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Bangladesh Recovering from High Impact Flooding
All Holy Cross Religious and Laity are Safe, Ministries Effected
In late July, our parishes in the Hill Tract Region of Bandarban, Bolipara, and Thanchi were hit with significant flash floods. Many were left without clean water, food security, and stable infrastructure. Also, waterborne and insect related diseases have been at a high, impacting those living in the flooding regions. 

Thanks to to the generous extended Holy Cross Family, we have been able to send funds to parishes to help them in this time of need. Donations raised through the month of August have been sent for the parishes to provide rice, clean water, mosquito nets, and materials for rebuilding. As of August 21, we have received donations nearing $60,000 in addition to the first $15,000 sent on August 1. Lives are being saved with this overwhelming support. 

We are very grateful for the safety of our Holy Cross Family in Bangladesh, and for those who have stood in solidarity with them through prayer and other means. We invite you to continue keeping the region in your prayers as they face rebuilding their community. If you are able to give, we are more than appreciative and assure you that 100% of funds will be used to support the Hill Tracts Region in the aftermath of these flood damages. 

Summer 2019 Mission Appeals
Thank you to all parishes and dioceses that promoted HCMC this Summer!
Every summer the Holy Cross Mission Center goes "on the road" sharing in the program of Mission Appeals. The HCMC is invited annually by 10 - 12 dioceses/archdioceses to preside and preach at parishes and to share the good news of the work being done by Holy Cross in our international missions.
The HCMC wants to thank the many of our Holy Cross priests who shared in this service this summer - taking masses to the 30 different parishes we were assigned. The priests, living in the Midwest, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Texas and Monterrey, Mexico all traveled near and far to share the good news. As well, Archbishop Moses Costa, CSC, from the Archdiocese of Chittagong (Bangladesh) and Bishop Lumen Monteiro, CSC, from the Diocesee of Argatala (India) were able to be a part of this series of Mission Appeals this year. We are so grateful for the support of our priests serving in the United States, who help us share this important aspect of life in Holy Cross and in the Church across 10 Dioceses.
The summer of 2019 HCMC had a return to the Dioceses of St. Petersburg  (FL), Syracuse (NY), and the Archdiocese of Portland (OR) after many years. Mission Appeals were also celebrated in the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Lafayette-in-Indiana, Austin (TX), Burlington (VT), Colorado Springs, Fall River (MA), Los Angeles (CA) and Springfield (IL) this year.
Annually close to $100,000 is received from the generosity of many people from the parishes visited. This truly helps us all reach out to bring the word of God to the far corners of the Holy Cross world and to share the good news of what Holy Cross is doing in its service in our Church today. We could not do it without the coordination with the many dioceses, parishes and presiders, in the HCMC Office by Holly Wright with all of the communications and logistics, the generosity of the many CSC priests who share their weekends doing the Mission Appeals, and the cooperation of the local parishes and the dioceses across the country. Thanks to all!

Thank you to all of our generous supporters and the Holy Cross community. May God continuously bless you!
Lakeview Champions!
Students of Lakeview Secondary, Jinga, Uganda Win in National Business Contest
This July (2019), a group of students from Lakeview Secondary School in Jinga, Uganda competed in the Stanbic National Schools Championship. Stanbic Bank hosts the championship annually and promotes year long initiatives to  seek to promote business and enterprise skills. The Lakeview students won based on their idea and execution of manufacturing mustard seed food and liquid soap additives. Their prize includes  a fully installed solar system for the school, a cash prize for the teacher who led the group, e ach student's gets a brand new iPad Pro, and t hey all get a fully paid expense trip to South Africa.  

May the Students of Lakeview, and all Holy Cross Schools, continue to thrive and expand their knowledge in an ever evolving world!
Second International Holy Cross Youth Gathering!
Holy Cross Youth will Gather in Chile this October
On October 17th - 22nd the Second International Holy Cross Youth Gathering will take place in Santiago, Chile. The first gathering took place in 2017 in Lima, Peru where more than 100 youth participated from Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, and the United States. The first gathering produced a fruitful outcome of motivation and commitment in the youth of the Congregation and Church as a whole.

