Hello Church!
            It is a beautiful day outside, and while our Governor Ron DeSantis has issued the Safer At Home Order I do hope that you are able to safely manage time outdoors to experience the Glory of God shining down upon us.  
            I miss you – each of you.  I deeply long for a time when we can all be part of in-person worship together again.  I believe strongly in the power of being with one another – an incarnational expression of our beloved community.  However, as an act of true service to each of you and our community as a whole, while also acting out of civil obedience and our call to exemplify true community leadership we must  cancel our Drive-In worship services  for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Easter.  We will offer online services for all of Holy Week and Easter worship.  Palm Sunday will air on Facebook Live at 9:00 a.m., Sunday, April 5.  A Maundy Thursday Service will air on Facebook at Noon on April 9.  A Service of Tenebrae will air on Facebook at Noon on Good Friday, April 10.  Our Easter Service of Worship and Celebration of the Resurrection will air on Facebook Live at 9:00 a.m., Sunday, April 12.  All of these services will also be available through our Website and YouTube Channel.
            Additionally, in compliance with our Bishop and Cabinet, President Trump’s Executive Orders, and Governor DeSantis’ Executive Orders all in-person gatherings are suspended through the end of April.  We believe that during the next thirty days our clergy (David and Levi), our worship leader (Katie), our communications director/producer of worship services (Holly), our financial secretary (Janet), and our Facilities Director (Les) will all be exempt as essential personnel.  The other staff members will be working remotely.  All of us can be contacted by email or by calling the church office and leaving a message.  The church voicemail will be monitored throughout normal business hours, but we will no longer be able to receive anyone on the campus.  Our mail will be collected every day and securely processed, so you may continue to contribute either online or through the USPS.
            Want something fun to do outside that will also connect you with your family members and the traditional experiences of Holy Week?  If there are palm trees or palmettos near you and you are welcomed to prune them, I would encourage you to remove a few and place them on your door – let us show our community that we still Shout Hosanna to the King of Kings!  You can even take a palm leaf and make your own palm cross!  If necessary, find a green piece of paper and make your own palm cross to wear or post on your doorway.  Sunday marks the day that all Christians begin Holy Week and we remember the Triumphant Entry of Christ into the Holy City of Jerusalem.  Read together Luke 19:28-40 and Psalm 118:1-2, 17-29.
            Finally, if you have any fear of going hungry or not being able to get essential items to your home like your medicines or necessary toiletries please call me on my cell phone number, 334-318-6372.  We will take care of you.
I love you and miss you!  

God’s Peace,