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July 2018
THE PARISH FORUM  held on Sunday, June 10th at 9am was well attended. Discussed were the Mid Year Goals of Holy Trinity Church that had been discussed at the Vestry Retreat in May. Here are the goals as presented at the Parish Forum.

1. Develop a Marketing Plan that communicates the opportunities and ministries found at Holy Trinity Church by the February 2019 Vestry Retreat

  • Create a Communications Team 
  • Appoint a PR person as a community liaison
  • Develop a brochure and disseminate into the Nevada County B and B Community
2. Develop an effective annual pledging program by August 1 st  2018
  • Create an Administration and Finance Team
  • Find/Create an updated pledging program
3. Transition from 3 to 2 Sunday morning services to start on Advent 1 2018 in order to accommodate for fellowship time and forum opportunities
  • Create a Worship Planning Team
  • Possibilities for two-service format:
-8:00 and 10:00
-8:30 and 10:30
-9:00 and 11:00
4. Assess and develop fellowship space and report back at the February 2019 Vestry Retreat
  • Create a Buildings and Grounds Team      
  • Look into updating existing fellowship space (e.g., library)
  • Assess possibilities for acquiring other fellowship space (i.e., new space)
  • Assess ADA needs and compatibility

Upcoming Events
8/25 Community Choir Performance, Trinity Church, 7pm
9/30 The Rich DeGiorgis Annual Chili Cook-Off, Trinity Lawn, Noon

Parish News and Events
WELCOME Tasha Loudon
Tasha has been attending the 10:30 service and recently began working in the Nursery. She writes: I have my bachelors degree from Cal arts in Southern California and have taught art for many years. I recently worked at a preschool in San Francisco and then ran an afterschool art program for K-5 children . I also have my Masters degree in psychology, and I am a licensed marriage family therapist . I work at children's behavioral health for the county and have experience in residential programs for kids. I am a lifeguard and I run a mountain biking program for at risk youth . In my spare time I like doing yardwork and spending time with my two sons who are 24 and 26. I have been a Christian most of my life born and raised presbyterian but that doesn't mean things have been easy. It's been a difficult journey. When I was a kid I would evaluate going into the big service with my dad by volunteering in the nursery. I think that's where I got my love for children. I hope to be some assistance to the church and learn under Paula's Incredible guidance. 
WELCOME Jim and Erika Haynes (9:15 service)

Jim and Erika moved to Grass Valley in 2017, but both had been exploring the area for many years while living in the Bay Area. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Jim moved to California in 1994 after graduating from Oberlin College. He is a practicing artist, working in sound, video and film with exhibitions, screenings, and publications around the globe. He has also worked in the music industry in pretty much every capacity imaginable. Currently, he happily toils as a baker at the Flour Garden in Grass Valley. 

Erika’s roots trace to Covelo in Mendocino County. Upon her matriculation from Humboldt State University, she began a lengthy career in early childhood development, first as a pre-school teacher and more recently as a speech and language pathologist, working in the Eureka Union School District. Erika enjoys “wildcrafting” from the bounty of Nevada County to make potpourri, teas, cordials, tinctures, candles, soap, etc. 

Jim and Erika were married in 2016. They can often be found wandering the canal trails and shorelines of the Yuba with their dog Mikka. 
Every second Sunday, along with our traditional coffee, we will be serving baked goods in front of the church (or elsewhere if it rains). Look for homemade pies and coffee cakes, and cookies, and maybe a doughnut or two. Donations graciously accepted, especially If you take home a whole pie. If you’d like to contribute baked goods or to help oversee the table, please contact Sarah (913 9770)
Each Sunday, members of the Altar Guild carry out the meaningful ministry of preparing our place of worship, in particular the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. We  need new members to serve no more than once a month at either service. Training will be provided. If interested please contact the office or an Altar Guild Member.
Fr Brad and Fr Seth of Emmanuel Church are planning to lead a trip to the Holy Land in 2020 and all parishioners and their families and friends are encouraged to join them! Contact the office if interested. More information to follow.
REJOICE YOGA -  Be centered, nurturing body, mind and spirit while increasing your balance, flexibility & strength with gentle Christian yoga. Mondays at 5:30 at Trinity, Tuesday Morning (extra gentle) 9:00 AM and Wednesday evenings 6:30 PM at the Grass Valley United Methodist Church 236 S. Church St, GV, (park in back off School St.) & every third Sunday 4:00 PM at Harmony Fitness,  992 Plaza Drive , GV. (right next door to Margarita's). For more information go to  http://www.rejoiceyoga.com  or call Paula DeGiorgis at  274-9839
ENEWSLETTERS and AFTER THOUGHTS will be archived on our website. Go to the heading ABOUT US on the Website and scroll down and click on Sermon After thoughts and you will gain access to those emails. The eNewsletters can be found under the EVENTS heading.
Deacons Doings
TUESDAY NIGHT DINNER:  Our next dinner for the homeless will be July 17th at 5:00PM at Pioneer Park.  Sign up on Sunday to bring food and/or serve. You can bring food to the church between 4-4:30pm on Tuesdays.

