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November 2019
A Message from Fr Brad

What both an exciting and trying month we have had here in Nevada County! I have lost count on the number of times the power went off and I can't seem to remember how long it was out each time. Some of us were spared long outages while others dealt with extended loss of power. Regardless, I hope that you have navigated the last little bit with all the patience you could muster. My favorite part of the outages (if there can be such a thing) is that we had several meetings together without power and it proved to be rewarding to all in attendance. I was proud of all who attended Sunday services in the cold and low light; planning to be warm but still desiring to worship and fellowship together.

So what have we been missing out on during this time of unscheduled chaos?

Our pledge season has been happening.

To date, we have some 33 pledge cards returned for a total of approximately $104,000. To give you an idea of where we are, that is about 40% of the pledge cards we should expect and about the same for the amount pledged. My encouragement to those that have not yet returned their cards: please return them as soon as possible so that we may make plans for the coming year. Also, I know there are those who do not formally pledge but give faithfully to Holy Trinity. If I could encourage you all to make a commitment in writing via a pledge card, that would be fabulous. It really is the intention of the Vestry to make a budget that is realistic and reflects good stewardship of what we have.

Thank you for walking this journey together!

Sunday Morning Study - 9:30 AM

O Come All Ye Faithful

with Heather Certik

Advent offers us an opportunity to make space in the “mangers of our lives" for the God who is always coming to us, seeking our attention and devotion and offering us new life. 

Before you face the onslaught of our culture’s Christmas, please join us in the Sunday Forum. We will utilize the insights of Carl Jung and St. Ignatius as we explore and share our own experiences of this sacred journey.

This 6-week series from 12/1/19 to 1/5/20, Advent to Epiphany, will be facilitated by Heather Certik ( heatherrose488@gmail.com or 530-432-6957).
As you know, our Forum time together is limited, so please come and settle in as quickly as you can. We will begin at 9:45.
Parish News and Events
Wednesday Evenings at 7:00
Looking into the Letters of John
We will meet at 7 PM at the home of Matt and Summer Reynolds.
If you have questions about directions,
please call Summer at 281.382.4207
Morning Prayer Services

Please join us on Wednesday mornings
in the Sanctuary
for mid-week worship and prayer

7:30 AM

A quiet time for reflection, connection, intention,
to begin your day, in Him.

Vestry & Convention Delegate Nominations

It's that time of year again for nominations for our three Vestry spots
our five spots for Convention Delegates
for next year's November Diocesan Convention.
If you have someone that you would like to nominate
for our Vestry (our governing body)
or Convention Delegates (our diocesan representatives),
Please contact one of our Vestry members
from the list at the bottom of this email.

11/16 - Fr. Brad & Pepsi's Wedding-2 pm
11/24 - Kirkin' O' the Tartan-4 pm
11/28 - Thanksgiving breakfast for the hungry
12/04 - Advent Dinner

What's been happening lately at Holy Trinity?
Our Rise Against Hunger event was a success! We had 46 people participate (17 from Scout Troop 24, which we charter). Total donations for the day were about $3000 and we packed over 10,000 meals which will provide nutritionally complete meals for 44 school children in a school lunch program. As soon as the day was done, those gathered asked how we could do something again and do it even bigger!
Stay tuned for details of our next event.
Holy Trinity's 8th Annual
Rich DeGiorgis Memorial
Chili Challenge
What a beautiful day we had together outside on the lawn at Holy Trinity. With over 10 cooks competing for the coveted Chili Challenge Trophy, it was a tough choice to choose a winner. By virtue of money placed in each container, the co-winners were
Karen Hoida and Brad Kalstein.

Thanks to Kay walker and her clan for setting up this wonderful event.

Maybe you might join
the cooking line next year?

The Blessing
of the Animals

This years Blessing of the Animals saw 46 dogs and one cat receive a blessing in honor of their importance in the lives of those who care for them.
Thank you to Sherry Dunn and her helpful band of volunteers who made this day possible!
Homeless Dinners

Next Dinner Dates
We'd love to have you join us as a server, or to donate a hot dish for our meal. Please contact me and I'll happily put you on our email list.

  • November 5th and 19th, Bishop Kip Room
  •   November 10th, Utah's Place.

If you have any questions, or would like to be placed on an email list, my contact information is below. New volunteers are always most welcome.

Carol Fegté

Rejoice Yoga

Christian Yoga at Holy Trinity

Be centered, nurturing body, mind and spirit while increasing your balance, flexibility and strength with gentle yoga and Christian meditations.   

