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February 2020
Reflections on Last Year

As I think back on 2019, there is much to be thankful for and reflect on.
·         We have successfully completed a full year of a two service format and several different Forum series successfully.
·         We have continued providing excellent music worship opportunities.
·         We have continued to serve those in need in our community through our Tuesday night dinners, our participation in Hospitality House, people being cared for on our behalf through the Charitable Fund (P, G and E, Verizon, gas cards) and the opportunity to serve a family who lost their loved one (Rachael Pool).
·         We have continued to provide visits to those who cannot make it here during the week through our LEVs and others.
·         We have said goodbye to some of our longtime friends, who we continue to love in spite of seeing them no longer.
·         We have a Finance Team
·         We have a Building and Grounds Team
·         We have a Communications Team
·         We have a thriving Hospitality Group.
·         We had an Institution Service installing me as the 33 rd rector of Holy Trinity Church.
·         We had a Men’s Retreat.
·         We had a Women’s Retreat.
·         We got to see and participate in the consecration of our new bishop, Megan Traquair
·         We had a fun workday at the Rectory.
·         We had a new driveway installed at the Rectory.
·         We partnered with our Boy Scout Troop to host a Rise Against Hunger Event.
·         We had enough children this year for a children’s pageant.
·         There was a wedding.
What are we looking forward to in 2020?
·         More involvement of people using their giftedness to encourage our community.
·         Reorganizing of our office workspace.
·         A comprehensive plan for our fellowship space to be completed.
·         A finalized plan for ADA accessibility.
·         Confirmation classes.
·         Training for our LEVs, LEMs, and all other service volunteers.

What a blessed year for all of us here at Holy Trinity.
May God continue to bless us.

Parish News and Events
New Forum
The Way of Love

This Forum is a series of three forums to begin looking at Presiding Bishop Curry's
"The Way of Love."

Our time together will be led by Summer Green and include a short video followed by some discussion.

The dates for this forum are
February 2nd, 16th, and 23rd.
Please come enjoy talking together about the spiritual practices involved in The Way of Love.
It is because one antelope will
blow the dust from the other's eye that the two antelopes walk together."     African Proverb

"The one is many and the many are one. To be is to inter-be. We cannot just be by ourselves alone. We have to inter-be with every other thing."     
Thich Nhat Hahn

"Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come into being."     Teilhard de Chardin

"Spiritual Direction is one person helping another to notice the direction of spiritual movement in their own life."     
Thomas Merton
Group Spiritual Direction at Trinity will meet monthly at 5:00 on first Sundays before compline. If you would like to know more, please join us for at 5:00 pm--then stay for our beautiful compline service.

Sign up by calling Heather Certik at 
(530)-432-6957  or email  heatherrose488@gmail.com
Adult Forum, Lent 2020
This coming Lent the Adult Forum will read and discuss one of the last major works by the great Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, “The Undiscovered Self.” Written and published in the mid-1950’s, in the aftermath of WWII and the split between “western democracies” and the Soviet Union’s empire in the east, Jung reflects on the precarious position of the world, the fate of humankind, and what, if anything, can save civilization from what threatens it’s very existence. Many of his insights are still very much relevant today. The discussion, moderated by the Rev Dr David Davidson-Methot, should prove to be engaging and hopefully also insightful. Come join us!

Note, unlike previous forums, there will not be a DVD shown and discussed. Participants will be expected to have read the chapter (as indicated on the Outline available in advance from the office) to be discussed. As the book was published over 60 years ago, inexpensive paperback copies should be readily available. FREE electronic (pdf format) editions are available from the office also. Contact Paula if you would like an e-format copy.
Sign up today for our Annual
Women's Silent Retreat
At the Abby of New Clairvaux
May 14th through 16th
If you have questions or would like to sign up to experience this wonderful retreat, please contact Elizabeth Kent at (530) 632-5652
Lenten Schedule
  • Ash Wednesday-February 26th-7am, 12 noon and 7pm
  • Stations of the Cross (soup supper to follow)-Fridays During Lent-5:30
  • Lenten Forum-All Sundays except Easter Sunday

2020 Lenten Compline 

Sunday March 1st: Compline Men (Large group)
Sunday March 8th: Illuminare  (The Reynolds Family singers)
Sunday March 15th: Renaissance Man (a smaller men's group)
Sunday March 22nd: Voces Angelorum
Sunday March 29th: Robbie, Jim, Jeff, and Matt Quartet

Trinity Treats!

Every second Sunday, along with our traditional coffee, we will be in front of the church. Look for homemade pies, bread, coffee cakes, cookies, maybe even some plants, flowers, veggies, or even greeting cards!

Donations are graciously accepted, especially if you take home a whole pie or loaf of homemade sourdough bread.

We are looking for donations from gardeners and bakers! If you’d like to contribute or
to help oversee the table, please contact Sarah (913-9770)
What's been happening at Holy Trinity?
Dinners for Our Neighbors

Next Dinner Dates
We'd love to have you join us as a server, or to donate a hot dish for our meal. Please contact me and I'll happily put you on our email list.

