Kituo cha Utume cha Shirika la Msalaba Mtakatifu Yaani*
Our Mission Sends us Across Borders of Every Sort
* "Greetings fro m the Mission Center of the Congregation of Holy Cross" in Swahili
"To Give Abundantly as We Have Received."
As we reflect on the blessings of 2018 and prepare our hearts and homes for the coming of Christ, join with us as we reflect on the words of Fr. Edward Sorin, C.S.C, and missionary priest, Fr. Pete Logsdon, C.S.C. May these words help each of us contemplate the blessings we have received and how we are called to embrace the miraculous gift of our Savior, the Christ.

Who cares for the poor in this world of ease and comfort? Who feels for them? 
This, then, is our privileged lot, to see and attend to the needs 
of the suffering members of our beloved Savior.
-- Fr. Edward Sorin, C.S.C.

     "Every year on Christmas Day, the youth of La Luz, our Holy Cross parish in Guadalupe, Mexico, throw a party for the children from the poorest section of the parish. These are children who dwell in houses made of cardboard, tar paper, and perhaps a bit of tin for a roof. They live on dirt floors, walk dusty roads, and gather water from a common spigot. The celebration at the church is their only Christmas party. It is the only time that they receive any presents.

     The parish youth do a remarkable job with this event, from planning the puppet Christmas story to going door-to-door to round up all the of the children in the neighborhood on Christmas morning. Time and time again, during my years as pastor there, I was inspired by their example. They share their faith with great joy as they attend to the needs of their younger brothers and sisters in Christ.

     But what touched me even more, and what I remember to this day, is one six-year-old girl. She left the party carrying many things in her arms. Just outside the church gate, however, she passed a four-year-old standing alone in the street. After walking about ten steps past him, the girl wheeled around and ran straight back to the little child. She then slowly took some of her candy that she was carrying and gave it to him, then one of her presents, a balloon, and some more candy. I couldn't believe it. She then simply turned around and literally skipped away down the street, back to her desperately poor neighborhood. That six-year-old girl models for all of us that the real gift in life, our true privilege, is to give abundantly as we have received."
This reflection was written by Fr. Pete Logsdon, C.S.C., who is the Assistant Superior of Holy Cross House in Notre Dame, Indiana. We thank Fr. Logsdon for sharing this reflection of his time as a missionary in Mexico at La Luz Parish. This reflection first appeared in "The Cross, Our Only Hope: Daily Reflections in the Holy Cross Tradition" in the Ave Maria 2016 Revised Edition edited by Fr. Andrew Gawrych, C.S.C., and Fr. Kevin Grove, C.S.C.
The Ruling on the Field was a Touch Down 
for HCMC Kick-Off Tailgate!
Thank you to all who attended our Tailgate - We had a BALL

We were thrilled to host on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, and during Moreau Society Weekend, our kick-off HCMC Tailgate at the University of Notre Dame Eck Center. It was a day filled with new as well as well-known faces, many smiles, and touching stories of how the missions have impacted the lives of the Holy Cross family here in the US and internationally.

During the Tailgate, we welcomed and shared the good news with over 200 people, all while having a chance to enjoy wonderful weather, tasty food, and blessed conversations. Thank you to all those who helped us put on this event, including the Office of Development for the US Province, the Eck Center Staff and Coordinator, Amanda McKee, Notre Dame ISSLP students, Catering by Design, VenueND, and of course all those who came by, learned about the missions, and shared their stories of encounter; thank you!

HCMC to Co-Host Holy Cross Booth at World Youth Day
Holy Cross Booth at World Youth Day 2019 Panama Next Month
Stop by the Holy Cross booth at World Youth Day in Panama City, Panama!
The booth will feature the HCMC, the Holy Cross General Administration, Holy Cross Family Ministries, and Holy Cross religious from around the world. We will be sharing our ministries and work around the world, as well as talking with young men and women who are considering or discerning vocations to religious life. Come learn more about a few of the Great Men of Holy Cross -  Bl. Basil Moreau,  St. Andre Bassette, Venerable Fr. Patrick Peyton, and Archbishop Marcos Gregorio McGrath, C.S.C. (Archbishop of Panama 1969-1994). Learn about how they taught, healed, prayed, and led to make God known, loved, and served. HCMC Director, Fr. Mike DeLaney, C.S.C., will be at the booth! Make sure to stop by and share about the booth with anyone who attending this amazing gathering of youth, ministers, and the Pope! Please join us in prayer as hundreds of thousands of pilgrims journey to encounter Christ, their global neighbors, and Pope Francis at WYD 2019 in Panama January 22-27.