With the Second gathering, the planning committee of the event hopes to capitalize on the momentum of the first gathering, and to produce even more fruits. The focal point of the gathering will be the 16 mile Pilgrimage to the shrine of Chilean Saint, St. Teresa of the Andes, on Saturday, October 19. The gathering will also be focused on Holy Cross mission work, cultural activities, Eucharistic Celebration, World Mission Sunday, and solidarity activities of participants from the 5 countries participating. 

The cost for all six days is no more than $85 USD, and is open to youth ages 15 - 30. Sponsoring a participant is welcome! Contact the HCMC office and we can assist in your sponsorship. 
Holy Cross Universities & Colleges
Holy Cross Campuses Involvement
The Holy Cross Mission Center supports and partners with Stonehill College, the University of Portland, King's College, the University of Notre Dame, St. Edward's University, and other Holy Cross affiliates. Together, we not only educate students on the work being done internationally, but also promote ways for them to be connected to the global Holy Cross Family. Through on-campus events, campaigns like the upcoming Extraordinary Mission Month in October, Summer Immersions, post-graduate programs, blogging, social media, and fundraising events students are engaged with the missions at wide. Students see why the Church is called to live in solidarity with our international brothers and sisters, and their own roles within that call. Together we continue Father Basil Moreau's vision of meeting the world's needs with tools we each possess. 

Kings College,  Wilkes-Barre, PA.
This past July, seven Physician Assistant students and two PA faculty members from King's College traveled to Canto Grande, Peru. Prior to the trip the students and faculty were educated on the mission of Holy Cross and its history in Canto Grande. 
In Peru, students were able to perform free daily health screenings and medical visits and teach at the Policlinico Parroquial Hermano Andres regarding dental hygiene, obesity, hypertension, diabetes management, healthy eating, and the importance of physical activity.  The students also spent time in the clinic observing and assisting the nurses, physical therapists and doctors there. Students ran a health clinic/screening under the supervision of the Physician Assistant faculty on eight days in the Policlinico. 

HCMC is grateful and proud that King's College is the first health or medical program at our colleges and universities to send students to an international mission site for specialized care. We hope that the college continues their engagement with the missions and that other campuses follow their lead.

 Stonehill College, North Easton, MA

Graduates from Stonehill are given the opportunity to participate in a 10 month service corps (June to April). They are sent to different places and countries, with one being the Holy Cross mission site in Aymanam, India. Before being sent off, the volunteers are given a four day orientation on the Stonehill campus. 

When arriving in India, they then work with the Brothers to teach at Holy Cross School grades k-12. Predominantly, they teach English language classes. They also live in community and work with different aspects of the missions - all while committing to the program's principles of service, spirituality, community and simple living.

University of Notre Dame - Notre Dame, IN

Students at the University of Notre Dame are offered diverse ways of interacting with HCMC international missions. One of which is through the Center for Social Concerns to work on an International Summer Service Program in Uganda. Two students each teach at St. Joseph's Hill Secondary School in Kyarusozi and at Lakeview Secondary in Jinga. Their responsibilities include accompanying catechists and seminarians on  home and school visits, teaching in a classroom setting, running after school activities like sports clubs, and assisting with dormitory supervision a few nights a week. Occasionally, the students work with the neighboring Sisters of Holy Cross programs.
University of Portland - Portland, OR

In May, students from the University of Portland, Oregon embarked on a three week immersion trip to the Holy Cross Mission site of Kitete, Tanzania. Laurie Laird, Director of the Moreau Center for Service and Justice, connected with Mwenge Catholic University in Moshi, Sebastian Mulinge C.S.C. , and Prosper Tesha C.S.C. to shape the program and make the visit fruitful for both the students and the mission site.  Students experienced Kiswahili language lessons at the University, cultural excursions, homestays, and the opportunity to meet and connect with local college students. The students were then also able to visit Sacred Heart Parish in Sombetini - where they joined in on mass, met with parish members, and participated in the visit of the Bishop in Kitete.

