Holy Trinity
Parish eNews
July 2019
A Note of Thanks...

Often things get done around our church
without us knowing the people responsible for the work.
It should be no secret that I don't do all the work here at Holy Trinity.
This would be impossible.

Let me ask you a question...

Do you know who makes the coffee for us on Sunday Mornings?
Do you know who brings the food for our Fellowship time?
Do you know who places the flowers in the sanctuary?
Do you know who cleans the space during the week?
Do you know the people that work on our bulletins and service booklets?
Do you know who puts the trash out every week?
Do you know who makes sure our bills get paid?
Do you know the many people on various teams and committees that meet together to plan for our growth?
Do you know the people who provide for the beautiful music that we get to take in as a gft every Sunday Morning?

My guess is that you know some of these people but not all.
My guess is that you, like me, sometimes take for granted the work of others.
Not intentionally, of course, but it happens.

Might I encourage all of us to say thank you to the people we see working to make Holy Trinity thrive by taking a part in the life of this church.

This attitude of gratitude for me comes after having witnessed a team of people of faith be caring hosts to the family of Rachael Pool during the memorial on Saturday.
It was a success.

Because of all who volunteered.

And I want to thank these people by name, knowing that I may miss a name of somebody who contributed (I know it's a risk to try and name everyone involved, but I want to give it shot. If I missed mentioning your name, please accept my apologies and know that my, now, 50 year old brain has to work harder to remember everyone involved.).

So thank you to Sarah Woerner, Tony Norskog, Jean Reynolds, Karen Hoida, Todd Hoida, Stuart Lauters, Judi Lafferty, Dett Ferrell, Joy Perry-Thistle, Barry Angell, Paula DeGiorgis, Midge Gallagher, Terry Gallagher, Scott Kellermann, Jean Creasey, Sherry Dunn, Debbie Unruh and Kay Walker.

Many blessings to you who helped Saturday and to all of you who give of yourself to make Holy Trinity great.
Parish News and Events
Sunday Morning Adult Forum
beginning June 16th
Heather Certik, Facilitator

I am going to try to keep the Jungian ball in the air for a few weeks while Dave takes a summer break. My plan is to offer the Myers-Brigg test which is taken from Jung's work on personality types. With that insight into our different ways of understanding and navigating life, we will continue to explore more of Jesus' parables.  These are
pithy teachings of Jesus which offer themselves for exploration, interpretation and even argument.
Please join us in the Bishop Kip room at 9:30 on Sunday mornings beginning June 16th.
Heather Certik 432-6957 or   heatherrose488@gmail.com
Note: Wednesdays Morning Prayer Services will take a summer hiatus beginning June 5th.
Parish Events

Life Is a Spiritual Practice

Women’s Retreat - Sept. 20-22, 2019
Leader: The Very Rev. Canon Mary Hauck
Dean, Sierra Deanery
Friday evening through Sunday Morning
Mercy Center, Auburn
A weekend of prayer, friendship, discernment,
and encouragement.
canonhauck@gmail.com  /530-432-2557
W e will be going to the Holy Land January 15 th – 25 th
I f you are interested in participating
in this journey, it is not too late to register. You may also invite anyone else who might be interested in this pilgrimage.  Everyone is welcome!

7/14 - Trinity Treats Sunday
7/14 - Compline
8/10 - Work day at the Rectory
8/18 - Deacon Dave's Sourdough Pancake Breakfast
9/8 - Rich DeGiorgis's Chili Cookoff
9/21 - Rise Against Hunger
10/6 - Blessing of the Animals
12/4 - Advent Dinner

Bishop Megan Traquair

Ordained as
the eighth bishop of
the Episcopal Diocese of
Northern California
June 29, 2019
Sunday, July 14th
Every second Sunday, along with our traditional coffee, we will be in front of the church. Look for homemade pies, bread, coffee cakes, cookies, plants, flowers, veggies, even greeting cards!

Donations are graciously accepted, especially if you take home a whole pie or loaf of homemade sourdough bread.