Holy Cross in Chile Celebrated its 75th Anniversary
An Extraordinary Celebration of Holy Cross' Work in Chile
"On Saturday, September 29, the Holy Cross Family in Chile gathered to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the arrival of the Congregation to the country. Even an unseasonably cold front and rainstorm could not dampen the spirits of the generations of Holy Cross students, parishioners, collaborators, and religious who came both to give thanks to God for what has been and to pray for his grace for the mission that lies ahead.

'Throughout these 75 years the Congregation has been present in various dioceses of the country, serving in parishes, in missions, and in the formation of lay people," said Fr. Jose Ahumada, C.S.C., Superior of the District of Chile. "The Congregation seeks to respond to the challenges of the times, and collaborates in the ecclesial renewal and Religious Life in Latin America.'"

This article was written by the Holy Cross General Administration and published originally on November 06, 2018 by the Congregation of Holy Cross on their News page.
Yancana Huasy Received $100,000 Opus Prize
All Three 2018 Opus Prize Finalists Gathered at University of Portland
The honored group from and representing  Yancana Huasy at the Opus Prize Ceremony. Honorees, Fr. Daniel Panchot, C.S.C., founder,  and José Antonio Quispe Patrón, Executive Director, and his family.
On November 15, 2018, at the University of Portland, Opus Prize finalists, Fr. Daniel Panchot, C.S.C., founder, and José Antonio Quispe Patrón, Executive Director, were were awarded $100,000 for their social entrepreneurial work at Yancana Huasy in Canto Grande (Lima), Peru.

Additionally, Daniel and Avitha Victor of Agape Rehabilitation Centre in Chennai, India were awarded $100,000 and Dr. Rami Nashashibi was awarded the prestigious 2018 Opus Prize for his inspirational work as founder and director of the Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) in Chicago, Illinois. IMAN is a nonprofit organization that fosters health, wellness, and healing in some of the Chicago's most challenged neighborhoods. 

Congratulations to Fr. Panchot and Mr. Patrón, and all the Opus finalists, for their work to bring peace into this work and serve the most in need through diverse and influential organizations and programs! We are honored to have one of our mission apostolates join the other Opus Prize finalists and have the great work done each day in service of God's children shared with others recognized. May they inspire us all to find new ways to care for our sisters and brothers!

2018 Opus Prize Awards Ceremony

2018 Opus Prize Awards Ceremony
You can view the 2018 Opus Prize award ceremony via the YouTube video (left). The portion of the ceremony dedicated to Yancana Huasy starts at  01:19:23.
 Haiti Recovering from Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake
Haitian Provincial Superior Reported All Holy Cross are Safe, Ministries Effected
Late evening on Saturday, October 6, Haiti was overtaken by shaking during a magnitude 5.9 earthquake originating just 11 miles away from the major city of Port-de-Paix. From the tragic event, 18 people died and many structures were damaged or destroyed. Fr. Eric Jasmin, C.S.C., Provincial Superior of the Province of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Haiti, reported that all Holy Cross religious are thankfully safe. While no injures occurred, much damage was done to numerous Holy Cross buildings, including our school at Saint-Albert-Le-Grand Parish in Ravine-Trompette and the church of Sainte-Rose-De-Lima,along with the rectory, school, and parish offices in Pilate. The damage will require major repairs or complete demolish at these sites.

Click here to learn more about the Earthquake, the HCMC and Congregation's support, and how you can help.

May the people of Haiti who have been most affected by this earthquake, and the good work of the Church and Holy Cross in their service to them, know of our prayers and concern. 
May they be protected by Our Patroness, Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows.
Holy Cross Universities & Colleges
2018 World Mission Sunday

For a second year, the HCMC worked with  seven Holy Cross colleges and universities  to promote international missions. In October and November, every student who attended the designated World Mission Sunday (WMS) Masses at Holy Cross College (IN), King's College (PA), Saint Mary's College (IN), St. Edward's University (TX), Stonehill College (MA), University of Notre Dame (IN), and University of Portland (OR) heard about the mission of Holy Cross across the globe and was offered an opportunity to support the missions through a free-will offering. All donations benefit programs for immigrants, refugees, and indigenous peoples served by the Congregation of Holy Cross.
We thank our colleagues at all the colleges and universities, as well as the many Holy Cross priests who presided at each campus and dorm Mass! Learn more about WMS 2018.
Stonehill College - Easton, MA