Mondays - 5:30 PM
right here at Holy Trinity Church, in the sanctuary

Sacred Sunday
Restorative Yoga with Meditation
July 21st at 4:00 PM
Harmony Fitness Studio
Questions? Contact Paula at (530)274-9839 or rejoiceyoga@yahoo.com
Holy Trinity Outreach Ministries
TUESDAY NIGHT DINNER:  Our upcoming dinners for the homeless will be Tuesday November 5th and 19th, at 5:00PM at Holy Trinity . Sign up by contacting Carol Fegté ( 432-0659 or  cfegte@yahoo.com) to bring food and/or serve. You can bring food to the church between 4-4:30pm on Tuesdays.

HOSPITALITY HOUSE:  Our next dinner is Sunday,November 10th at Utah’s Place. Sign up by contacting Carol Fegté ( 432-0659 or  cfegte@yahoo.com) to serve or bring breakfast foods and dessert. (Nothing homemade is allowed. Must be store bought and sealed.) You may also contribute by writing a check to ‘Holy Trinity Church’ and in the lower left-hand corner write, "Outreach Ministries."
PASTORAL CARE:   The well-being of our members and friends is very important to us. If you are homebound or in the hospital or nursing home and unable to attend church, please call the office so that we can visit you, add you to our prayer list and arrange a Lay Eucharistic Visitor to bring you Communion.  

RIDES TO CHURCH:  If you are physically able to attend Sunday Services but are in need of transportation, or if you are able to bring a fellow parishioner to church on Sunday morning, please contact the church office Monday or Friday between 11:00 A-4:00 PM - (530)265-8836
Milestones & Prayers
Requests for Prayers:

Members: Scott Dunn, Alberta Seymour, Pam Bergthold, John Azevedo, Tom Ewart, Nan Curry, Karolyn McElwain, Scott Gillette, Rainey & Ron Spiller, Hank Acker, Doris Schaffarzick

Friends & Family:  Leda Chavarria, Autumn Bigueria, Ron Tapp, Susan Silburn, Deena Munro, Afton Wasley, Linda Menge, Peter Phelps, Dave Schafferzick, Louis Ceci , Lucie Thomas, McKenzie Hild, Jason Adams, Wanda Perez, Melinda Day
Birthdays & Anniversaries

November Birthdays:
11/3 Al Jacobson
11/4 Denise Halvorson
11/6 Maddie Reynolds
11/7 Alberta Seymour
11/9 Joy Perry-Thistle
11/10 Tina Spriggs, Cynthia
Nelson, Kate Lance
11/17 Sarah Woerner
11/19 Anne Moss
11/22 William Helmuth
11/27 Ben Mills

November Anniversaries:
11/13 Dick & Terry Fay
11/18 Jeff & Jean Reynolds
11/23 Judy Lafferty
11/29 Joy & Floyd
Prayers for the departed :
Mervin Baker, Roy Brooks, Maxine Davidson, April Reese, Si Reedy, Georgina Wasley, Rachael Pool, Robert Brehm, Sue Mullins, and those whom we love but see no longer.
Additional Information:
OFFICE HOURS:  Mondays and Fridays from 11:00 AM -4:00 PM.

THE eNEWSLETTER is generally published monthly, the first Friday of the month. All are invited to send announcements, articles, & suggestions to the church office: trinitynevadacity@gmail.com . Articles need to be approved and received no later than the 15th of each month for the upcoming publication.
HOLY TRINITY GROUP FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/groups/125511530146/

UGANDA MISSION WEBSITE:   www.kellermannfoundation.org
Many thanks to all of the wonderful service volunteers who work together every week to make beautiful things happen at
Holy Trinity Nevada City!
Attention Lectors! Have trouble pronouncing Bible words? Here's an online guide for pronouncing Biblical words:

The readings for each Sunday can be found at (Revised Common Lectionary – RCL): http://lectionarypage.net/
Clergy & Staff
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Choir Director:  Stan Thomas-Rose                           273-4904               cedarose@theunion.net
Youth Pastor:  Ben Mills                                             477-7568               bmills@gvsd.us
Parish Secretary and Nursery:   Paula DeGiorgis     274-9839               wildbugs@gmail.com
Groundskeeper:   David Denkers                               446-6231               denkers3@hotmail.com
Kristie Garcia, Sr Warden          (530) 713-0739         toddandkristie@att.net
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Sarah Woerner, Clerk                (530)913-9770          drsarah@jps.net
Lee Adams, Treasurer               ( 916)709-6880     hangman@jps.net
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