Volume 2 Issue 2 | September 2018
Home & School Club
Please join us at our next Home & School Club meeting on Monday, October 22nd, at 7pm in the Leigh Library. All are welcome!

Read the agenda as well as minutes from past meetings  here

Back to School Night was a Rousing Success!

Thanks to all of you parents who made our 2018/19 Parent Welcome at Back to School Night a wonderful evening and an exciting start to the new school year. Coordinated by the Home and School Club Community Building Team, all of our Booster Groups including Home & School Club, Sports, Spirit and the Performing Arts Parent Association (PAPA), came together to share their programs and connect with parents. Representatives from our District Food Services and Facilities were also available to speak to parents. Thank you to Kalen Gallagher CHUSD Board President, and Superintendent Dr. Robert Bravo for spending time with all of us. A very special thank you to all of the students from our Marching Band, Color Guard and Cheerleading Programs who brought so much spirit to the evening. Thank you all!
It Was a Beautiful Day for Campus Beautification

On Saturday, September 22, 40 intrepid members of the LHS community showed up to spread mulch, plant flowers and clean up the campus. Here's what it looked like by the numbers:

  • 967,303 weeds removed
  • 330 yards of landscape fabric installed
  • 100 plants in the ground ready to grow
  • 40 volunteers with sore backs
  • 40 yards of mulch mountains moved
  • 20 boba tea special deliveries from Vilma
  • 8 bags of soil donated from Ace Hardware
  • 5 orphaned tools
  • 4 garden beds with irrigation that doesn't leak
  • 1 tamed jasmine plant 
  • 1 broken wheelbarrow
  • 1 tree given a second chance to grow straight
  • 1 walkway freshly power washed 
  • 1 clean trophy case
  • $200 of donations from Home Depot
  • $2000 of donations from the LHS Home & School Club

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and efforts in making Leigh a more beautiful campus! Here are a few photos from the day, but to see the full album, click here!

Mysterious New Pergola Appears on Campus...

Not really. Our very own TANNER JACK, Senior at LHS, built a new pergola as part of his journey to becoming an Eagle Scout! With a few handy friends, a little Home and School Club financial support, and whole lot of very hard work, Tanner was able to complete the building of the new pergola in a single weekend. It's outside of Room 39 if you're curious to see the new construction. Well done, Tanner!

Tanner writes: I worked on my eagle project with a total of 28 people, made up of volunteers from Boy Scouts and helpers from the community. In total, I spent 163.5 hours on this project and overall it took everyone 379.45 hours. I enjoyed working through the project and learning what had to be done to plan and build something of this magnitude.

We Love our Teachers and Staff!
Our Back-to-School Luncheon was a huge success! Thank you to our Staff Appreciation Team and all of the parents who provided salads, desserts and drinks for nearly 100 teachers and staff members!

October plans include Donuts & Coffee on Oct.18, and Halloween treats on Oct. 31.
Thank you!

Every single one of our parents and teachers deserve individual kudos for everything they do. As a Home and School Club, we are appreciative of every effort of every volunteer. Here are a few thank you's to get us started...

  • Holy beautification, Batman! That mulch looks amazing! Thanks to the Campus Beautification Team for organizing, planning and executing an enormous campus clean-up effort.

  • There's a new Leigh High School car decal making a splash in the neighborhood. We handed out hundreds at back-to-school night! A special thanks to Melissa Shafer for the updated design.

  • Every year the Home and School Club goes through an in-depth audit to ensure transparency and fiscal responsibility. It takes lots of tedious hours and we're lucky to have Doug Evans on our team to get that done. Thanks, Doug!

Coming Up at Leigh High School

There's a lot going on at LHS, and a lot of ways to stay apprised.

