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Agape' Holy Week
Praying with your Cup for Holy Week

With COVID-19 health crisis, we will be in safely tucked away in our homes for Holy Week this year. To enable us to remain connected this week, you are invited to remember that Jesus is holding us in his hand just like we hold our coffee cup (or juice glass) each morning. We will be hosting either a daily "Cup Moment" video or a Facebook Live event each morning around 10:00AM on the Agape' Facebook page. We wish you peace, love and good health as we begin our first virtual Holy Week journey together.

Palm Sunday: Cup of Praise
READ Matthew 21: 1-11

Monday: Cup of Forgiveness, A Confession .
READ Matthew 21: 12-17

Tuesday: The Cup of Change.
READ Matthew 21: 12-17

Wednesday: The Cup of Betrayal.
READ John 13:1-6, 21-30, Matthew 26: 14-15

Thursday: The Cup of Remembrance
READ John 13:31-35

Friday: The Cup of Suffering .
READ Matthew 26: 36-45

Saturday: The Empty Cup. Loss.
DAY 8- Easter
Sunday: Cup of Resurrection and New Life .
Read Matthew 28:1-10 and/or John 20

"Praying with our Cup" can be done on your own in the morning and continue you as you use a cup throughout the day. You can pick out a special cup for this devotional time or you could even use paper cups and decorate them with words or pictures for each day. Praying with your cup could be done on your own or with others.

You can do this around the table at breakfast as a family or with roommates over dinner. You could facetime with a friend across the country or down the street and share your cup practice and prayers together. Allow Jesus to refresh you as you drink from your cup each day.

The beautiful thing about technology today is that we are not alone!

Praying with your Cup for Holy Week
Inspired by the writings of Joyce Rupp

Point Your Camera in the Direction of Love

To add community connection to our Sunday Morning Easter Virtual Worship experience, you are invited to send us a picture or two or three of you experiencing or sharing love. We will create a video of your submitted photos and show them during the Easter Service. This will allow us to see each other and experience deeper connection to our Agape' community. We will include as many photos as we can while working to keep the video presentation around 6 minutes.

Please send your photos to:

Please submit all photos no later than Wednesday, April 8th.

Here are a few examples of what sharing/experiencing love might look like...
A note from Rev. David...

Greetings Prayer Warriors! I've been in contact with Rev. Gina Purcell, who is a Chaplain at Texas Health Resources HEB Hospital and still calls Agape' MCC her home. They are inviting churches to pray for their staff and patients for one hour, one day a week. I signed Agape' up for Wednesdays from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Please set an alarm in your phone to pray for them during that hour! May the healing presence of love and connection surround us all!  

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