Family Resources for Home Worship
During this time of worshiping at home through online streaming, please consider using one the following collections of activities and discussion questions to explore this week's gospel reading as a family.
Luke 24:13-35
Road to Emmaus
***OPTION #1: Whirl Video and Activities***
4-minute Video: "Nearsighted Disciples"
After watching the video in the link above, ask kids the following questions:

1. How did the disciples feel about the news that Jesus had risen from the dead?
2. What rumors were being spread about Jesus?
3. Why does Victor think the two followers don’t recognize Jesus?
4. Who told Jesus about Jesus?
5. What did Jesus do at the friends’ home that helped them recognize him?
6. What happened to Jesus after he broke the bread?
7. Roxy doesn’t have all the answers in our video today. Do you think teachers should know all the answers or not? Why?
Bible Story: On the Road to Emmaus
Read Luke 24:13-35 together.


Listen to Ms. Sarah tell the Story Bible version in this six-minute video.
Then ask the following questions:

1. Who was walking on the road to Emmaus?
2. What were the two friends talking about?
3. How did the friends describe Jesus to the man who joined them on the walk?
4. Why do you think they invited him to dinner?
5. When did Cleopas recognize Jesus?
6. Talk about a time you saw your teacher outside of school.
Kids Activities
Young kids: TRAVEL
Cover a table with mural paper or many pieces of printer paper taped together; tape edges to hold in place. Set out toy vehicles and place markers near the paper. Invite kids to draw roads like a map all over the paper. Have kids use the toys to travel all the roads on the map.

Elementary kids: SURPRISES
Ask, “When have you been surprised?” “Who has surprised you?” “Name a favorite surprise.” “Name anyone in the world you would like to surprise you with a visit.”
Pray Together
Dear God, thank you for answering our questions. Help us remember that we learn by asking questions and listening for the answers. Thank you for sending Jesus to die and rise again. Amen.
Bulletin Activity Sheets
This week's printable bulletin pages, normally found at each campus for weekend worship, can be downloaded here:
Adapted from Sparkhouse Online - WHIRL Lectionary
***OPTION #2: Family Sunday School by Spark***
*NEW!* Sparkhouse, creator of the Whirl and Spark Sunday School curricula, is excited to announce Family Sunday School , an eight-week lesson series for families! Each week, Dr. Dawn Rundman and her family will lead songs and present activities and the week's Bible story.

This week's 13-minute video is about The Road to Emmaus.
For the accompanying downloadable resources referenced in the video, click the links below:

Have questions or suggestions on how Epiphany can help your family's faith thrive while worshiping at home? Please contact Sarah Richter, Director of Children and Family Ministry.