Family Resources for Home Worship
During this time of worshiping at home through online streaming, please consider using one the following collections of activities and discussion questions to explore this week's lectionary reading as a family.
Acts 1:6-14
Jesus Ascends
***OPTION #1: Whirl Video and Activities***
5-minute Video: “Sewn-Up Sunday”
After watching the video in the link above, ask kids the following questions:

1. What happened to Jesus in the story Ada is telling?
2. Why do Otto and Victor think church is over?
3. Why does Ada call Victor and Otto back to Sunday school?
4. What does it mean to be a part of the story?
5. Share a way that you are part of the story of God’s love.
Bible Story: You Will Tell the Story
Read Acts 1:6-14 together.


Listen to Ms. Sarah tell the Story Bible version in this five-minute video.
Then ask the following questions:

1. In the beginning of the story, how did Jesus look to the disciples?
2. What did Jesus say would happen next?
3. Name one of the things Jesus told the disciples to share with others.
4. Where did Jesus go?
5. What story about Jesus do you like to hear and tell?
6. Show us the face you would make if you watched Jesus rise up into the clouds.
Kids Activities
Choice #1: Invite kids to blow bubbles and send them up in the air. "Bubbles can float up in the air, but they don’t stay up forever. They float back down or they pop! The disciples watched Jesus go up in the air. Jesus did not come back down like our bubbles do."

Choice #2: Set out construction paper, markers, scissors, and tape. Ask kids to draw and cut out pictures of what they see when they look up in the sky. Invite kids to tape their creations high up on the walls, light fixtures, and windows of their living space. "The sky’s the limit today!"
Pray Together
Dear God, thank you for sending Jesus and for making us part of your story. Help us remember to share your story with others. Amen.
Bulletin Activity Sheets
This week's printable bulletin pages, normally found at each campus for weekend worship, can be downloaded here:
Adapted from Sparkhouse Online - WHIRL Lectionary
***OPTION #2: Family Sunday School by Spark***
Sparkhouse, creator of the Whirl and Spark Sunday School curricula, is excited to announce Family Sunday School , an eight-week lesson series for families! Each week, Dr. Dawn Rundman and her family will lead songs and present activities and the week's Bible story.

This week's 13-minute video is about The Ascension.
For the accompanying downloadable resources referenced in the video, click the links below:

Have questions or suggestions on how Epiphany can help your family's faith thrive while worshiping at home? Please contact Sarah Richter, Director of Children and Family Ministry.