July 1, 2022

Home Growers for Social Justice

The Sacramento Valley Chapter of the California Native Plant Society started a program whereby volunteers grow native plants to be distributed to under-resourced communities. In April, Subhash picked up 140 plant starts, soil and one-gallon pots, and he, Gina, Debbie, and Kim repotted the native plants, under the oak tree near the fence in the community garden. 

Thanks to the volunteers, including Jan, Andrew, Karen and Liz, who water and take care of them, the plants are thriving. Later this year, the mature native plants will be brought directly into under-resourced communities at neighborhood pop-up events, ready for planting.

The Wonderful World of

Our Community Listserv

A cohousing listserv is not only a wonderfully efficient communication tool, but also a fascinating glimpse into a community's ecosystem. In addition to notices of special events, common meals, meetings, etc., here are some

exchanges this past month that show the generosity of our members. Time and money saved, emissions avoided, and community ties strengthened!

Thursday, May 19:

8:45a — Anyone have a single easel? Needed for Common House painting teacher at 9:00a.

8:51a — I have a large easel. 

9:03a — Got it!

5:17p — It looks like an umbrella blew into the pool and sank to the bottom. I know I can’t get it out. Anyone interested in a rescue mission, please coordinate your efforts. I’ll be cheering you on.  

5:37p — Already done by others by the time I got out there...looks like no CPR was needed... ;-)

Sunday, May 22:

9:09a — Good morning. Has anybody experienced a water leak from under the sink like this: no water from the faucet, but a strong spray under the cabinet? Can anybody recommend a plumber I can call today? Thank you.

9:27p — A big THANK YOU!! To Bob and Jeff and Karen who contorted their bodies, and twisted and prodded all the fittings, nuts and hoses intertwined under my sink in the most impossible task anyone could ask of neighbors. (They were working around the obstacle of a huge reverse-osmosis tank and all its filters and hoses, reducing the workspace to a cave with tree roots wound around inside.) I witnessed and was the grateful beneficiary of intentional community values today. My deepest thanks go to all of you who responded to my email of distress this morning, and to Bob, Karen and Jeff who gave up a huge piece of their Sunday to figure out how to fix the problem. They didn’t give up until I had running water once again from my faucet and NOT from the bare end of a water line.

Wednesday, May 25:

7:53a — Artichoke offer: cooked, well done, and delivered to your door, all for just letting me know via return email…

9:08a — Wow! Sold out quick! (They were free.) Anyone who asked for two, you will likely only get one. Sorry… 

Tuesday, May 31:

5:39p — Hi everyone, my external back-up hard drive needs to be erased and reformatted. I need to transfer my files from my laptop to a second external hard drive, reformat mine, and then transfer my files back. I would be very grateful if someone can lend me one. I need 280 GB. 

5:41p — I can help.

5:44p — And I can be “on deck” if it doesn’t work. I have lots...

Friday, June 3:

10:42a — Hello Neighbors, the “Rambling Rose” that is currently next to the entryway to my front porch is going away. If anyone wants it, please let me know and I will have the landscape contractor put it in a planter for you.

11:32a — I received a response. The Rose has a new home.

Thursday, June 9:

11:38a — Wow, Artichoke Offer #20! I think there should be balloons, but there will only be artichokes. I bought extra since I ran short last time (households that wanted two only got one — the Artichoke Angel had a clipped wing). Let me know if you want one (or two). 

Sunday, June 12

5:27p — Does anyone have any extra lettuce - 2 to 4 leaves - that they could donate? We forgot to get some at the supermarket this afternoon and it would make dinner far more enjoyable!

6:11p — Thanks everyone! Lettuce is secured! 

Thursday, June 16

6:05p – Hi neighbors, Due to a shipping delay snafu, we now won’t be receiving some essential camping equipment in time for our first summer excursion next weekend (6/25-27). Does anybody have a 4+ person tent or any sleeping pads? Thanks!

Saturday, June 18

2:32p – Hi all, All taken care of! Thanks to all for their offers (my goodness, we are well-equipped!).

Fair Oaks EcoHousing Is...

…a charming, caring, creative, colorful, celebrating, entertaining, child-nurturing, eco-friendly, dog-walking, egg-gathering, weed-pulling, cardboard-mulching, ukulele-playing, storytelling, baseball-loving, potluck-partying, pie-baking, common-house-cleaning, passionate, well-meaning, loving, well-intentioned, participating, safety-conscious, supportive …COMMUNITY!

Peaceful Oasis in the Midst of Caring Cohousing Community in Fair Oaks EcoHousing, CA

Charming, Light-Filled, 2-Bedroom Upstairs Flat available in Multi-Generational, Pet-Friendly Community—Fair Oaks EcoHousing, CA

This charming 2BR/1BA upstairs flat may have a small footprint, but the well-designed floor plan, efficient storage, and large windows make it feel light, airy, and spacious. 

  • The tranquil living room looks out into the canopies of two beautiful Live Oak trees, which provide summer shade, privacy, and year-round glimpses of birds and squirrels.
  • The kitchen door leads to the deck overlooking the community, connecting you with neighbors going by—a perfect place for a cup of tea, a visit with friends, and a view of the colorful buildings.
  • The kitchen has stainless steel appliances, quartz counters, and light maple soft-close cabinets.
  • Custom upgrades include bamboo floors and Hunter-Douglas shades.
  • Extra deep closets and built-in shelves extend storage twice as far, and the hall closet is plumbed for washer and dryer.
  • Excellent sound insulation adds to the sense of peace.
  • The centrally-located Common House supplements your living space, with kitchen, lounge, children’s playroom, craft room, free laundry, guest rooms, patio and grill.
  • Additional amenities include pool and spa, workshop, electric charging stations, organic community garden, small orchard, and coming soon, a Little Library! 

Completed in 2020, this two-bedroom flat is built to support California’s climate and clean energy goals, with eco-friendly construction, sustainable building materials, and energy star appliances:

  • passive heating/cooling
  • double-pane low e2 windows
  • high efficiency water heater
  • mini-split heating/cooling system
  • deep framing, allowing better insulated walls, and keeping you cool in summer, warm in winter, and your energy bills low
  • solar-ready

Fair Oaks EcoHousing, a multi-generational cohousing community of thirty homes, is an inclusive, earth-friendly neighborhood that fosters supportive relationships for all ages, cooperation, and fun! Meal sharing, informal gatherings, celebrations, gardening, wildlife-loving, dog-walking, storytelling, ukulele-playing, art-creating, brainstorming, and participating in community life: these are just a few activities here.

For more info, photos, and pricing see ad at Cohousing.org or

Contact Britt Wiseman (916-420-0702 / britt.wiseman@cbnorcal.com

Fair Oaks EcoHousing Tour
Photo by Fair Oaks EcoHousing member Subhash Chand
Fair Oaks EcoHousing is a beautiful neighborhood of 30 homes on 3.7 acres in Fair Oaks, CA, 18 miles east of downtown Sacramento. Because of Covid-19, we have postponed group tours for the time being.

We invite you to watch the new film about cohousing. The Best of Both Worlds explores the lives of residents in four cohousing communities in Northern California, including Fair Oaks EcoHousing. For more info about the film visit https://cohousingfilm.com/
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