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June 2021
Coming Out of the Cloud
I would like us to reflect on the goals for our community as we ease the COVID restrictions in the worship services that have been commonplace in the last year .
I wanted to remind us of what I had sent out about a year ago as we continue to move into this post-pandemic season. Although I will not include all of Romans 14 – 15:13 here, it would be helpful to read it, again, for yourself (I recommend reading it from The Message or NIV versions. you can access this online through biblegateway.com).

One of the underlying themes throughout Romans is Paul’s drive to make sure we understand we are all in the same boat, spiritually speaking.
Romans 3:10 says,
“There is none righteous, no not one.”
For Paul, he was talking about the Jews and the Gentiles, who both had very different ways of relating to the world. The one thing they had in common was sin. Everyone misses the mark and comes up short when measured against God’s holiness, as well as His expectations for being in relationship with Him. The Jews and Gentiles were no different in this way.
As he gets to the end of this letter, Paul moves away from the theological points he had been making throughout the letter and into the more practical aspects of being the Church: living with each other’s differences. The specific example is on the issue of eating “unclean foods.” The Jews were raised with the Law that dictated what they could and could not eat. The Gentiles, however, had no such law nor did they have the same sensibilities. The modern-day equivalent would be those who are vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian, compared to the omnivores (like me). If you have ever been around someone who is vigilant with their eating habits AND has an opinion about it, you’re getting close. Throw in a smattering of religious overtones and a hint of judgement and you will be close to what Paul was addressing.
Eugene Peterson translates this in The Message:
“a person who has been around for a while might well be convinced that he can eat anything on the table, while another, with a different background, might assume he should only be a vegetarian and eat accordingly. But since both are guests at Christ’s table, wouldn’t it be terribly rude if they fell to criticizing what the other ate or didn’t eat? God, after all, invited them both to the table. Do you have any business crossing people off the guest list or interfering with God’s welcome?”
It is the same attitude Peter had when God asked him to eat “unclean” food with Cornelius (not a Jew) in Acts chapter 10. When asked, BY GOD, Peter says,
“By no means, Lord; for I have never eaten anything that is profane or unclean.”
“No thanks God. I know what’s best.”
The Jewish converts could be a little judgy.
They had thoughts about those who didn’t eat like they did and had more “freedoms.” So, the Church being new and all, Paul has to set some boundaries for how they should relate to one another in order to maintain the whole “love God and love your neighbor” thing. In the process of laying out some boundaries, Paul makes some points that, I think, are important for us to understand.
·       Living in community can be difficult because of our differences
·       It is easy to forget that God is in charge
·       Our focus should be on oneness rather than flexing our rights
·       Our actions need to build one another up
·       Our goal is supposed to be about pleasing others before ourselves
·       Kingdom living is about righteousness, joy, and peace
It is with that context that we now look at how Trinity will move back into some form of our pre-pandemic patterns of worship.
Specific Regathering Guidelines
Bishop Megan has sent out some guidelines for regathering to the churches in the Diocese of Northern California. She recognizes that our diocese encompasses churches in both rural and urban settings that have met in many different ways over the past 15 months.
While she gives many recommendations (I will get to that),
there is one restriction at this time:
We will not be sharing wine together via the common cup.

Many have asked about little cups of wine for each person as a way of getting around this, but we will not be doing this for one very important theological reason:
the Common Cup speaks of our oneness and community.
Little cups do not.
So we will continue with the Bread only.
·       Vaccinations
The CDC, the State of California and the Office of the Bishop encourage all people who can to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. The vaccines have been shown to be effective in slowing the meteoric cases that were seen in the winter. If you are not yet vaccinated, please consider doing so.
Having said that, anyone not vaccinated will not be required to get a vaccination to participate in services or meetings of any kind at Holy Trinity.
A few things about this:
-  Those who choose to not be vaccinated assume the risk for the possibility of becoming infected with COVID-19. We have all had an opportunity to think through the risks inherent with either being vaccinated or unvaccinated. Adult decisions assume there is some risk either way and proceed accordingly. This is the same thinking as getting in a car to drive or flying on a plane. Our choices have risks. This particular risk is limited because of the next two bullet points.
-  Those who choose not to get vaccinated will benefit from those who are vaccinated. Statistics show that a vaccinated population (California is currently at about 45%) benefits those who cannot or choose not to get the vaccination.
-  Those who are vaccinated have very little risk of getting COVID-19 from an unvaccinated person. If, by chance, someone who is vaccinated gets infected, the statistics show that the cases are either very mild or asymptomatic. Also, even when the vaccinated get infected, their chance of passing it along is greatly reduced.

-If you have not been vaccinated, you are encouraged to wear a mask.

·       Care for the vulnerable
Our decisions to meet or not meet over the past 15+ months have been largely made with the goal of caring for one another. When we didn’t know much about COVID-19, we chose to not meet physically at all.

Once some things were known about the virus, we chose to meet in-person with restrictions (sanitization protocols, masks, distancing, exchanging the Peace from a distance, no Common Cup). 