  • We will be serving at Utah's Place on 2/9/20
  • Tuesday night dinners at Holy Trinity February 4th & 18th

If you have any questions, or would like to be placed on an email list, my contact information is below. New volunteers are always most welcome.

Thank you so much for your continuing care for those less fortunate!
Carol Fegté
2020 Annual Meeting

Thank you to all who came to the annual meeting last week to reflect on our year, give thanks to those who serve and to make decisions about those who will be on our Vestry and those who will represent us at the Convention in November.

Our new Vestry members are:
  • Summer Green
  • Todd Hoida
  • Larry Hoy
  • Rob Stepp

Our convention delegates are:
  • Heather Certik
  • Kristie Garcia
  • Summer Green
  • Karen Hoida
  • Stuart Lauters
  • Gary Spriggs (alternate)

Rejoice Yoga
Christian Yoga
5:30 PM Monday Evenings
at Holy Trinity

For additional classes and
check the website:
or email Paula at:
Holy Trinity Outreach Ministries
TUESDAY NIGHT DINNER:  Our upcoming dinners for the homeless will be Tuesday February 18th and March 3rd at 5:00PM at Holy Trinity . Sign up by contacting Carol Fegté ( 432-0659 or  cfegte@yahoo.com) to bring food and/or serve. You can bring food to the church between 4-4:30pm on Tuesdays.

HOSPITALITY HOUSE:  Our next dinner is Sunday, March 8th at Utah’s Place. Sign up by contacting Carol Fegté ( 432-0659 or  cfegte@yahoo.com) to serve or bring breakfast foods and dessert. (Nothing homemade is allowed. Must be store bought and sealed.) You may also contribute by writing a check to ‘Holy Trinity Church’ and in the lower left-hand corner write, "Outreach Ministries."
PASTORAL CARE:   The well-being of our members and friends is very important to us. If you are homebound or in the hospital or nursing home and unable to attend church, please call the office so that we can visit you, add you to our prayer list and arrange a Lay Eucharistic Visitor to bring you Communion.  

RIDES TO CHURCH:  If you are physically able to attend Sunday Services but are in need of transportation, or if you are able to bring a fellow parishioner to church on Sunday morning, please contact the church office Monday or Friday between 11:00 A-4:00 PM - (530)265-8836
Milestones & Prayers
Requests for Prayers:

Members: Alberta Seymour, Pam Bergthold, John Azevedo, Tom Ewart, Karolyn McElwain, Scott Gillette, Rainey & Ron Spiller, Hank Acker, Doris Schaffarzick

Friends & Family:  Ryan Bodine & Family, Brett Boyle & family, Kevin & Sandy Moorehead, Leda Chavarria, Ron Tapp, Susan Silburn, Afton Wasley, Linda Menge, Peter Phelps, Dave Schafferzick, Louis Ceci , Lucie Thomas, Wanda Perez, Jason Adams, Melinda Day
Birthdays & Anniversaries

February Birthdays:
2/3 Sharon Fairclough, Kay Walker
2/6 Guy Kerr
2/12 Jeanne Ogle
2/16 Toby Thomas Rose
2/20 Devon Duoros
2/22 Paula Newton
2/25 Matt Reynolds
2/28 Peter Unger

Prayers for the departed :
Carolyn Newton-Powers, Revrend J Barrett Miller, Chester Ennis, Linda Bolelli, Elta Barber, Mervin Baker, Roy Brooks, Maxine Davidson, Si Reedy and those whom we love but see no longer.
Additional Information:
OFFICE HOURS:  Mondays and Fridays from 11:00 AM -4:00 PM.

THE eNEWSLETTER is generally published monthly, the first Friday of the month. All are invited to send announcements, articles, & suggestions to the church office: trinitynevadacity@gmail.com . Articles need to be approved and received no later than the 15th of each month for the upcoming publication.
HOLY TRINITY GROUP FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/groups/125511530146/

UGANDA MISSION WEBSITE:   www.kellermannfoundation.org
Many thanks to all of the wonderful service volunteers who work together every week to make beautiful things happen at
Holy Trinity Nevada City!
Attention Lectors! Have trouble pronouncing Bible words? Here's an online guide for pronouncing Biblical words:

The readings for each Sunday can be found at (Revised Common Lectionary – RCL): http://lectionarypage.net/
Clergy & Staff
Rector:  The Revd   Bradley Helmuth                                     
Associate Priest:  The Revd Canon Mary Hauck                   
Organist:  Tina Spriggs                                                            
Choir Director:  Stan Thomas-Rose                                        
Youth Pastor:  Ben Mills                                                            
Parish Secretary and Nursery:   Paula DeGiorgis                   
Groundskeeper:   David Denkers                                            
Kristie Garcia, Sr Warden  
Todd Hoida, Jr Warden  
Lee Adams, Treasurer
Midge Gallagher                                  
John Griffin                                         
Andy Moisey                                        
Summer Green
Rob Stepp
Larry Hoy
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