July 16, 2020
16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Lord, you are good and forgiving.
Weekly message from Fr. Mike
I'm pictured below with Hudson Findlay and Lukas Swan, who celebrated their first communions last Saturday.

Recently someone sent me a talk by Richard Galliardetz that was entitled “A Credible Faith.” At the end of his talk he gave an example from the book of Genesis when Jacob wrestled with an angel (Gn. 32:23-33). Galliardetz saw this story as a model of engagement for us. He was seeing this engagement when we wrestle with the teachings of our Church. To do this kind of engagement we have to be content with being troubled. We have to be willing to wrestle with something that makes us uncomfortable because we may disagree with what is being taught. 

As I have been reading and listening more about the issue of racism it makes me uncomfortable. Part of that discomfort is because it challenges me. I am not comfortable with the anger I hear, the violence I see. I am not comfortable because I don’t see easy answers. But it is good for me to listen and to learn. It is good for me to be troubled. This week is a video by one of the Veggie Tales guys and explains the history of racism after the Civil War.   

You can find this week's Prayers of the Faithful here .

Fr. Mike
Golden wedding anniversary mass cancelled
Bishop Johnston has requested the Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass for  Sunday, September 27, 2020 be cancelled due to the ongoing issues of the coronavirus and the health and safety of our elderly couples.

If you are celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary this year, please email Lorie Sage, sage@diocesekcsj.org,  no later than September 1, 2020. A gift and card will be mailed to your home in congratulations.
Blood Drive
Our next Blood Drive will be Sunday, July 26 from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Every participant receives a free Royals shirt or towel.

To sign up, please click here .

Thank you to all who have stepped up to give blood for the people of our local community. Blood supplies have been short due to the coronavirus crisis, so your continued support is most appreciated.
Special faith building opportunity
Through the special partnership of myParish App with Steubenville Conferences, there will be two very special opportunities to build up your faith: Steubenville Live and Night of Hope.

Steubenville Live is for teens and families and will be a virtual conference July 17-18.

Night of Hope is for adults and will be July 19.

Click here for more information and to register.
Golf Tournament
Our annual golf tournament is slated for Sunday, August 23. Entry fees must be paid online- there will not be an option to pay at the course. If the event is cancelled, entry fees will be refunded.

A BBQ meal will be served on the course during the tournament. Prizes will be cash for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in A,B,C flights, as well as longest drive and longest putt.