October 26, 2017 
Contact: Phil Bongiorno,  Executive Director 
(202) 508-3870 

Home Care Association of America's "Faces of Caregiving" Campaign to Highlight Seven Exceptional Caregivers Who Are Dedicating Their Careers to Serving Others

WASHINGTON, DC - The Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) is proud to announce the launch of the  Faces of Caregiving  campaign - a storytelling project focused on showing the incredible work professional caregivers do every day: their dedication, compassion, and the extraordinary value they bring to the jobs they fill and families they serve. The campaign will feature profiles of seven exemplary caregivers, which will be posted on the HCAOA website over the next seven weeks.

"Faces of Caregiving highlights the selfless, fulfilling, and often-times life-changing work that caregivers commit themselves to every day in every community across the country," said Peter Ross, President of HCAOA. "These stories show that a career in caregiving can be personally enriching and teach valuable skills, while providing a unique opportunity to connect with people and improve families' lives."

The campaign will profile seven caregivers from HCAOA member companies around the US. Starting on October 24, with the feature of Vicky-Lee Layden, HCAOA's Caregiver of the Year for 2017, one caregiver will be featured each week. The campaign showcases stories of their deep compassion, commitment to care for their clients as well as their families, and in many cases, heroic dedication to the job - like saving a client from a burning home, developing tailored activities for those with dementia, providing care during a hurricane, and helping clients manage difficult symptoms and conditions.

"These profiles show the personal connections, close relationships, and far-reaching benefits that are at the center of the home care industry, for clients and caregivers," said Phil Bongiorno, Executive Director of HCAOA. "We hope that the Faces of Caregiving campaign will help more people recognize the potential rewards and opportunities of a career in caregiving and consider it themselves."

The campaign focuses on one of the fastest growing professions in the US, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects home care employment will grow 38 percent from 2014 to 2024, due to the rapid growth in America's aging population. This will open hundreds of thousands of opportunities for individuals to become professional caregivers like those profiled in the Faces of Caregiving campaign. To learn more about home care and a career in caregiving, please visit the  HCAOA website .

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