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The following resources are available for you to order through the "Order Here" buttons. These resources are just a sample of what’s available to be ordered for your home and family devotional life.

From your Spiritual Growth Committee
The basic objective of the Spiritual Growth Committee is to encourage congregation members in some form of spiritual growth through the various channels available.
For Families with Children
Jesus, Our Family Guest
100 Devotions for Families of All Ages
OL-060737  $19.99 plus Tax & Shipping
Following the fictional Bailey family, navigate life's day-to-day challenges. Jesus, Our Family Guest demonstrates the importance of incorporating Jesus into every situation we face. With more than 100 engaging devotions that incorporate lighthearted humor with the serious presentation of law and gospel, Jesus, Our Family Guest is an ideal way to focus on God’s Word in the classroom and beyond.
Little Visits With God
OL-063608 $14.99 plus Tax & Shipping
Written especially for children ages 7-10 Little Visits with God nurtures faith and sows seeds that enrich lives for years to come. Each Little Visit includes: A Bible verse; a life-related devotion; questions to help children get involved; suggested Scripture readings; a prayer relating to the day's theme. With Little Visits you can help your child develop a strong spiritual foundation for a lifetime.
Little Visits for Toddlers
Devotions for Families
OL-063606     $14.99 plus Tax & Shipping
Little Visits for Toddlers is an easy, everyday way to be your child's first faith teacher. These devotions revolve around the child and familiar things - naptime, shadows, barking dogs as the frame work for lessons about God. Written expressly for ages 6 months to three years, each "little visit" includes: Bible verse; a short life-related devotion; activities for parent and child; a prayer relating to the day's theme; helpful tips, ideas, and encouragement for parents. Ages 6 months to 3 years.
Little Visits with Jesus
Item #: 061331 Price: $15.99 plus Tax & Shipping
These engaging devotions make "Jesus time" the best part of the day helping children draw closer to their Savior as they learn more about His love and grace. Little Visits with Jesus encourages children to draw closer to their Savior as they learn more about Him and His love for them. Perfect for children ages 4 and up, this best-seller offers relevant, biblical, and engaging devotions to help a new generation develop a strong faith foundation.
 5-Minute Bible Studies For Families
OL-2201195 $15.99 plus Tax & Shipping
5-Minute Bible Studies: For Families helps busy families stay connected to God’s Word through relevant one-page weekly devotions three times a week.
For Teens
Imagine That!
Devotions for Teens by Teens
OL-063354  $10.99 plus Tax & Shipping
In this book you'll read 60 devotions from teens who have learned to see God work in ways they could barely imagine. They'll share what they learned about God and what He has done in their lives.
Stand Your Ground
Devotions for Teens by Teens
OL-063015 $10.99 plus Tax & Shipping
It's not easy to stand your ground. Every day you face peer pressure, confusing information, and questionable sources. But you can do it - when you are standing upon the firm foundation of God and His Word. You are not alone. In this book you'll read devotions from 40 teens just like you who faced challenges to stand their ground. They'll share what they did, what they learned, and whom they trusted. You'll gain spiritual insight and encouragement from the words of these teen writers and the Word of God. You'll see - you really can stand your ground!
150 Psalms for Teens
Item #: 124149    $10.99 plus Tax & Shipping
The book provides teens with the Psalms, in updated, contemporary language, so they might learn how to better identify their emotions and God’s care for them at all times (happy or sad, angry, or anxious). As our relationship with our Heavenly Father is revealed through the Psalms, teens also learn of the love our Father has for them. This book provides a resource for teens to turn to for praise, worship, and devotion again and again. Great resource for individuals or groups.
5-Minute Bible Studies For Teens
OL-2201196   $15.99 plus Tax & Shipping
5-Minute Bible Studies: For Teens speaks to young adults like you sincerely. With three messages each week for one full year, this book will break up your busy schedule with thought-provoking questions, encouraging prayers, and relatable themes. Among school, work, sports, clubs, relationships, and more, dedicating this time to God will be a breath of fresh air, helping you build your future on the firm foundation of his saving message. Sometimes, all it takes to stay connected to the Word, keep centered on Christ, and receive encouragement from our heavenly Father is five minutes spent with God.
