Holy Week Schedule
This year there will be a very different Holy Week and we will walk these steps to Easter together even if we are not worshiping together in person. I hope you have been working on a home altar and sacred space as Bishop Megan has invited us to do. I hope, too, that you will have some kind of branches for Palm Sunday and will have a bowl or container of water handy for our Maundy Thursday service. I feel great connection to you all during our streamed services as I see your names and comments and prayers and emojis pop up on the screen. It helps.

This will be a Holy Week to remember!

Tune in on Facebook Live as we have been doing for each service. I will share my computer screen during our worship time so it will be easy to follow along with responses and singing (yes, singing!)

As a bonus, 30-minutes before each service, there will be a pre-recorded video of the music so you can enjoy listening or sing-along to warm-up for the service. A big thank you to Rosie Sabado, M.C. Abajian, and Evan Goodness for making this possible.

Pastor Liz
Palm Sunday
April 5th
10 a.m.
The Sunday before Easter at which Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem and Jesus' Passion on the cross are recalled. It is also known as the Sunday of the Passion. Palm Sunday is the first day of Holy Week. Red is the liturgical color for the day. The observance of Palm Sunday in Jerusalem was witnessed by the pilgrim Egeria in about 381-384. During this observance there was a procession of people down the Mount of Olives into Jerusalem. The people waved branches of palms or olive trees as they walked. They sang psalms, including Ps 118, and shouted the antiphon, "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!" 
Stations of the Cross
Tuesday, April 7th
6:30 p.m.
A devotion to the Passion of Christ which recalls a series of events at the end of Jesus' life from his condemnation to his burial. The Way of the Cross imitates the practice of visiting the places of Jesus' Passion in the Holy Land by early Christian pilgrims. The first stations outside Palestine were built in Bologna in the fifth century. This devotion was encouraged by the Franciscans, and it became common in the fifteenth century. The number of stations for prayer and meditation in the Way of the Cross has varied, but it typically includes fourteen stations. Each station may have a cross and an artistic representation of the scene.
New Zealand Night Prayer & Prayers for Healing
Wednesday, April 8th
6:30 p.m.
This is not a traditional Holy Week service but it is what we planned before this #alonetogether time and it feels especially fitting now. This is a beautiful, contemplative service and we are adding in a time for healing prayers. This is the New Zealand Prayer Book version of Compline (last prayer service of the day) and we will be singing simple songs to deepen our worship.
Maundy Thursday
April 9th
6:30 p.m.
Have your own dish of water ready for hand-washing in place of foot washing.
Thursday in Holy Week is part of the Triduum, or three holy days before Easter. It comes from the Latin mandatum novum, "new commandment," from Jn 13:34. The ceremony of washing feet was also referred to as "the Maundy." Maundy Thursday celebrations also commemorate the institution of the eucharist by Jesus "on the night he was betrayed." 
Good Friday
April 10th
6:30 p.m.
The Friday before Easter Day, on which the church commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus. It is a day of fasting and special acts of discipline and self-denial. In the early church candidates for baptism, joined by others, fasted for a day or two before the Paschal feast.
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Good Friday Offering
Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has requested that Good Friday Offerings go to support ministry in the Anglican Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. Click here to learn more .

Easter Offering
This year’s Easter Offering will go to the Faith Church Mission Fund and will be used to fund grants to a broad selection of groups and organizations. Just a few of the groups that have received Mission Grants include: Padre Francisco, The Upper room, Empty Bowls, RISE Against Hunger and a great many more.