Now that most have been vaccinated in our congregation, we have started having a choir back, I have not been wearing a mask and there is a more generous Peace-giving.

Now we are at a point where everyone has had the opportunity to be vaccinated and are able to enter a worship time that is more reminiscent of our tradition prior to March 2020. Our care is now moving into the stage where we value the power of community and the traditions of the Church.
·       Care for our guests
We always want to think about those who will visit us and make Holy Trinity home. Those who come to visit will benefit in the same way as was stated in the vaccinations section. We will care for them by the gathering guidelines that follow.
Gathering for Worship
Starting June 20th, our gathering will look like this:
·       Those who are vaccinated are free to go without a mask. This follows the guidelines from the CDC about the efficacy of vaccinations. Those who are not vaccinated are encouraged to wear a mask, but we will not be requiring a “vaccination passport” to come to the worship services. As a reminder, masks have provided a time buffer when we are closer than 6 feet to another individual, meaning, for the unvaccinated, the mask has made it safer to be together.
·       We will exchange the Peace.
·       The choir will continue to provide musical offerings, and we will restart our Compline Choirs).
·       We will be able to sing.
·       We will be sitting closer together, although it is still recommended to allow some space between individuals from different households as seems appropriate.
 One More Thing...

“Love thy Neighbor”
Let’s think back to the underlying theme in the Romans passage from above about all being in the same boat, spiritually speaking.

We realize that there will be those (both Holy Trinity members and our guests) who will feel more comfortable wearing a mask during the service, not sharing the Peace and having more space.

We will respect this and those who choose
to be more cautious at this time.
If there are any questions or concerns about these changes, please feel free to email me: brad@holytrinitynevadacity.org.



Welcome to Sunday Services
at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
of Nevada City
Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

Many have found a spiritual home and a family of faith at Trinity over the years, and if this is what you are looking for—welcome home.

If you are just passing through, or need to spend some quiet time with God—you are welcome here.

If you are encountering us through our virtual worship and ministries, wherever you hail from, you are welcome here.

This is a place of healing, rest, and transformation
as well as a community of engagement, learning, and service.

You are welcome here—come... pray, ponder, love, and serve with this community, and see what God can do.

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Holy Trinity Outreach
Helping Our Community

Dinners for Our Neighbors

Love + serve + love + serve,
love + serve...
the circle of True Life in Christ.

Tuesday night dinners at Trinity are so appreciated by those we serve, and we are called by scripture to love our neighbors and to serve the poor. This is why doing so brings great joy.

In Matthew 25:35, Matthew 25:40, Luke 3:11, Luke 6:20-21 and in Luke 14:13-14 Jesus taught that when we help our neighbors in need, we are serving God.

If you are interested in helping to serve Tuesday night dinners at Holy Trinity, please contact Carol Fegté. Carol is willing to meet you at whatever level of service you might enjoy.

Upcoming dates for Holy Trinity's service on Tuesday nights:

  • June 8
  • June 22
  • July 6

We would be happy for you to come and host with us on Tuesdays, or if you like, you can cook a dish for us. 

If you'd like to be added to the email list which goes out as a reminder, please contact Carol. We'd LOVE to have you join us!
Carol Fegté
We are gratefully supportive of the Interfaith Food Ministry (IFM) for the wonderful work they are doing right here in Nevada County. The volunteers at IFM are a wonderfully kind, dedicated and hard-working group of local people who genuinely care about those in our community.

Karen Hoida, has agreed to serve on the IFM board as the official Holy Trinity Episcopal Church representative. Thank you to Karen for being chosen to represent us, and thank you for all of the wonderful work you inspire.

Thank you all for leaving food in the basket that rests in the narthex before Sunday services. It finds its way to IFM every week, to join the food offerings dropped off by 16 other local churches. This is feeding the hungry in its most basic form. If you'd like to read about the many wonderful programs of this nonprofit group, there is information galore on the IFM Website (linked below).

Thanks for helping in these important ministries. If you are interested in volunteering at the Interfaith Food Minstry, please contact Karen.

Karen Hoida
Holy Trinity Nevada City 
helping out at
Kare Crisis Nursery
Kare Crisis Nursery is an amazing local resource for families in need of community support.

On Saturday morning, May 29th, a good-sized group of dedicated Parishioners from Holy Trinity met to restore and revive the landscaping at Kare Crisis Nursery.

Thank you to all that came out to help. We were able to accomplish quite a bit and everyone had a great time working together to support and nurture this important community resource.

