Family Resources for Home Worship
During this time of worshiping at home through online streaming, please consider using one the following collections of activities and discussion questions to explore this week's lectionary reading as a family.

**Remember to wear RED for Pentecost Sunday and share a picture of your family with Epiphany!**
Acts 2:1-21
Filled with the Holy Spirit
***OPTION #1: Whirl Video and Activities***
5-minute Video: “Tractorsaurus Rex”
After watching the video in the link above, ask kids the following questions:

1. What big event do the Whirl kids want to go to?
2. Who do they want to see?
3. Why do the kids think God’s Spirit will be at the convention?
4. Who sets them straight about God’s Spirit?
5. Tell about a time when you were too young to do something.
6. How have you spread God’s love this week?
Bible Story: You Will Tell the Story
Read Acts 2:1-21 together.


Listen to Ms. Sarah tell the Story Bible version in this five-minute video.
Then ask the following questions:

1. How did the disciples react to roaring wind?
2. What appeared on top of the disciples’ heads?
3. When the disciples spoke, what unusual thing happened?
4. According to Peter, what made all of this possible?
5. Tell us if you know someone who speaks another language. What language do they speak?
6. What would it feel like to speak a different language than the people around you?
Kids Activities
Banner: Write the words “ Jesus came for all people! ” across the top of a large piece of mural paper (or tape several pieces of paper together). Invite kids to cut out pictures of people from magazines and use glue sticks to attach the pictures to the mural paper, or have kids draw their own pictures. Post the collage on a wall in your home when kids have finished. “Jesus came for all people!”

3D Campfire: Place cardboard on a table with markers, tape, twigs, and tissue paper (or torn paper towels colored with red and orange markers). Get kids started building a 3D campfire by laying twigs on the cardboard, campfire-style. Invite kids to crumple tissue paper, sticking it into the twigs and taping it down. “Today’s Bible story is full of fire!”
Pray Together
Dear God, thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to the disciples and to us. Help us share Jesus’ story and spread your love wherever we go. Amen.
Bulletin Activity Sheets
This week's printable bulletin pages, normally found at each campus for weekend worship, can be downloaded here:
Adapted from Sparkhouse Online - WHIRL Lectionary
***OPTION #2: Family Sunday School by Spark***
Sparkhouse, creator of the Whirl and Spark Sunday School curricula, is excited to announce Family Sunday School , an eight-week lesson series for families! Each week, Dr. Dawn Rundman and her family will lead songs and present activities and the week's Bible story.

This week's 12-minute video is about The Holy Spirit.
For the accompanying downloadable resources referenced in the video, click the links below:

Have questions or suggestions on how Epiphany can help your family's faith thrive while worshiping at home? Please contact Sarah Richter, Director of Children and Family Ministry.