Sanctuary for the Soul

I always experience Spring as a magical and uplifting time. Symbols of life emerge all around as what has been dormant slowly lifts her head to join the dance of the warm seasons once again. As green shoots begin to appear, we know out in the forest mother deer are preparing to birth their young and bring new life to the world, and to our campus. Each year it is remarkable to witness the comings to life.

The renewing warmth of Spring often shows up in earnest during Holy Week, a devotional time following the Passion of Christ… his arrest, trial, suffering, and execution, followed by the Easter celebration of his resurrection. This Holy Week brought reflection on Jesus’ refusal of wine to bring relief to his suffering; how amid great challenge and difficulty, he chose to remain fully present to his experience and the mission he dedicated his life to. 

This brings further reflection on devotion. Jesus’ experience and choice calls to contemplation the capacity we carry to meet suffering and struggle while experiencing a sense of devotion to the journey. There is an invitation here to explore where in our lives the energy of devotion gravitates to. I say it that way deliberately, as though devotion moves through us rather than by choice. We certainly have choice in where we direct our energy, yet it also seems that devotion arises from a sacred inner place where the experience of meaning dwells. 

I think of our lives here at the Christine Center and of feeling devoted to something that deeply matters. Even when it feels challenging and we are living in uncertainty, there is an inner force that holds alignment with the spiritual vision and in tending this woodland sanctuary; the personal experience of devotion aligned with the spiritual need of refuge, of haven. I am reminded that the day before Jesus was arrested, he visited the garden of gethsemane and went deep into nature with a close circle of disciples. He carried a burden of despair at what was to come and went through a process of discernment followed by a renewal of strength for his journey. Nature and space provide sanctuary for the soul—for Jesus, and for us.

We all need haven and refuge, space to be with our experience and find clarity and renewal in our devotional journeys.

Abundant blessings to you, our Christine Center community... we look forward to seeing some of you soon as you return to this sanctuary for soul.

Valerie Haberman

Communications Manager

Congratulations to Tammy B who won the quarterly gift certificate drawing for filling out our retreat evaluation survey!

Volunteer Appreciation Online Retreat

April 20 is National Volunteer Appreciation Day!

April 20, 2023, 6:00-7:30pm via Zoom

with the Christine Center Community

Offered in gratitude to our treasured volunteers!

We are delighted to use this day to honor all who give of themselves to support the mission of the Christine Center. We celebrate you for your presence and contribution of interest, time, talent and support 

Women’s Revival 2023

(in person)

This retreat is for women caregivers/tenders and any young babe in arms (therapists, nurses, body workers, healers, teachers, caregivers, earth tenders, etc) who desire a space to feel nurtured and supported.

April 21-23, 2023

with Jenny Hayes

Pricing on registration page

2023 Spring

Into the Arts

(in person)

Participate in our daily scheduled events and immerse in the art around campus—or even throughout the county! This annual regional art tour has a wide variety of other venues throughout Clark County available to visitors

April 28-30, 2023

No program cost-only charge is for housing and meals

By Women for Women

(in person)

Our annual gathering for women led by a group of amazing women collaborating to bring a nourishing experience of community and sisterhood. Experience being fully supported in large group gatherings as well as options for small group learning circles as you choose offerings that create the weekend which best supports you.

May 5-7, 2023

$240, plus meals and lodging

Intuitive Painting: Cultivate your Creative Spirit!

(in person)

In Person Commuters only.

Monthly opportunity to dare yourself to stretch into fresh creative possibility! Spend a weekend with creative friends, let your inner child play.

with Sr. Gabriele Uhlein

May 5-7, 2023

$20 per session or $120 for the whole weekend

Divining the Animal Soul


This weekend we will continue our exploration into how the conditioning and structuring of our Soul has resulted in dissociation from its purity of heart, strength, aliveness and power.

May 19-21, 2023

With Teachers: Kara Vangen, Jim Lockridge and Kathleen Graham

$175 (plus meals and lodging to participate from the Christine Center)

Empower You Retreat

(in person)

I invite you to bring your heart, an open mind, notebook/journal, comfy clothes, a yoga mat if you have one and leave all judgements and expectations behind. Allowing yourself to simply arrive in the present, fully present and ready to receive whatever it is that you are meant to.

May 19-21, 2023

with Theresa Falvey

$250, plus meals and lodging

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