The Rev. David Lynch; Rector; Episcopal Church of the Resurrection; Blue Springs, MO
From the Rector . . .        Good Friday, March 25, 2016

Holy Week Message from Father David


Fr. David Lynch _
Fr. David Lynch
As we enter the Triduum (the last three days), we have experienced an Agape meal before the Last Supper where Christ ate with his disciples and friends. He then performed the most humbling act of service to his friends by washing their feet. Maundy Thursday is for some the most incredible and spiritual liturgy of the Christian year. The many feelings that fluctuate during this worship service are often the most moving as we prepare to kneel at the foot of the Cross.   I am moved by those that humbly washed the feet of another parishioner and then by those who remained to watch with Christ at the Altar of Repose. There the reserved sacraments and empty chalice -- laid on its side pouring out the Holy Spirit -- can only bring the prayerful observer the most enduring presence of Christ as we wait and pray, even if only for an hour.
Holy Friday brings us to agony of our own spiritual journey as we remember Jesus' death at the hands of Romans and mis-guided Jewish leaders. We cannot, and must not, hold the Jews in contempt for Christ's death, rather we should pray for them, that they too will be with Christ at the great judgment. We must pray for ourselves and all others, that we might take to heart why Jesus came to be among us, and why he had to die, in order to bring us salvation. Jesus' victory over death will be our greatest treasure.
Before we experience the glorious evening and day of resurrection, my prayer is that we soak up all the meaning that Good Friday brings. May all the living and all the souls of those who have gone before us be blessed by these last days, and may we be ready for that real day when Easter will not just commemorate what has happened, but will be the time of Christ's actual return.
May you all be filled with the Holy Spirit as we come together to celebrate the glorious acts of our God and Father!

Fr. David