May 12, 2020
Happy Families of Holy Name!

I hope all our Holy Name moms, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and women in our community had a lovely Mother's Day this past Sunday. I know it may not have been the same as in previous years due to the quarantine, but hopefully families were able to connect with loved ones via phone, video chat, or card. We send you a huge thank you to our Holy Name Room Moms, who help bring such wonderful memories for our classrooms and students.
Our School Auction is in its final hours! Thank you to everyone who has made a bid out their in support of Holy Name! Your donations and generosity are greatly appreciated!! And a huge thank you for the online auction organizers and team members who made the online auction possible!

We are moving quickly to the conclusion of our school year. Keep up the amazing work students and parent-teachers! This will certainly be a year to remember and I just want to reiterate that your home should continue to always be a place of safety and calm. Home is the constant during this time of uncertainty and while we may be going through bouts of quarantine-fatigue, we need to remember that for our children, this is a significant part of their life, and the memories of this experience will remain in their heads for their entire lifetime. Let's continue to try to keep those memories positive and hopeful, so in the future, when our kids look back to year 2020, they remember the love from their family and the care from their teachers. Blessings to you all!


  • Keep up the incredible work with your children. The teachers thank you for assisting the younger ones on posting to SeeSaw and remind the older students to check PowerSchool to make sure that all assignments have been properly turned in. While we may be Distance Learning, students are still being assessed on content knowledge and will receive academic scores in their 3rd trimester report cards.
  • Teachers are finalizing scheduling dates and times for book/school item return, Yearbook and other items left in the classroom pick-up, report cards, and Graduation event ceremonies. More information will be provided once approved by the Department of Catholic Schools.
  • Many families have asked about the start of the coming 20-21 school year and a statement from the DCS will be coming soon about some possible options. Much of this will be determined by the county health orders for our area.
  • You may have heard that one of our teacher aides has tested positive for coronavirus about a week ago. Proper guidelines were followed when she was in the school building and the building has been cleaned since the exposure for additional precautionary purposes. There have been no other incidents that we are aware of at this time but please keep all of our teachers, staff, and families affected by COVID-19 in your thoughts and prayers during this time.
  • Please continue to visit the Distance Learning hub for updated information.
  • Reminder: Schoology is the main source of teacher-parent-student classroom communication. If you need assistance signing up for Schoology, please email

LAST CALL! Proceeds benefit the outstanding people and programs at Holy Name that enrich our children every day, whether they are busy learning in our physical classrooms or remotely. Don’t miss the chance to  BID ON   YOUR CLASS ART PROJECTS !  
Last chance to support the Online Auction, as well as our Fund-A-Need to “Warm Up the Gym.” Help us reach our goal!!
How to participate:
1.       Auction items are available at
2.       Auction is open to everyone - including friends and family— it’s not too late to   share the link!
3.       Bidders must register a credit card to be able to bid on items.
4.       Be sure to also provide your mailing address when registering so that your winnings can be mailed to you.
5.       Online Auction runs through May 12th, closing at midnight.
6.       Highest bidder wins and winning bidders will be notified via email and credit card on file processed for payment.
7.       Participate in our Fund-A-Need to Warm up the Gym by making a donation online at your selected donation level.
8.       In these uncertain times, the auction committee is not responsible for businesses that may be closed or camps that are canceled. Buyer beware. 
*Online auction will be limited to gift certificates, gift cards, and completed Classroom Art Projects. Any other items donated for the 2020 auction and not available for purchase online will be utilized in the 2021 event. This is so that we all can maintain proper social distancing.

We were informed that delivery addresses cannot be changed at this point. So if your address was not changed, the Yearbook will be sent to school and may be picked up on the School book pick-up days (to be scheduled soon).
We are still seeking volunteers to assist with the 2020-2021 Parent Guild Leadership . Due to the lack of nominations, we are looking for volunteers and appointees who will lend their expertise, insights, and experiences to the Guild. The Parent Guild will be welcoming heads of the new Men's & Women's Club to the table and to assist with community event and fundraising planning. Anyone interested in any part of the PG, please email Dina D'Agostino  or Mariel Myers.

As times continue to change in the world around us, so must the lives of our teachers and staff members. So we have a couple more teachers moving on to the next chapter in their lives and Holy Name will be saying goodbye to  Megan Wainwright and  Sara G argiulo at the conclusion of the school year. They will be missed by the students and the faculty. May their future endeavors be blessed.
We are stronger because of hard times;
wiser because of our mistakes; and
happier because of life's tragedies.
Life is always at its best when we put  God first!
Today, I wish above all things:
that GOD's goodness be with you from morning to evening.
That HE showers you with heaven's blessings like rain that can't stop falling:
a happy heart,
a peaceful soul,
a sound mind and joyous life.
May God give you good health and bless you every second of your life.
Do take care and warm regards to the rest of your family and friends around.
 - Fr. Arnold
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