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Wednesday's Lunch Postponed
BAG Meeting and STEM TOUR
This morning our Business Advocacy Group got a short tour of the Lakeville South High School STEM Academy prior to our meeting.

The group learned about the great things happening in the program from father son duo - Dan and Dakota Rawley.

The group also briefly discussed the COVID-19 virus and ways we can look to connect businesses to resources in the near future.

The Business Advocacy Group is a group of businesses and city and elected officials who meet to discuss topics relevant to our business community. It is open to all Chamber members.
We are getting the 2020 New Resident Mailer envelopes ready. If your target audience is Lakeville residents, this is a great opportunity to get in front of about 2,000 new residents this year. We only have two spots left on the envelope, so contact Shanen if you are interested. First come, first serve.
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