Dear Parishioners,

We are well into Holy Week and are adjusting to our new virtual world. To help you more fully participate in livestream Masses and Holy Week Morning Prayer, please find links below to the following:

  1. Guide to participating in a virtual Mass. This document outlines how to connect as well as where to find all of the readings, responses, antiphons, etc. for our livestream Masses. LinkToMassGuide
  2. Holy Week Morning Prayers: We do not celebrate morning Mass on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, or Holy Saturday. Instead, our Deacons will lead Morning Prayer at 8:00am on each of these days. This document contains all of the prayers and responses for you to join in. LinkToMorningPrayer
  3. Holy Week Ideas for Families. If you have young children at home who might enjoy some Holy Week activities, check out this document: LinkToFamilyGuide 
  4. Good Friday at 7:15pm, we will livestream the Stations of the Cross. 
  5. Adoration: On Holy Thursday our Lord will remain exposed and livestreamed after our service until midnight.
  6. Fr. Sy's 7 Words of Christ from the Cross are posted daily during Holy Week on our website through SoundCloud.
  7. Confessions: At this time and until further notice, confessions are only for the dying and those who are in need of confessing a mortal sin. If you need to confess a mortal sin, please email Fr. Sy ( or Fr. Hoa ( directly.

We hope these documents help alter experience from "watching" to "fully participating" in our virtual liturgies.
May your Holy Week be transformational as we journey toward His resurrection together. We remain in faith, joy, love and courage.

Yours in Christ,
Parish Staff