  • Read Principal Kara Butler's weekly updates here »

  • The Performing Arts Parent Association is kicking it into high gear right now, from their mattress sale fundraiser to the upcoming annual haunted house. Go get all the info »

  • The Spirit Boosters have a very exciting week coming up October 9 - 11 when they will be hosting their annual Jr Cheer Camp for kids ages pre K -8th grade! Check it out »

  • It's Fall and that means our sports teams (and Sports Boosters) are on fire! Don't miss out »

  • Parent Education: ANGST, a Documentary; a 56-minute film that explores anxiety its causes, effects and what we can do about it. Please join us at Leigh on October 18th for a screening of Angst, followed by a panel discussion that includes the executive producer of the documentary, Karin Gornick. The Angst project is an IndieFlix Original documentary designed to raise awareness around anxiety with an emphasis on youth and families. The film includes interviews with kids, teens, experts and parents. Our goal specifically is to help people identify and understand the symptoms of anxiety and encourage them to reach out for help. The film and corresponding materials provide tools, resources and hope. AngstMovie.com.
ANGST, a Documentary

date: Thursday October 18
time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
location: Leigh Cafetorium

Annual Giving Drive: Please donate

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Annual Giving drive to date! We truly appreciate it. If you have not yet had a chance to donate, you can donate online or place a check in the Home & School Club mailbox at the Leigh front office. Thank you so much for making a difference Leigh! 

What do we do with your money? We're glad you asked! We have a lot of plans for the 2018/19 school year and would love to see you at our monthly HSC meetings to talk about them.

Here's how we spent your money this month:

  • $8,200 for classroom resources/supplies ($100 for each of our 82 teachers)
  • $1,070 in classroom grants for food processors, online Spanish materials, and senior edition of Eleight newspaper
  • $1,700 for campus cleanup (so many plants! so much mulch!)
  • $350 for Staff Appreciation Luncheons
  • $1,150 for pergola materials

Information on programs funded during prior years can be found  here .
Double (or even triple!) your Donation with Corporate Matching

Many local companies offer matching donations to school organizations. If you avail of this program you can double or triple your donation to Leigh Home and School Club! Many companies also donate cash to match your volunteer hours contributed to the school.  To date we have received $2,580 in corporate matching donations. Thank you to everyone who has participated in this program!

Please check with the HR department at your company to see if it has a matching donations program. Our Tax ID: #77-0199809. Click   here  for more information and to see a list of companies that offer this program (it is not a complete list - if you do not see your company on this list, please do check with your HR dept).
Candidate Forums for CUHSD Board Elections

  • October 2; 7-8:15pm, Prospect HS, Room 30
  • October 9; 7-8:15pm, Branham HS, Cafeteria

All four candidates running for our school board will be present for you to hear their great visions for our district and for you to have the opportunity to ask your questions. This is your opportunity to help shape our high school and district. This will be moderated by Glen Ishiwata and hosted by our Prospect PTSA with the help of our Sixth District PTSA. This is open to all of our community and our district. CUHSD Candidates are: Kristiina Arrasmith, Robert Varich, Basil Saleh and Stacey Brown. CLICK HERE for more information .

CUHSD Land Development Initiative

  • October 16; 7-8pm, Leigh Library

In an effort to increase financial resources for students, the District is exploring a Land Development Initiative that would also greatly benefit the residential community in an initiative dubbed “For the Kids” . After evaluating multiple options, the District has identified the site that currently houses the District office and maintenance yard as one that offers an opportunity to convert an under-utilized asset to a revenue stream for the benefit of our students. The space allows for a plan with the potential to bring value to the surrounding area. The Home & School Club has invited a representative from the District to update all parents on this project on October 16th at 7pm. Please join us. CLICK HERE for more information .

Ongoing Construction at LHS

The construction on campus is moving right along and the progress has been impressive. View this time lapse video to see the slab pour for Leigh's new two story classroom building. It took about 50 concrete trucks arriving 5 minutes apart! Visit the District site to see progress pictures »

A Report from our Teachers

Ms. Celeste Smiley is the teacher rep for Home & School Club. At each meeting, she shares what is happening in the classrooms and other general info related to the teachers. Here's this month's teacher's report »
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