Stonehill College has a long-standing relationship and involvement with Holy Cross Missions through the H.O.P.E. Service Immersion Program. The college increased its involvement with the missions this Fall by hosting a week long Mission Week. During this week, Campus Ministry educated campus about the missions, shared stories of mission encounters, and raised money for Yancana Huasy, a mission Stonehill students visit and serve at through the H.O.P.E. program. Additionally at the Family Weekend Mass, students and their families heard about the missions from long-time missionary, Fr. Jim Chichetto, C.S.C. 
In the Spring Semester, a Dodgeball tournament will be hosted to continue raise awareness and money. Learn more about Stonehill's work and the Dodgeball Tournament.
UP logo larger
University of Portland - Portland, OR

The Residence Life community at University of Portland is continuing their time-honored connection with Holy Cross missions through their annual fundraising efforts. The residence communities are supporting nine projects this year. Each residence halls has chosen one or two projects to learn about and support, such as the St. Marianne Cope Young Women's Education Project (Bangladesh), Fundacion Moreau (Chile), and Sacred Heart of Jesus Sombetini Parish Clinic (Tanzania). Learn more about UP's chosen projects and how they are creatively sharing and supporting the missions as a campus community. 
University of Notre Dame-Notre Dame,IN

This Fall, Notre Dame dorms and student groups were busy raising awareness and funds for various Holy Cross mission projects. From Morrissey Manor's No-Shave-November and the 16th Annual Baraka Bouts to 24 hours of teeter tottering and the 25th Annual Concert for the Missions, students have been dedicated to spreading the good news of the missions. Through their efforts, they are supporting brighter futures, new opportunities, and human rights and dignity. Learn more about the various ways Notre Dame students are advocating for their peers throughout the world and sharing this with Notre Dame family.
 HCMC Emergency Fund Boosted with help of Giving Tuesday Donors
Our missions around the globe serve the poor and  they do not have extra funds to cover emergencies, such as the damage incurred by the earthquake in Haiti or the needs of the Rohingya refugees seeking protection and care in Bangladesh. Both the Haitian parishes, which are at the heart of the community, and the refugee camps, which provide safety and protect the dignity of human life, are essential and call us to respond.  They need our help!

With the help of generous donors, the HCMC Emergency Fund will continue providing the stability and services that Holy Cross schools and ministries need to continue serving our brothers and sisters with limited hindrance when disaster strikes. This fund is kept in reserve for use when there are truly emergent needs at our various missions. 

This year's donations, totaling over $2,700, will benefit the needed support in Haiti following the Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake which devastated the country and greatly impacted Holy Cross parishes, schools, and ministries. Together we are making a difference in the lives of our global family!

Construction Update - Holy Cross Lake View School
Holy Cross works to welcome more students, educating their hearts and minds
Located in the Diocese of Jinja, Holy Cross Lake View Senior Secondary School is the cornerstone of the Congregation of Holy Cross' educational mission in Uganda. Holy Cross Lake View was founded in 1993 by Rev. Robert Hesse, C.S.C., and was located in an abandoned one-room schoolhouse.

The school currently educates over 820 students and boards over 90% of students in single-sex dormitories. Students come from all over Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, to attend this school because of its reputation and success.  Holy Cross Lake View is ranked among the top 50 schools in Uganda and is nationally recognized for its academic excellence. Last year, the school nationally ranked 9th as an O-Level school and 23rd as an A-Level school. Students performed well on their national exams this past year:
  • 71/90 O-Level tested students earned Division 1 scores
  • 35/40 A-Level tested students earned Top Scores on the National Exams
Holy Cross Lake View School has come a long way from that one-room schoolhouse  and is not done growing yet. Construction of a new campus is underway and progressing quickly!

The Musiima Campus is developing quickly. The new campus has:
  •  A completed boys' dormitory, currently housing over 300 boys, and has capacity for 500+ 
  •  The 4-story, 28-classroom academic and administration building. Estimated completion is December 27, 2018
  •  A girls' dormitory under construction, which is over 60% complete, to be roofed soon, and is estimated to be completed in January 2019 - this dorm will be able to house 500+ girls
Boys' Dormitory
Academic/Admin. Building

Girls' Dormitory
Get Connected and Stay Informed
Spes Unica Blog: Mission Edition  - 

Check out the most recent post about the Holy Cross missions on the  Spes Unica Blog: Mission Edition. The What Happened Along the Way series is an invitation  to explore the missions and the global community of Holy Cross.  Sharing their reflections is  an opportunity for our guest authors to tell you about their experience of living a life of mission, and what truly happened to them along the way as they experienced the internationality of Holy Cross. 