We are looking for donations from gardeners and bakers! If you’d like to contribute or
to help oversee the table, please contact Sarah (913-9770)
Tuesday Night Dinners
in the Park
We welcome any new food providers or food servers.  Everyone is welcome! You don't need to attend Holy Trinity to help serve! We will still be serving at 5 pm on every other Tuesday. Please call me any time: (Carol Fegté, 530 432-0659) to add your name to our email list.

Cook Needed !
We need a cook for the July dinner at Hospitality House, July 14. If you'd like to give it a whirl, you'll have plenty of back-up help.

Cooks Needed Some More
Many of our regular Tuesday dinner food cooks are on vacation in July, so we could use some extra help for the Pioneer Park dinner July 16. By "cook" I mean: Hot dish providers, sandwich providers or dessert bakers.  

At Utah's Place
If you can provide store-bought dessert or muffins, or if you can volunteer to help serve dinner or be a drinks-server, please let me know. We are still in need of servers for the dinner at Utah's Place in the future. You don’t have to help every time, but if you are interested in helping sometime, please call me so I can add you to the list of potential volunteers

A New Idea
If your life is a bit too busy to prepare food for our homeless neighbors, perhaps you might make a contribution instead. It will go directly towards buying these certificates. You can put a check in the offering plate marked "lunch certificates." 

Upcoming Service Opportunities:
Sunday July 14, Dinner at Utah's Place
Tuesday July 15, at Pioneer Park

Thank you for all you do for those less fortunate people in our community!
You can always call or email me with any questions, suggestions or whatever!

Gratefully , Carol Fegté (432-0659)

Rejoice Yoga

Christian Yoga at Holy Trinity

Be centered, nurturing body, mind and spirit while increasing your balance, flexibility and strength with gentle yoga and Christian meditations.   

Mondays - 5:30 PM
right here at Holy Trinity Church, in the sanctuary

Sacred Sunday
Restorative Yoga with Meditation
July 21st at 4:00 PM
Harmony Fitness Studio
Questions? Contact Paula at (530)274-9839 or rejoiceyoga@yahoo.com
Additional upcoming events
YOU are invited to an iconography class!
Teacher: the Rev. Peter Pearson
Iconography is a “brush with God,” an encounter with the Spirit in art!

Grass Valley United Methodist Church
236 South Church Street, Grass Valley
August 12-16, 2019
           Peter Pearson, M div., Th.D. has studied nearly a dozen master iconographers and has been painting icons for 50 years. He’s been teaching iconography 25 years and authored three books on the subject. Icons by his hand grace the walls of churches, monasteries and retreat houses all around North America and have also found their way around the world. Peter is an organized and accessible teacher and guide in the history, technique, theology and spirituality behind these ancient images of faith.
          Beginners as well as experienced painters are all welcome. We begin on Monday, August 12 at 3 PM, and end at noon on Friday, August 16. Evening sessions will be optional.
            $275 includes ALL supplies, Peter’s time, and beverage service in the retreat room. Meals and lodging are on your own. Take an hour off for lunch, or bring your own and enjoy it in the retreat room. We may decide to make some lunches together.
           The retreat room is spacious and comfortable, with good light, its own restrooms, kitchenette, and lounge area for resting. It is on the third floor, accessible by elevator or stairs. The building is secured at night. It will be safe to leave supplies and icons-in-progress.
           Interested? Contact Paul Colbert at pcolbert@peacenet.org , cell phone 559-975-9037, OR Becky Goodwin, pastor at Grass Valley United Methodist Church: Cell phone 916-205-8832; e-mail goodwin.becky@comcast.net
Holy Trinity Outreach Ministries
Sunday School helpers wanted...
TUESDAY NIGHT DINNER:  Our upcoming dinner for the homeless will be July 16th, at 5:00PM at Pioneer Park.  Sign up by contacting Carol Fegté ( 432-0659 or  cfegte@yahoo.com ) to bring food and/or serve. You can bring food to the church between 4-4:30pm on Tuesdays.

HOSPITALITY HOUSE:  Our next dinner is Sunday, July 14th at Utah’s Place. Sign up by contacting Carol Fegté ( 432-0659 or  cfegte@yahoo.com) to serve or bring breakfast foods and dessert. (Nothing homemade is allowed. Must be store bought and sealed.) You may also contribute by writing a check to ‘Trinity Church’ and in the lower left-hand corner write, "Outreach Ministries."
MEDICAL SUPPLIES :  Just a reminder, we have the following available for your needs: walkers, wheel chairs, crutches, toilet risers, porta potties, shower benches, glucose tester, lancets, and various braces.