For Husbands/Wives
Made for Each Other
Item # 123059 $10.99 plus Tax & Shipping
As new husbands and wives begin their lives together, it is important for them to include God in their relationship. This book provides newlyweds with meditations and prayers based on the essence of marriage, marriage enrichment, and practical living. A practical, easy-to-use resource. Makes a wonderful wedding gift.
In The Presence Of God
Devotions for the Newly Married
OL-062779  $10.99 plus Tax & Shipping
As you and your spouse begin your new life together, it's important to include God in your relationship. Using familiar phrases from the wedding ceremony, each devotion addresses important topics such as changing family relationships, the roles of husband and wife, and the decision to start a family.
Quiet Times for Couples
OL-064043  $16.99 plus Tax & Shipping
This daily devotional, Quiet Times For Couples, provides the help couples need to nurture their marriages. In just a few moments together each day, couples will discover a richer intimacy with each other and with God. The Scripture verses and meditations will help guide couples in applying God's Word to their life and and marriage, and the daily discussions will fill the relationship with a new expression of God's promises and an everlasting love toward one another.
For Women

His Days, My Praise
Daily Devotions for Women
OL-0600749 $19.99 plus Tax & Shipping
His Days, My Praise is a collection of 365 devotions written by 12 devoted Christian women. As you read them, you will be encouraged to ponder God's Word and apply it to your everyday life. A "My Praise" section accompanies each devotion, allowing you to collect and reflect on your thoughts. Each devotion also includes a suggested Bible reading that will lead you to read the entire Bible over 365 days. Devotions are numbered, not dated, so you can embark on this devotional journey any time of the year. Build up a heart of thanks for God and his work in your life with His Days, My Praise!
Cherished Gifts
Devotions for Moms by a Mom
OL-0600746   $13.99 plus Tax & Shipping
Taking care of your kids can be a juggling act, especially on those "tear-your-hair-out" days. But through it all—the screaming, smiling, laughter, and tears—children are an undeniable gift from God. And the best part about being a mom? You don't have to go it alone! God is there every enjoyable and challenging step of the way.
Sweet the Moments
Reflections for Women on Everyday Things
OL-121777  $15.99 plus Tax & Shipping
If you are a creature of habit, it's easy to get drawn into the routine of everyday life. We start to take things for granted instead of appreciating even the smallest moments.
The book Sweet the Moments is a collection of Bible passages, narratives, and poems that will remind you of God's presence in your life and will inspire you to live for him every day. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, see every moment of life as a gift from God. Sweet the Moments is an excellent choice for women who reflect on their roles as children of God. This book aims to share power, faith, and joy with everyone who reads it.
Moments in the Word for Moms
OL-0600747   $12.99 plus Tax & Shipping
This go-to book is perfect for the days when being a mom is not so glamorous. Take some time for yourself with these 39 devotions, perfect for any hardworking mother who needs a reminder of God's love.
For Men
Courageous Fathers of the Bible
Item #: 203974  $8.99 plus Tax & Shipping
Courageous Fathers of the Bible is a series of reflections springing from the lives of 12 real men we meet in God’s Word. Highly selective and somewhat idiosyncratic, this 12-session study presents a picture, with clarity and wit, of the work of Christian fatherhood, taking special note of the challenges and victories these 12 men of the Bible faced as they relied on God’s grace. As participants become more familiar with these biblical fathers, they can utilize the helpful study questions and answers which will both challenge and inspire men as the learn more about becoming a courageous father of faith. The fathers that will be discussed include Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Job, Solomon, Joseph, Jairus, the Official, and the prodigal son’s father.

Devotions for Each Day of the Year
Beside Quiet Waters
Daily Devotions for a Year
OL-060735  $19.99 plus Tax & Shipping
Life is flooded with troubles arising from sin. But author Richard E. Lauersdorf writes to remind today's Christians that when life's storms threaten to overcome us, the Lord promises to lead us to find peace Beside Quiet Waters. There our Lord holds us close and comforts us in our sorrows, wiping away every tear from our eyes. These 366 short, daily devotions and prayers encourage readers to take all of their cares to Jesus every day of the year. The author's unique style relating Scripture to personal experiences and everyday events and objects, helps God's people see God's hand in everything. Each one-page devotion equips readers to face each new day with renewed hope as they are reminded of God's presence and goodness in their lives. Lauersdorf's words speak of rest from life's worries through the peace and stillness of God's Word. And each devotion moves Christians to joyfully anticipate the eternal day when every tear will be gone forever.
