings them into the life of the church and community! 
With a life of service south of the Rio Bravo, Fr. Daniel is the pastor of San Roque Parish and the director of the postulants at the International House of Formation in Santiago, Chile. Fr. Daniel is known as being the founder of Yancana Huasy in Perú, and the formation program in Mexico. He prays tirelessly and has more energy to serve than all of us reading this about him!  He is also an uncle and great-uncle to two other Holy Cross priests in the US Province. 
Rev. Hori Das, C.S.C.

Pastor of Bolipara Parish in the Hill Tracks region of Bangladesh, Fr. Hori Das, C.S.C., is a priest who is a true servant leader with those he has been called to serve, the Tripura people. His parish is one of the most remote areas where Holy Cross serves. Fr. Hori and his catechist team must hike, trek, cross rivers and sometimes walk for two days in order to reach the faithful and the small communities which comprise his parish. 

Dedicated to his people,and his missionary call, in addition to the sacramental life of the Church, Fr. Hori has established the parish, schools, athletic competitions and leadership opportunities for the youth, and is dedicated to bringing water, electricity, and one day, the internet to his people. 

One of the great environmentally conscious leaders, he depends on, and lives off the land, which is a vital source of nourishment and life for those he serves in the Hill Track Parish. His is living out the implementation of Pope Francis' letter, Laudato Sí. 

Through all of this, Fr. Hori announces the good news of the risen Lord through the sacraments in the Bolipara faith community, and in his own personal witness!
Mr. Gabriel Fuentes, C.S.C.

Spirited, Faith-filled, Questioning, Communal, Responsible, Fun, Hard Working -- all of these words describe Gabriel Fuentes, C.S.C. Currently studying theology in Santiago, in his fourth year of vows in the Congregation, Gabriel is dedicated to his ministry, especially with young people.

He has great gifts working with high school-aged youth, and walking with them as they ask questions and dive into their faith lives. Leading mission trips, service projects, and bringing young people closer to God, through a variety of other ways, characterizes Gabriel's commitment to his ministry. 

Gabriel is an important part of the formation community at the International House of Formation in Santiago. He is part of the future of a more integrated Holy Cross in Latin America ( Chile, Perú and Brazil) as a result of common formation and pastoral experiences.

Let us keep him and the others in formation in Latin America in our prayers.
May the Peace of Christ be with You!
Not Too Late to Request Your Very own PEACE Poster sets
Languages by panel:
Blue: Rotooro, Hindi, Portuguese, French
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Red:  Tamil, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Swahili

We are still accepting requests for HCMC PEACE Posters. These posters are reminders that we can continue to pray for Peace, and do all we can to work for it in our daily lives. The original panels hang in the foyer of the Holy Cross Mission Center; these posters portray the word PEACE written in 11 languages used throughout the Congregation, and is accompanied by the Cross and Anchors as a remembrance of our belief that "Ave Crux Spes Unica", "The Cross is our Only Hope". The languages represent almost every corner of the world where Holy Cross serves.

Help us spread Peace and work toward Heaven on Earth. Should you like to display a set of these beautiful posters in your home, office, or classroom, please click here  and fill out the HCMC PEACE Poster Request form. We will happily receive and process your request, and send you your set of the colorful and prayerful posters within a week of your request.

We pray these posters may inspire new conversations, insights and learning for anyone in our communities and ministries.  May Peace always be with you and may we each work for peace on Earth!
One of Our Favorite Photos
First Class of Kindergarten students at the new Notre Dame School located in Barisal, Bangladesh.

Pictured in front of the newest Holy Cross school building, these young minds are with three of their teachers, Fr. James Cruz, C.S.C. (center), and Fr. Subhash Costa, C.S.C. (right). Students who attend this school will be blessed with an education and reputation which will enable them to pursue more education and reach for future success and self-improvement. Holy Cross has been serving and evangelizing through education, parish ministry, and social action in Bangladesh since 1858. The priests and brothers sent by Blessed Basil Moreau followed his vision to evangelize this area of the world with grace and obedience. We wish you good luck with your studies young ones, you are our future!
  Dear Friends,
Happy Easter! May this season of new life and hope be a blessed time for each one of you reading this message, your families and loved ones! You receive this letter because you are a part of our Holy Cross family, and in a special way as being someone who has supported and showed care for the international mission of Holy Cross. As you peruse the pages of this electronic newsletter, my hope is that the pictures and stories highlight for you the life and vibrancy of Holy Cross throughout the world!

"The Cross, Our Only Hope" are words which ring true to each Holy Cross religious, as we ponder the cross of Christ, and display our Holy Cross cross and anchors publicly each day. It is through living the cross, the very act of what we have lived in these days of Holy Week, accompanying the Lord, that we too are promised Hope and New Life. Our faith is constantly renewed, our lives are transformed and we receive the promises of healing, peace, hope and happiness. The darkness will fade and the light will appear! Death will bring Life!

So much of our world suffers each day - in dramatic ways - of war, violence, fear, hunger, isolation, self-doubt, poverty, severe health issues and grief. We cannot possibly solve all of these issues, but we can walk with HOPE and LOVE. We can be men and women, young people and old, who proclaim that it is to walk with Hope and Love that will transform our world. We can take care of our neighbor, pray for those so far away, and educate ourselves and others to the plight of those who suffer in our world. We can be a part of the solution! We can each be a part of the transformation to a world of more Peace and Hope.

Through these pages and images in the newsletter, you can see the world of Holy Cross - serving in difficult situations at times, and in privileged situations as well. At the same time, there are crosses which all those with whom we live and work bear. As we move through Easter time, let us help one another carry these crosses, ease the burden of others, walk the path of suffering with others, and be people of Hope traversing our globe. The burdens will be lightened and new life and light will shine! As we look at these images, may we see our sisters and brothers in Christ, for whom Christ gave his life and for whom we are called to serve and walk with today! With each one in the ministries of Holy Cross and with each of you, we proclaim that Christ's rising is a sign for us to live with Hope and Love in our world!

God Bless each of you and your loved ones.
Fraternally in Holy Cross,
Fr. Mike DeLaney, C.S.C.
Director, Holy Cross Mission Center 
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