Our latest post is by Mr. Zach Rathke, C.S.C., a Holy Cross seminarian finishing his pastoral semester in Canto Grande, Peru. Zach offers his reflection on the mission of Canto Grande and his work in light of the Advent Scriptures. Come and See!

"These ministries [the missions of Holy Cross in Canto Grande, Peru] have been the context for encountering the concrete hope of the biblical prophecies." Zach Rathke, C.S.C.
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Happy Advent & Merry Christmas to All
HCMC Hosts annual Christmas Party in Gratitude for those who serve the Mission
About 80 friends, colleagues, and supporters of the daily work of the Holy Cross Mission Center gathered at Moreau Seminary on December 14th, as we shared our gratitude for their support and generosity during this year at the annual HCMC Christmas Party. During the course of a year, there are so many who contribute to the outreach from the Mission Center as we strive to serve our international mission in Holy Cross.

A special blessing at this party is to have some of the retired missionaries join us; their presence and witness inspires everyone to continue to work hard! And, as you can see, some of our younger religious from the mission lands who are now at Notre Dame studying help us see just a bit of the fruits of the labor of so many who have served so faithfully around the world. For those who could not attend, please know of our heartfelt thanks and appreciation of you do to support the missions everyday in action and prayer.

One of Our Favorite Photos
Fr. Daniel Panchot, C.S.C. was joined by two of his sisters sisters and two nieces, 
along with his  great-nephew, Fr. Tim Mouton, C.S.C., at University of Portland for 
the 2018 Opus Prize celebration in November.  

The honoring of Fr. Daniel Panchot, C.S.C., by the Opus Prize Foundation is a deserving opportunity to honor his remarkable life of service, leadership and faith that Fr. Panchot has shared during his life in Holy Cross. He has been a fundamental person in the development of Holy Cross in Chile, Peru and Mexico - as he likes to say, willing to serve anywhere south of the Rio Bravo! Through the entirety of his life, Fr. Panchot has been attuned to the needs of the marginalized, poor and disabled and anyone suffering. The happiness one can see in him with family and to have him recognized for his humble service, unending commitment to the marginalized and poor, was a great moment, and one which made so many of us proud of him!

On a personal note, I realize all the more, what a great blessing it was to share in community life with Fr. Daniel Panchot all the years I was in Chile with him. He, like many others there, is a true example of a missionary, called to serve with and for the people to whom the Lord has led them. He and the others in Latin America have made a tremendous impact on my life and commitment in Holy Cross!  -- Fr. Mike DeLaney, C.S.C.

Thank you and Blessings to you in your continued ministry, Fr. Daniel Panchot!
  Dear Friends,
I hope these words, photos and thoughts expressed in this newsletter from the Holy Cross Mission Center help you feel a bit closer to the international life in Holy Cross. Together, across our many cultures, time zones, and even in different seasons of the year, we are all looking for the Presence of the Lord in our midst, and preparing our plot on earth for a more peaceful and hope-filled place to live the message which Christ brings. May your lives be filled with the blessings of Christ coming to our world to heal, encourage and love!

The music of Christmas connects us all as well; Silent Night, originally sung in a small Austrian village church of Oberndorf, north of Salzburg, is now sung in most every language on earth. As well, we are reminded of the universal "Gloria" of the Angels Heard on High, and WE are the ones invited to respond with our lives together when we hear O Come All Ye Faithful.  Use your voices, sing aloud, get out the guitars, keyboards, drums and anything else, to bring the joy of the music of Christmas alive. It will be truly transforming echoing across our earth on Christmas night!

However you spend these days, let us always be mindful of those for whom the holidays are difficult, and for those who suffer in our midst these days. Christ's message must come to all, and my dear sisters and brothers in faith - it is ours to share! You are each a messenger of Love, Hope and Peace; nothing better at this time of year!

May you and your loved ones receive many blessings in this Christmas season, and know of our gratitude for the ways in which you have, and do, support the Holy Cross international mission! Many Christmas Blessings to each of you and your loved ones, and special prayers for a Peaceful, Healthy and Hope-filled new year!  
Fraternally in Holy Cross,
Fr. Mike DeLaney, C.S.C.
Director, Holy Cross Mission Center 
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