Growing Stronger Daily Devotional
Building Faith One Day At A Time
OL-0604225  $18.00 plus Tax & Shipping
Spiritual growth doesn't happen all at once. It happens over time as you study God's Word. This daily devotional will make you stronger by bringing you closer to God and his promises for you. And as you read these encouraging and insightful devotions, you'll build up your faith one day at a time. Each devotion contains a unique Bible passage followed by a one-page commentary/ application that can be used in almost every situation in life. At the end of the book there are Devotions for special days; Good Friday. Easter Sunday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day.
Restart: Promises New Every Morning
365 Day Devotional
OL-0604220     $18.00 plus Tax & Shipping
Jump-start your day with God’s wonderful Word! As you spend a couple of minutes each day with these Grace Moments devotions, you will see more and more that His mercies are new every morning and that in His Word is encouragement, wisdom, forgiveness, reassurance, insights, and strength. These devotions will encourage you as you read and hear the Bible with all of the treasures that God has stored there for you. As you immerse yourself in God's Word through these daily devotions, you'll gain a whole new perspective on God's foundational promises - and grow in wisdom, forgiveness, reassurance, spiritual insight, and strength.
Seeds of Joy
Daily devotions for a joy-filled life
OL-0604226   $18.00 plus Tax & Shipping
Joy isn't something you can buy. It's something that God grows in your heart. But in the midst of work stress, health issues, family struggles, and your own self-doubt, living with increasing joy can feel like a hard, if not impossible, challenge. What if you could find joy no matter what you face? Each of these devotions will plant a seed of joy in your heart to help you develop...day by day...a life marked by peace and joy. So dig deep into the truth in these pages, and see how the Holy Spirit grow joy in you!
Each devotion contains a unique Bible passage followed by a one-page commentary/ application that can be used in almost every situation in life. At the end of the book there are Devotions for special days; Leap Year, Good Friday. Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day.
Together With Jesus
Daily Devotions for a Year
OL-060733   $19.99 plus Tax & Shipping
It's amazing how fast a year can fly by. Sometimes it's easy to forget that every day of the year, not just Sundays, is a day to thank God for his blessings. Spending every day of the year growing with the Lord is how he wants us to spend our time.

Together With Jesus is a devotional that makes it easy to focus on God's Word for the entire year. The 366 short devotions provide strength, encouragement, and comfort to help you face each new day. Drawing on his own experiences, author Richard Lauersdorf writes to sharpen your focus on Jesus and encourage you to put your faith into practice. Each one-page devotion includes Scripture text, relatable content, and a short prayer. Spend a few minutes every day together with Jesus!
For Advent
Are You Ready?
OL-060719P   $15.99 plus Tax
Are you ready for Christmas? Are you ready to meet your Savior? Not only is Advent a time to prepare for Jesus' birth but it also reminds Christians to prepare for his triumphant return. The counseling message of John the Baptist is at the heart of the 37 devotions in Are You Ready? Just as God sent John to prepare the Israelites for the birth of Jesus, so Advent prepares us to celebrate Jesus' birth and anticipate his return. Each easy-to-read devotion includes a Bible text, a practical life application, and a short prayer. Be ready to meet your Lord, whether at Christmas, on your personal advent day, or on the day when Jesus comes again. Use these devotions to meet the babe of Bethlehem - the glorified King of heaven.
 Behold I am Coming Soon!
Advent Devotions on the Book of Revelation
OL-0600742 $11.99 plus Tax & Shipping
The amount of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can seem very short. You barely have the turkey put away when you feel pressured to shop for presents, decorate the house, and trim the tree. In the midst of the holiday chaos, it’s crucial to take time to focus on the true reason for the season.
Behold, I Am Coming Soon! is a book of twenty-eight devotions for Advent, covering November 28 through December 25. These devotions will guide you throughout the Advent season as you prepare for the coming of Jesus at Christmas and for his coming again on the Last Day. Throughout these devotional readings, you will be encouraged to hold on to Jesus, the Lord of all.
Counting to Christmas
Family Advent Devotions
OL-4601182 $9.99 plus Tax & Shipping
How could baby Jesus be the Prince of Peace? Who tells angels what to do? Who led the Wise Men to Jesus?
