Volume 2 Issue 6 | January 2019
Home & School Club
Please join us at our next Home & School Club meeting on Monday, February 25th,
at 7pm in the Leigh Library. All are welcome!

Read the agenda as well as minutes from past meetings  here

Donors continue to make a big impact at Leigh!

Our Leigh community would like to say a very sincere thank you to the Leigh families who have made incredibly generous donations to the Home and School Club during the past two months. In December we shared that we had received a $25K anonymous donation. We are excited to share that we have received two additional donations: a $15K anonymous donation (which includes a corporate match) and a $10K donation from the Robert Family Foundation. The HSC, Ms. Butler and the donors have been working closely together to ensure the funds are used in the most impactful way.

Here is a breakdown of where the money will be allocated:

  • $10K Robert Family Foundation donation - entire amount to support new Computer Principles class starting next year
  • $15K anonymous donation - $5K towards library upgrade, $10K for new laptops in the library
  • $25K anonymous donation - $5K towards library upgrade, $20K TBD

These donations are in addition to the anonymous donation we received earlier in the school year which was allocated as follows

  • $6K anonymous donation - $3K for science materials, $3K for technology in the classrooms

Our most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the members of our Leigh community for these donations.

Annual Giving Drive Exceeds Expectations!

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Annual Giving drive for the 2018-19 school year. We truly appreciate it. Our goal was to raise $25K in donations and $5K in Corporate Matching. Thanks to you, to date we have raised $28,692 in donations and $7,879 in Corporate Matching!

At our January HSC meeting we approved using some of the additional funds as follows:

  • Increase Campus Beautification spending from $2K to $4K. Watch out for a Campus Beautification Day in the Spring!

  • Increase Staff Grants spending from $4K to $6K. Students will see the impact of this in their classrooms.

Information on all programs funded to date can be found  here.

Library Upgrade to be funded by Home & School Club

One of Ms. Butler's priorities for our students this year was to upgrade the library furniture to create a community workspace where students can work collaboratively and have a comfortable and welcoming space to study and read. The estimated cost to upgrade the furniture in the entire library is $50K.

The Home & School Club committed to raising half of the cost this year in order to complete the upgrade of one side of the library. We allocated $15K of our budget to this (from a reserve fund that had been building over several years). We are very grateful to two of our anonymous donors who each contributed $5K towards the library fund, ensuring we reach our commitment of $25K this year.

One of these donors also committed to donating $10K to purchase new laptops to replace the old desktops. Easy access to laptops will ensure that the new community space will be truly functional.

Ms. Butler has been researching library furniture and will be providing samples for the students and staff to check out. We look forward to creating a new space for our students and will keep you informed of progress.
A Report from our Teachers

Ms. Celeste Smiley is the teacher rep for Home & School Club. At each meeting, she shares what is happening in the classrooms and other general info related to the teachers. Here's this month's teacher's report »

Ongoing Construction at LHS

The construction on campus is moving right along and the progress has been impressive. View this time lapse video to see the slab pour for Leigh's new two story classroom building. It took about 50 concrete trucks arriving 5 minutes apart! Visit the District site to see progress pictures » 
Coming Up at Leigh High School

There's a lot going on at LHS, and a lot of ways to stay apprised.

  • Read Principal Kara Butler's weekly updates here »

  • Save the date for the Performing Arts Parent Association (PAPA) Crab Feed - February 2nd. TICKETS ON SALE NOW!

Parent Education

February 7, 2019
A Backpack of Life Skills; Helping Students Transition Successfully to College
This talk can benefit all parents, and will be especially beneficial for those with children with 504 plans and IEPs.

How can parents prepare teens to leave home and make a successful transition to college? Research shows that it is soft skills that make the difference in excelling in higher education -- like how to study, manage their time, and self-advocate. How well does your student understand his or her needs? Does s/he know how to meet these needs? Does s/he know who to ask or how to get support?

Jan Johnston-Tyler, founder and CEO of Evolibri, will offer parents information about what life skills children need to succeed in college, and tools for supporting their children in navigating accommodations and other areas of concern indirectly. Parents will walk away with an action plan for their child. Backwards planning is a great advantage, so the sooner a parent puts a life skills plan in place, the more practice time the teen will have to master skills.

READ THIS for a helpful preparation prior to the event.
March 7, 2019
Impact Teen Driver - Parent-Teen Workshop
Student assembly for juniors and seniors will take place during the day, and a parent-teen talk will follow the same day at 7:00-8:30 pm.

  • Part 1: “What Do You Consider Lethal?” presentation
  • Part 2: Strategies for parents and open discussion

This is a life changing opportunity. Your teen driver is excited to reach a greater degree of freedom, and you as a parent may be walking a tight rope in maintaining a safe balance. You want your teen to understand your concerns and not view your guidelines for safety as lack of trust. Also, you taking full control of the situation will not allow your teen to learn the life lessons embedded in this experience. In fact, many teens drive their friends and lie to their parents to avoid getting in trouble. This talk can help both you and your teen reach a common understanding of the risks of distracted and inexperienced driving to reach a collaborative approach to their first year of licensure.

The program shares the “What Do You Consider Lethal?” campaign and includes information on graduated driver licensing laws. The presenters are impactful in a gentle and authentic manner. Junior and Senior students will meet a young person who survived a lethal automobile accident in which the driver was a friend during the school day. In the evening the parent-teen workshop, which is an opportunity for parents to attend with their teen or alone, will be offered. 

Grad Night 2019 - Buy Tickets Early and Save!

Go to https://leighhsc.org/gradnight/ to purchase tickets and to get more information.

Questions? Contact gradnight@leighhsc.org .

AP Proctors Needed, Paid Position, May 2019
Principal Butler is looking for reliable proctors to ensure proper administration of AP tests at Leigh in May 2019. This is a paid position, and you can sign up for as many or few sessions as you like. Proctors will have to be fingerprinted by CUHSD and need to be legally authorized to work as this is a paid position. The proctor's role is to prepare the room before the test, check-in students, read (and follow) instructions, supervise students, collect all tests and turn them in to administrator in charge.

Training will be provided, no prior experience required. Attention to details and sense of responsibility are paramount for this position. Proctors will be paid $15/hour, shifts are usually 3+ hours.

If you are interested, please fill out this form and Leigh admin will contact you to guide you through the process. Questions? Please contact NancyAnn Williamson in the main office, by phone at 408-626-3405 x5103 or by email: nwilliamson@cuhsd.org .
Hosts Needed for Job Shadow Program, March 2019

The College & Career Center is supporting the efforts of LHS sophomore Deeba Khosravi as she continues to implement the job shadow program she initiated last year. This program allows students to experience what you as an adult do on a normal day at work. All fields are of interest so that a diverse list of opportunities can be offered. You can host for a half or full day and you can choose how many students you host. This is a voluntary program, and your help is really needed to keep it growing. If you are able to host, please fill out this short form . Refer your coworkers and friends!
Adult Volunteers Needed for AVID

AVID is a national program that provides academic, social and emotional support to students who want to apply to college and succeed there but need additional support. AVID teachers provide scaffolded lessons to students around organization, note taking and study skills. AVID curriculum also includes tutorial time when students are supported in their academic course work.

It is helpful to have adult volunteers in the AVID classroom to help with tutorial and other activities. In return, the adult volunteers learn the tenets of the AVID program and how the ideas of growth mindset and student inquiry can take root in a high school and help all of the students. 

Please email Bari Sholomon at bsholomon@cuhsd.org or Amanda Borges at aborges@cuhsd.org for more information.
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