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Grace and peace, friends!

I am so grateful for all the kind messages and your supportive prayers. I have been quite fortunate with mostly mild symptoms. I am definitely on the mend and feeling much better even today. I plan to be back in the office next week. 

As I noted last week, plans are coming together for gatherings, events, and programs that will be offered during this fall's program year. I am excited about the many things we have in the works, and I look forward to sharing more and more details over the coming weeks. I am also grateful that we continue to be a place of warmth and welcome, a place where members and visitors alike experience hospitality as an outward and visible sign of the grace that is present in the lives of the people of Holy Cross. 

May God be with you this week. Stay healthy and look for the presence of grace in your midst. Thank you, and see you soon, friends.



To help offset the costs of the fall Women's Retreat, we will be holding an online silent auction Sept 18-24. If you have a service, business or items to contribute to the auction, we would love to have your donations. We will be collecting items at Holy Cross from Aug 14 - Sept 11. Please contact Maureen Prince (864-704-2098 or moprince999@gmail.com) to arrange to drop off or pick up of larger items. If you would like to be part of the Women's Retreat Planning Committee, please contact Anne Smith (864-414-7872 or bamaanne@aol.com). We would love to have your support!

Things of Interest:

Another fascinating podcast brought to you by Mockingbird Ministries. Sometimes, the Good Book doesn't sound all that great. Fortunately, first impressions can be misleading, and the surprise of grace may be hiding in plain sight. Welcome to Terrible Parables, the podcast where a scholar, priest, and an anxious Christian look for good news in passages of scripture that appear strange or unnerving. Hosted by Cali Yee, along with Bryan Jarrell and Todd Brewer. 

To listen click HERE or click the image above. 

Prayers & Liturgies for Parents and Families. Instagram, Book, and Podcast. Nuanced, nurturing prayers to help acknowledge the presence of God in the midst of the graces and challenges of parenting children in today's world. 

To visit the Instagram account, click HERE or click the image above. 

Med Shed Update
Holy Cross has come through with our usual generosity in making numerous donations to the Shed. Many thanks on behalf of those for whom this will be a great blessing. Here's what we have: wheelchairs, rollators, walkers, crutches, canes, potty seats, shower benches, nebulizers, and an orthopedic shoe and boot. Now's the time for each of us to become particularly mindful of who among us might have a need for these resources. Additionally, there have been questions about whether the donation of disposable supplies are appropriate; like Depends, catheters, etc. They are not lendable for the Shed ; however, if you have such supplies, I am willing to take them and donate them to a group like hospice for you. Again, your generosity is greatly appreciated! Peggy Tollison, 865-556-9071 Call me to make arrangements for your donation to be picked up.

*All equipment will be sanitized before lending or relending.
Purchase here
Do you know that there are things stored all around our Holy Cross property that have no known use or owner? To maximize our limited storage spaces, a committee has been formed to prioritize what should be retained and stored. For items that parishioners wish to donate, retention will be discussed with the appropriate ministry leader, such as hospitality, children's ministries, alter guild, grounds, etc. The committee will make decisions with the ministry leader based on available storage and current or future needs. This will allow us to maximize our space and support current and new ministries.

If you have something you feel would be useful to a Holy Cross ministry, please contact a committee member before dropping it off at the church. This will allow us to decide together how your donation may be used and stored.

We appreciate your help and look forward to working with you to utilize our wonderful facilities efficiently and support our current and future ministries.

Current committee members are:

Kerry Kelley
Tom Jones
Greg Farley
Peggy Tollison
The Greeter team is looking for volunteers for our 10:30 service. We would like to have a second greeter at each service as well as a few substitutes. Commitment is one Sunday per month. If you are interested in serving, please reach out to Bonnie Schmidt or Carol Cain with any questions. Thank you!

Dear Holy Cross! Thank you for another wonderful year of support!

In the 2021/2022 school year we provided weekend and school break nutrition to 42 food insecure children. Over the summer we collect minimal items (please make sure the expiration date extends past 9/2022. We collect monetary donations year round to ensure we can meet the needs of Hickory Tavern Elementary and fill any gaps we may come across. Have questions? Want to be a packer or delivery team? Reach out to Jennifer Hellams (864) 872-3724 or jyhellams@gmail.com

Online Giving
If there is maintenance that needs to be done at the church, please use the button below that will take you to a form on CCB. A copy will be sent to Greg Farley (Junior Warden) and Tom Jones for action.
Maintenance Form

Counseling Services

offered by Holy Cross

We are proud to announce that Bobbie Godwin has agreed to offer counseling services to Holy Cross members for a reduced fee of only $50 per hour.

Bobbie is a SC Licensed Professional Counselor and SC Licensed Addictions Counselor with over 20 years of experience.

You can schedule an appointment with Ms. Godwin by contacting her directly at


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