FOOD CLOSET: We continue to collect canned & nonperishable foods each Sunday. They are for the food closet at the Nevada City Methodist.  
PASTORAL CARE:   The well-being of our members and friends is very important to us. If you are homebound or in the hospital or nursing home and unable to attend church, please call the office so that we can visit you, add you to our prayer list and arrange a Lay Eucharistic Visitor to bring you Communion.  
Milestones & Prayers
July Birthdays:  
7/1 Janet Pelletier
7/2 Gabriel Harris
7/4 Michelle Harris
7/8 Barbara DeGraw
7/10 Sally Denkers, Robin Williams
7/11 Jamie Thomas-Rose
7/15 Bleu
7/16 Susan Teasley
7/17 Sam Crockett
7/18 Midge Gallagher
7/20 Don Fairclough
7/21 Todd Garcia
7/14 Jeff Reynolds
7/27 Nancy Cavanaugh
7/30 Glennis Dole, Kate Thorenson
7/31 Scott Kellermann

July Anniversaries:
7/7 John & Sandra Azevedo
7/15 Denise & Ken Halvorson
Requests for Prayers:
Members : John Azevedo, Tom Ewart, Nan Curry, Karolyn McElwain, Scott Gillette, Gordon Mulay, Rainey & Ron Spiller, Si Reedy, Brian Seymour, Doris Schafferzick, Hank Acker

Friends & Family:
Rachel Pool,Morgan Mullins, Dave Schafferzick, David Maderios, Louis Ceci, Luci Thomas, Wanda Perez, Mark Soth, Laura Litchfiled, Melinda Day, Margaret Lugineill, Don Larimer, Kelly Cherry, Selma Gregg, J enny Gaillarde, Brian & Denise Seymor, Mason Clingan, Leslie Willey, Jessica Fairclough, Emmitt Youngman and parents, Sarah & Rob Youngman, Jason Adams, Mckenzie Hild, Robin Evert, Woo Seymour,

Prayers for the departed :
Robert Brehm, Susan Mullins, Dave Lafferty, Dorcas Wheaton, Susan Mott, Dodi Alexander, Selmag Gregg, Henrietta Mitchell, Marv Becker
OFFICE HOURS:  Mondays and Fridays from 11:00 AM -4:00 PM.

THE eNEWSLETTER is generally published monthly, the first Friday of the month. All are invited to send announcements, articles, & suggestions to the church office: trinitynevadacity@gmail.com . Articles need to be approved and received no later than the 15th of each month for the upcoming publication.
HOLY TRINITY GROUP FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/groups/125511530146/

UGANDA MISSION WEBSITE:   www.kellermannfoundation.org
Many thanks to all of the wonderful service volunteers who work together every week to make beautiful things happen at
Holy Trinity Nevada City!
Attention Lectors! Have trouble pronouncing Bible words? Here's an online guide for pronouncing Biblical words:
The readings for each Sunday can be found at (Revised Common Lectionary – RCL): http://lectionarypage.net/
Clergy & Staff
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Associate Priest:  The Revd Canon Mary Hauck      432-2557               canonhauck@gmail.com
Associate Priest:  The Revd Phil Reinheimer            432-3873               p_rev@sbcglobal.net
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Parish Secretary and Nursery:   Paula DeGiorgis     274-9839               wildbugs@gmail.com
Groundskeeper:   David Denkers                               446-6231               denkers3@hotmail.com
Kristie Garcia, Sr Warden          (530) 713-0739            toddandkristie@att.net
Ken Tadman, Jr Warden            (530) 913-6832            knctadpole@gmail.com
Sarah Woerner, Clerk                (530)913-9770            drsarah@jps.net
Lee Adams, Treasurer               ( 916)709-6880     hangman@jps.net
Tom Ewart                                 (530)265-3886            twewart@gmail.com
Midge Gallagher                        (530)265-2480             1midgeg@gmail.com
John Griffin                                (530)265-2081             jhgriffin0924@sbcglobal.net
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