HOSPITALITY HOUSE:  Our next dinner is July 8th at Utah’s Place.   Sign up Sunday to serve or bring breakfast foods and dessert (nothing homemade is allowed. Must be store bought and sealed.) You may also contribute by writing a check to ‘Trinity Church’ and in the lower left hand corner write, "Deacon Outreach."
MEDICAL SUPPLIES :  Just a reminder, we have the following available for your needs: walkers, wheel chairs, crutches, toilet risers, porta potties, shower benches, glucose tester, lancets, and various braces.

FOOD CLOSET: We continue to collect canned & nonperishable foods each Sunday. They are for the food closet at the Nevada City Methodist. 

CELL PHONES:  We still collect old cell phones. These are given to the Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Coalition. They in turn provide them to victims who can use them in an emergency. 
PASTORAL CARE:   The well being of our members and friends is very important to us. If you are homebound or in the hospital or nursing home and unable to attend church, please call the office or speak to the Rector or Deacon so that we can visit you, add you to our prayer list and arrange a Lay Eucharistic Visitor to bring you Communion. 
Milestones & Prayers
July Birthdays
02-Gabriel Harris
04-Michelle Harris
08-Anna Crockett
08-Barbara DeGraw
08-Matthew Unruh
10-Sally Denkers
10-Robin Williams
15-Francois Bleu
17-Sam Crockett
18-Midge Gallagher
20-Don Fairclough
21-Todd Garcia
22-Dave Lafferty
24-Jeff Reynolds
27-Nancy Cavanaugh
30-Glennis Dole
30-Kate Thoreson
31-Scott Kellermann
July Anniversaries:  
7- John & Sandy Azevedo
15- Denise & Ken Halvorson
23- Jared & Carly Painter
Long Term Prayers:
Members : Hank Acker, Dodie Alexander, Sharon Fairclough,
Larry MacMillen, Valara Schoenfeldt, Polly Tuggle

Family & friends : Sarah Bettencourt & Lilith, Amy Antonetti, Don Burgess, Chris Clingan, Mason Clingan, Donald Gibbs, Elena Howard, the Kelly family, Cate Landberg, Susan Mullins, Steve Matthewson, John Parent, Alice White

Prayers for the departed :
Cynthia Walsh, Rusty Jordan,
Frank Pedrick

OFFICE HOURS:  Monday, Thursday, Friday 11:00am – 4:00pm.
Please submit items for the Sunday Bulletin by 2:00pm Thursdays.

THE eNEWSLETTER will be published monthly, the first Friday of the month. All are invited to send announcements, articles, and suggestions to the office. Articles need to be approved and received no later than the 15th of each month for the upcoming publication.
YOUTH GROUP  meets at Trinity Church on Sunday mornings at 10:30 in the library. Find them on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/494236710630883

OUR UGANDA MISSION WEBSITE:   www.kellermannfoundation.org
Attention Lectors! Have trouble pronouncing Bible words? Here's an online guide for pronouncing Biblicalwords:  www.netministries.org/bbasics/bbwords.htm
The readings for each Sunday can be found at (Revised Common Lectionary – (RCL) http://lectionarypage.net/
Clergy & Staff
Priest-in-Charge:  The Revd Bradley Helmuth ...559-3874 ... bhelmuth1969@hotmail.com
Deacon: The Revd Davis Ferrell ...265-5542 ... xcpodave@sbcglobal.net
Associate Priest: The Revd Canon Mary Hauck... 432-2557 ... canonhauck@gmail.com
Associate Priest: The Revd Phil Reinheimer ...432-3873 ... p_rev@sbcglobal.net
Organist: Tina Spriggs ...274-8937 ... spriggs@nccn.net
Choir Director: Stan Thomas-Rose ...273-4904 ... cedarose@theunion.net
Youth Pastor: Ben Mills ...477-7568 ... bmills@gvsd.us
Nursery: Paula DeGiorgis ...274-9839 ... wildbugs@gmail.com
Office: Jodi Lister ...265-8836 ... trinitynevadacity@gmail.com
Groundskeeper: David Denkers ....446-6231 ... denkers3@hotmail.com
Lee Adams, Sr Warden....289-3506 ... hangman@jps.net
Terry Gallagher, Jr Warden...265-2480 ... cookieref1990@sbcglobal.net
Sarah Woerner, Clerk...913-9770 ... drsarah@jps.net
Tom Ewart (Church Treasurer)....265-3886 ... twewart@gmail.com
Jim Booth...559-7844...t6booth@hotmail.com
Kristie Garcia...713-0739 ... toddandkristie@att.net
Andy Moisey...432-8495 ... abm6468@gmail.com
Jean Reynolds...478-5877 ... momskijean@gmail.com
Kay Walker...272-7876 ... walker3gv@gmail.com
Quotes of the day
Edith Stein, was a German Jewish philosopher who converted to Roman Catholicism and became a Discalced Carmelite nun. She is canonized as a martyr and saint of the Catholic Church. She was born in Poland in 1981 and died in Auschwitz gas chamber in 1942.
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