Meet Our New Program Coordinator!
This July, Teresa R. Brickey joined the Holy Cross Mission Center Staff as the new Program Coordinator. She is from St. Louis, MO and is a recent graduate of Saint Mary's College, IN. In undergraduate she studied English Writing and Global Studies. Her international experience includes studying Spanish in Argentina and participating in separate pilgrimages to France and El Salvador with the University of Notre Dame. In the Summer of 2017, she interned with the Holy Cross Ministries of Utah and this past year she was a local intern at La Casa de Amistad, South Bend, IN. 

In her role as Program Coordinator, Brickey will collaborate with parishes and campuses to stay up to date with the HCMC international missions, and will continue to sustain current and new initiatives for our Religious and laity to remain involved in the good work to be done globally. She can be contacted at

Spotlighted Photos
St. Joseph's Secondary School, Kyarusozi, Uganda
Univ. Notre Dame Folk Choir inaugural visit to E. Africa
World Youth Day 2019, Panama City, Panama
12 CSCs from 8 countries promoting Holy Cross

Archbishop Moses Costa C.S.C. , Thanchi, Bangladesh
Celebrating with the Children at Easter
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Our latest post is by Benjamin Wainscott, a Student at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. Benjamin offers us insight into his encounter with the people of Srimangal, Bangladesh and Christ.  Read Here!

" He doesn't just lift them up temporarily as a part of a game. Instead, he picks these people up with both hands, placing them on his shoulders so that they might see the horizon and the future that awaits for them as Children of God. " - Benjamin Wainscott
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  Dear Friends,
I wish you all well as we close out the summer (in the northern hemisphere) and for many of you the school year begins, vacations are ending, and the routine of life keeps us in line!  
Across the world, there were many groups from the United States who traveled to our international mission lands to serve, to learn, do research, and to come to know the people of God in diverse cultural settings. Mostly from our colleges and universities, these are prime opportunities to have experiences and learn of global cultures, the Church experience in different cultures, and hopefully the awareness of how much we all have in common! I look at all of these opportunities as building blocks to building peace in our world, one step at a time! With much gratitude for all those who participated and a special word of thanks to those who hosted in the various countries!

During these summer months, we have seen profession of first vows of young religious completing their novitiate years in Uganda, Ghana, United States, Bangladesh and India. In September will be the profession in Haiti and in January a new novitiate year will start for Chile-Peru-Mexico and Brazil. It is great to see more than 50 young men joining Holy Cross and starting their lives as vowed religious. May all be blessed in their formation, ongoing discernment and preparation for life as brothers and priests of Holy Cross. In addition more than 20 Holy Cross sisters from many countries made their first vows as well during these months! The growth in Holy Cross is impressive and for that we are very grateful as well! God certainly has more for our community to do in the Church and world! 
As good as the summer was for many, we lost some members of the Congregation who have been such important members of our international mission in Bangladesh, E. Africa and Chile. With much gratitude for the lives of Fr. Parimal Pereira, CSC from Bangladesh, Fr. Dick Stout, CSC, who served more than 25 years in formation work in Kenya and Uganda, and Fr. Claude Pomerleau, CSC, who dedicated himself as rector in St. George's College in Chile and continued teaching his courses annually at the University of Chile. Each one of these men who all left a great impact on our lives, followed their call and gave of themselves generously to Holy Cross. They had great impact on thousands of lives, and all lived as members of this great global village of which we are all a part. They helped grow the mission in each of these important lands, and by their own witness, lived the Gospel values so others might recognize Christ in them. Our world and the ministries of Holy Cross and our Church are better for each of them. May they each Rest in the Peace of the Lord for whom they dedicated their lives as priests of Holy Cross.  
Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter; there are so many events to share with you, these are just a few of my thoughts I wanted to share with you all! I will have more news to share in the coming weeks, and until then, may you be blessed and know of our gratitude for your prayers and support that you give us at the Holy Cross Mission Center.  

Fraternally in Holy Cross,
Fr. Mike DeLaney, C.S.C.
Director, Holy Cross Mission Center 
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