Holy Week at St. Andrew

As we prepare for Easter, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church will be hosting several services during Holy Week, each detailed below. Please be sure to reserve a space for the in-person services if you wish to attend.


April 1

Maundy Thursday Indoor Service

10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm

Self guided “Journey to the Cross” Experience - Reservations Required

St Andrew will be offering our traditional self guided Maundy Thursday experience.

Please use the link below to register to attend this very meaningful worship experience as we celebrate Jesus’s last supper and reimagine the Christian pilgrimage to the cross. Go at your own pace and spend some quiet, contemplative time reflecting on the Divine Spirit and the personal experience of the walk. This is a special time to enjoy the stations of the cross in our beautiful sanctuary. To ensure Sonoma County Covid guidelines please use link to reserve an allotted time. Distancing and masks required. 

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On-Line "Journey to the Cross" Experience

For those that can’t join us in person, we will offer a Virtual Maundy Thursday Experience, as well. Look for the link in our Email the morning of April 1st.

Items you may want to gather before watching this Virtual Service: a candle with lighter or matches, 8-1/2 x 11 piece of paper, 3 small nails (or thumbtacks, screws, pins), small bowl or glass of water, small amount of vinegar in a bowl or plate, a cotton ball or wadded paper towel, small amount of sweet smelling spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, etc.) mixed in a bowl and a strip of narrow 8 inch or longer piece of gauze or cotton fabric (old t-shirt?)


April 2

Good Friday Worship-An online offering of Scripture, Reflection, Song and Prayer

Our Dark Woods series enters into the darkest part of the woods on Good Friday, the day we embrace the darkest hours of

Jesus’s life. The more willing we are to accept to show up in darkness, the more we’re able to embrace the light and joy of the resurrection. Accepting death as a part of life allows us to live more fully in the subtle beauty of everyday moments. Let us walk and be witness to the outpouring of love on the cross. Look for this online service email the morning of April 2nd.


April 4

Easter Sunday Celebration Four Ways to Worship

6:15am- Outdoor Easter Sunrise Service

Reservations Required

One of the worship highlights of the year! Join the Jr. and Sr. High Youth Groups as they lead us in an outdoor service celebrating the Risen Son! DRESS VERY WARMLY and join us on the South Patio.

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9:00am- Indoor Worship in Our Sanctuary

with Live Music- Reservations Required

This worship service will be held in our Sanctuary with live music. We will hear Organ and piano and hum along to traditional hymns: Christ the Lord is Risen Today and Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee. County recommended Covid protocols will be followed. Sunday School available with limited capacity, reservation only.

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10:30am- Outdoor Worship on our Patio

Reservations Required

This simple service will be much like the services we’ve previously held outside. This is especially welcoming for those who enjoy the outdoor beauty but may not yet feel entirely comfortable indoors. Sunday School available with limited capacity, reservation only.

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On-Line Worship

This is especially good for those who are unable to travel or prefer the comfort of home. Our Virtual Worship Service email will be in your inbox on Sunday morning!

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