Family Resources for Home Worship
During this time of worshiping at home through online streaming, please consider using one the following collections of activities and discussion questions to explore this week's lectionary readings as a family.
***OPTION #1: Whirl Video and Activities***

Psalm 23
The Lord Is My Shepherd

Kids Activities
Young kids: Invite kids to play with toy animals by offering food and drinks, reading
books to them, or caring for them in other ways. "Today we’ll hear about how shepherds take good care of sheep. How would you care for these animals?"

Elementary kids: Place one large block (shepherd) on the floor. Help kids use permanent markers to each write their name on a ping-pong style ball. Stand in a circle around the block and take turns rolling balls (sheep) to see who can get the closest to the “shepherd.” "God cares for us like a shepherd cares for sheep!"
4-minute Video: "Bye-Bye"
After watching the video in the link above, ask kids the following questions:

1. What is Tot doing in Leo’s laboratory?
2. Where are you asked to not touch things?
3. Who helps Tot find her way home?
4. Who can help you if you become lost?
5. Do you think the shepherd would still help Tot if she knew Tot had done something she wasn’t supposed to do? Why or why not?
Bible Story: A Shepherd Song
Read Psalm 23 together.


Listen to Ms. Sarah tell the Story Bible version in this video just under five minutes.
Then ask the following questions:

1. Who wrote this song?
2. How does a shepherd take care of sheep?
3. Who takes care of you?
4. What is this song about?
5. How do you think King David was feeling when he wrote this song?
6. Do you remember a time when God took very good care of you? 
Pray Together
Dear God, you care for us like a shepherd cares for sheep. You give us food, keep us safe, and are always with us. Thank you for your love. Amen.
Bulletin Activity Sheets
This week's printable bulletin pages, normally found at each campus for weekend worship, can be downloaded here:
Adapted from Sparkhouse Online - WHIRL Lectionary
***OPTION #2: Family Sunday School by Spark***

Acts 2:43-47; 4
Early Believers

*NEW!* Sparkhouse, creator of the Whirl and Spark Sunday School curricula, is excited to announce Family Sunday School , an eight-week lesson series for families! Each week, Dr. Dawn Rundman and her family will lead songs and present activities and the week's Bible story.

This week's 13-minute video is about Early Believers.
For the accompanying downloadable resources referenced in the video, click the links below:

Have questions or suggestions on how Epiphany can help your family's faith thrive while worshiping at home? Please contact Sarah Richter, Director of Children and Family Ministry.