Thank you to Sarah for lunch as well! This will be an bi-annual event. We are planning another work day in October so you get another chance. This Saturday was especially wonderful to be together after such a long year.
If you are interested in gardening at Holy Trinity, we are looking for volunteers here too! -
please contact Karen Hoida at (530) 470-9257
June Milestones
& Prayer Requests
Lenore Teuber, Linda Mulay & family, Hal DeGraw, Denise Halvorson, Sharon Fairclough, Jean Hoy, Alberta Seymour, Pam Bergthold, John Azevedo, Karolyn McElwain, Scott Gillette, Rainey & Ron Spiller, Hank Acker, and Marianne Curry

Friends & Family:
Jordan Thomas-Rose, Jan Doting, Ron Carr, Harry Gabriel, Noëlle Cherry O'Brien, Vann Dart, Camille Muir, Richard Peterson, Michael Pocock & family, Peggy Vielbig, Ben Perry-Thistle & family, Baby Levi, Lani MacRae, Lisa Raupp, Tanya Markis-Meyer, Leda Chavarria, Ron Tapp, Susan Silburn, Afton Wasley, Peter Phelps, Dave Schafferzick, Louis CeciLucie Thomas
Prayers for the Departed:
Mark Hendrickson, Caleb Bosh, Adele Galuhn, Isamu Hoida, Stefano Woods, Polly Tuggle, Peggy Dart, Gordon Mulay, Allan Rogers,
Doris Schaffarzick,
Melinda Day, Mary Booth,
and all of those whom we love but see no longer

You were known by your Creator even before you were born, and He continues to love you.
PRAY for our parish family and friends serving near and abroad as missionaries and those in the Armed Forces: Austin Baker, Joey Fasciano, Joey Fradella, Connor Sanders, Erika & Greg Holownia, Skyler Riley, Hawk Bleu.

June Birthdays:
6/01 Carly Painter
6/03 Sally Jones
6/07 Dett Ferrell
6/08 Audrey Kalstein, Barry Shurtz,
6/11 Kristie Garcia, Judi Lafferty
6/14 James Ogle
6/18 Terry Fay

June Anniversaries:
6/10 Scott & Sherry Dunn
6/12 Hank & Kathy Acker, Robin & Maryke Williams
6/15 Amy & Jim Butler
6/22 Todd & Kristie Garcia
6/30 Andrew & Michelle Harris
Your Help Is Needed!
We are currently updating our parishioner information.
If you notice an error or omission, or if you have a prayer request, please contact Paula at the church office at (530) 265-8836 or by emailing office@holytrinitynevdadacity.org
- Thank you!
To memorialize the 2021 convention, Bishop Megan is asking each parish in our diocese to participate in an exciting new project. We are going to stitch together a hand-made quilt, comprised of a quilt block from every parish. Together, these will form a quilt that will live at the Office of the Bishop for years to come.

We are looking for talented quilters from Holy Trinity who will take this project to heart. Please email the office if you are interested.
Christian Yoga Is BACK!
At Holy Trinity Nevada City

Be centered, nurturing body, mind, and spirit while increasing your balance, flexibility and strength with gentle yoga and Christian meditations.  

We have been cleared to meet at Holy Trinity Church in the sanctuary.
Also, available for outdoor or private yoga classes.

There is currently no fixed class schedule. Interested participants may schedule a class on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays. Once a class is scheduled it will be open for up to 7 participants.

Indoor classes will require a mask until you are on your mat. Yoga props are optional, but you will need to bring your own mat (yoga blocks, blanket, etc. whatever you like to use), and water.

All Rejoice Yoga classes are by donation and 1/2 of all donations goes directly to Holy Trinity Nevada City.
Forward Day by Day is a booklet of daily inspirational meditations reflecting on a specific Bible passage, chosen from the daily lectionary readings. The meditations are rich in substance and offer a wide range of witness and experiences.

Holy Trinity has both the pocket-size and large-print editions, which cover the upcoming 3 months, May through July.

If you would like to have one of these lovely prayer and meditation guides, they are currently available in the church office.

Please call or email Holy Trinity
to reserve your free copy, while they last–supplies are limited.
Regular office hours are
Mondays and Fridays only,
from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Call: (530) 265-8836


If you cannot mail your pledge offering to Holy Trinity
and you would like to continue supporting the ministry here,
please click on the link below to donate. Thank you!
The Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Disabled Access Project

Much progress is being made on the new easy access to the sanctuary. We are very grateful to all of the people making this happen, and especially to Larry for keeping us
so well-informed as the project proceeds.
The Holy Trinity website now has a webpage recording progress from its start to the current state.

Additional Information:
Many thanks to all of the wonderful service volunteers who work together every week to make beautiful things happen at Holy Trinity Nevada City!
Attention Lectors! Have trouble pronouncing Bible words? Here's an online guide for pronouncing Biblical words:

The readings for each Sunday can be found at (Revised Common Lectionary – RCL): http://lectionarypage.net/
Volunteer Opportunity
The Holy Trinity
Little Library
For several years now many parishioners and folks in the neighborhood have taken advantage of this little library, built lovingly by Lee Adams as a miniature replica of our church building.

Now we are blessed to also have a Little Library Curator, Katie Chilton.

Many thanks to Katie for her expertise, time, and care. Her efforts benefits both our Holy Trinity parish, the neighborhood community and everyone served by this wonderful gift. - Thank you Katie!
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