Children ask a lot of questions. That's why each day's Advent devotion in Counting to Christmas is centered around a question. Each short devotion is followed up with something to say, something to do, and something to pray. There is also a lift-a-flap Advent calendar at the back of the book to physically mark your journey through Advent! Easy enough for older children to read on their own and younger children to understand, this book will become a yearly Advent tradition in classrooms and homes and spark nightly devotion time in families year-round! Contains 26 daily devotions, Bible verses, activities, and prayers. At the end of each day's devotion time, turn to the back cover, lift the flap on the Advent calendar, and count your way to Christmas. Recommended for ages 3-8; Grades PreK-3.
Other Devotions
As Luther Taught The Word Of Truth
Devotions on the Small Catechism
OL-060722   $16.99 plus Tax & Shipping
Many people who studied Martin Luther's Small Catechism in grade school haven't opened it up since. It might be on a bookshelf somewhere in the house but hasn't seen any use for many years. Although as a teen you studied the Catechism to better understand God's Word, its concepts and instruction are just as valuable to adults. As Luther Taught the Word of Truth is a book containing 58 devotions that will deepen your understanding of the Bible. Each devotion dives into concepts and phrases found in five of the six chief parts of Martin Luther's Small Catechism: the Ten Commandments, the Apostles' Creed, the Lord's Prayer, Baptism, and the Lord's Supper. Each message is summarized in a way that is applicable to our own lives.
Best-Loved Passages of the Bible
   Item #: 123413   $17.99 plus Tax & Shipping
One Scripture verse can cause you to view life in a new way. God speaks to you, and His words impact your life. For this, you are eternally grateful. Christians everywhere share their best-loved Bible passages in these beautifully adapted devotions. Now you can rejoice with others who also have found comfort in the enduring truth of Scripture. The 300 devotions in this collection focus on favorite Bible verses of Christians from all walks of life. Each passage is accompanied by a devotion that gives a life-related reflection of the Scripture. Each devotion offers encouragement and comfort from those who have found reasons to rejoice in the enduring truth of Scripture. These devotions will challenge you to contemplate the meaning of Scripture and discover new favorite Bible verses. You will be edified and renewed by the strength and truth of God's Word. 
Listen! God Is Speaking to You
OL-060694    $17.99 plus Tax & Shipping
Growing older gracefully isn't always easy. Along with new aches and pains, many changes can occur as time flies by. Thankfully, we have the power of God's Word to guide us down the road of life. In Listen! God Is Speaking to You, author Henry Paustian addresses a variety of circumstances that affect people, especially as they grow older. In each devotion, he pairs the gospel and relevant verses to situations such as aging, living alone, failing health, feeling helpless, and changing responsibilities. In the large-print, second edition of this popular devotional, the wording has been updated and the texts are drawn from the NIV Bible. Each easy-to-read devotion concludes with a short prayer. Listen! God Is Speaking to You reminds you that no matter what your age, you are important to the Lord.
Never Forsaken: God's Mercy
In The Midst Of Miscarriage
OL-1205965     $14.99 plus Tax & Shipping
Why my baby? Why? We ask it repeatedly. We seek answers and comfort, and we struggle to make sense of our sorrow.
At the core of our questions is doubt. Does God really have our best interests at heart? If so, then . . . why? These stories of others who have suffered miscarriage and infant loss will encourage you to look to God's Word for hope. His Word will guide you in your pilgrimage with grief, offering you the comfort and joy that only Christ can bring. Our heavenly Father remains present, merciful, faithful, and compassionate. You are never forsaken. God's mercy is yours through the work of Christ Jesus in your life . . . and in your baby's life.
Waiting In Wonder For Easter
Family Devotions For Holy Week
OL-1606142    $9.99 plus Tax & Shipping
Lent is a time of preparation, wonder, and anticipation. As your family waits for Easter, you can focus on the real reason we celebrate this most wonderful, most amazing day. This collection of fifteen daily devotions, Bible verses, activities, and prayers will guide your family through the days leading up to Easter. Each day features something to read, something to say, something to do, and something to pray.
Teachers can also use this book. The devotions are a great way to teach the stories of Holy Week to their students. The beautiful illustrations and simple lay out will make it easy for young learners to study the details of Holy Week. Quick, easy, and meaningful; these devotions will get your heart ready for Jesus. He is risen! Recommended for ages 3-8, Grades Preschool- Grade 3.