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Holy Week Highlights

Palm Sunda y
Home Worship @ 10 a.m.

Maundy Thursday
Home Worship @ 7 p.m.

Good Friday
Day of Fasting & Prayer

Resurrection Sunday!
Home Worship @ 10 a.m.

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A Holy Week Family Devotional video by the Mahan Family!
We offer our sympathies

We invite you to extend your sympathies to Pastor Donn Ed and his family. We received news of the death of Don's father, David. Donn served FPCB many years as an Associate Pastor. He is the founding Director of Hosanna Industries. Don's father was an Insurance Salesman who became a gospel preacher. When he attended worship to hear Don preach, David was know to release some Hallelujahs! We could use more of those!

Mail your care to:
Donn and Amy Ed
3936 Dickey Road
Gibsonia, PA 15044
Hey Kids!
Drive-by Give Away!
Saturday, April 4th 10 a.m. - Noon

Are you bonkers from being stuck in the house? Church families with kids through Grade 6 are invited to drive by the church building this Saturday morning. Each kid will receive a bag of good stuff that includes an "empty tomb" to remember Jesus' resurrection. 60 bags are available. Gloved hands will be of service.
Palm Sunday: All-Church Coloring Party!

Kids of ALL ages! Download the Palm Sunday coloring page. Color it. Display it.

Send a picture of you and your page to
Maundy Thursday
Home Worship @ 7 p.m.
Let's be together to hear the story of the Lord's Supper. May we experience a yearning for the day when we will be together at the table!
Good Friday

In times of anguish, God's people have refrained from from food as a way of saying, "I need you Lord, more than food." Meal were replaced by prayers.

In response to the corona-virus pandemic, our denomination and its 143,000 members are uniting in prayer and fasting with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) on Good Friday.

Join the Fast. You may choose to refrain from food the entire day. You may choose to refrain from a meal or two. Pray in place of eating.
Resurrection Sunday
Home Worship @ 10 a.m.

This year, we take a cue from church history. Under Roman persecution, the early Christians worshiped in catacombs which were underground tunnels that had crypts for burials. Their remembrance of the resurrection gave them hope to persevere under hardship. As for us, we will be in our suburban homes. Let us not refrain from meeting together at the same time. A virus will not cancel or postpone our declaration that "He is Risen!"
Holy Week Family Devotional

The Mahan Family was given a deck of picture cards and asked to make something with them. The whole family engaged! The video highlights the last days of Jesus. With each remembrance is a question for reflection. Use the video each day of Holy week!
Adopt-a-Villager Initiative is In Place!

26 people joined a Team who will place calls to residents who live at the Villages at St. Barnabas. These residents worship with us or attend a weekly bible study led by Paul White. In the meantime, some staff members are calling other older members of the church. Member Care Deacons are focused on members who are home-bound or in nursing homes. While it is important to organize for effectiveness, you are encouraged to check in on each other.
Response Team is in Place!

21 Households answered the call to be Responders who stand ready to run errands for older members who are being contacted by staff each week or through the Adopt-a-Villager initiative. Help like grocery shopping, Rx pickup, walking a dog and more is available! God is awesome!
PRAYER - Lord, help me to look past my own circumstances and to the needs of others. Remind me that nothing is outside of your control. Let everything I do and say be a reflection of your love and grace. Amen