We are open and here for you! Due to COVID-19, our practice hours are limited until the "shelter in place" statute is lifted. Our satellite office on Reservoir Drive will also remain closed during this time.

The health and well-being of our clients and staff are always our top priority. During this time of uncharted waters, we are closely following the latest Federal, State and Local guidelines and restrictions as we join with so many other businesses in doing what is best for the community and the greater good by limiting hours and staggering schedules to minimize contact with others to flatten the curve.

We want to assure you that during this uncertain time with the COVID-19, we are taking every precaution and continuing to follow all CDC guidelines along with local and federal policies. We are going above and beyond to ensure that appropriate health and safety measures are in place.

* Staff in masks and gloves for your safety and ours.
* Screening questions for staff and clients alike.
* Hand washing with anti bacterial soap before and after every client.
* Use fresh gloves when applying products to our clients and discard after each use.
* Towels, linens and pillow cases changed after each client.
* Tables and exercise equipment sanitized after each patient.
* Increased cleaning frequency of common areas: door handles, light switches, counters.
* PT schedules staggered and spread out to limit possible interaction between clients.
* Virtual sessions are available for those who prefer to stay at home.

Need to see us? Call or email to schedule with us. We are scheduling office visits in Sorrento Valley Monday through Friday.

Give our virtual visits a try! As long as you were previously treated in person in our office, you are eligible for a telehealth visit. Scheduling is easy and appointments are fun, interactive and helpful.


We encourage you to continue your home exercise programs and other specific instructions from your physical therapist. We also hope to inspire you to "exercise" your self-care and kindness to others as we all work through this situation together. We will keep you updated on any changes to our policies and eventual reopening. 

Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest news. In the meantime, keep calm, breathe deeply and keep washing those hands!

Home Sweet Home

Many of us are feeling the impacts of staying at home and participating in social distancing. Not only are we staying at home - we are working from home, educating from home, and exercising from home just to name a few. Our situation is rapidly changing and the uncertainty of events can be very unsettling and anxiety provoking. 

As a PT, I am very aware of the impact that stress and anxiety can have on the body and the soul. We might see an increase in pain levels for current issues, a return of pain issues that we had under control, or an onset of totally new pain symptoms. Maybe any bowel or bladder issues that were under control a few months or even weeks ago might now be increasing in severity. If occurring, this shouldn't be surprising in light of world events but it doesn't mean that the situation can't be manageable.

Ways to Help During Our Stay at Home Period

Get Moving
 - A study from Evidation Health followed 160,000 people in the US which included 68,000 people with fitness trackers and found that activity levels were down 39% on March 24 versus activity recorded on March 1. If you are receiving this newsletter it means that you've been a prior patient at CTS or are a current one. Remember your PT prescribed home program?? It's a great time to revisit those old exercises or be more consistent with your current program. Set up a virtual PT visit with your PT at CTS if you need a review or some encouragement. 

If you are a member of a gym or fitness club, check to see if they offer any online options for their members. Take advantage of online offers for free trial periods for exercise programs you might find online.

Maintain a Routine and Set a Schedule - Try to stick to a similar routine. Maybe the exercise program becomes a little easier to follow if we schedule a workout time just as if we were going to the gym or PT clinic. Scheduling can help us maintain accountability for deadlines and completing tasks.

Set Up an Office Space or Workstation - Many of us are working from home now or have become home school parents during this time. Don't forget the importance of optimal posture and computer set up as we engage in these activities outside of our normal office or school environments. Having a designated area can help set the tone for improved productivity.

Keep on Top of Your Self Care  - Continue to follow the education tips you've received over the years from your PT for relaxation techniques, self-care, self-love, good dietary habits, good toileting habits, and breathing techniques. This is the time to put all the above into play! LiveWell@Home is a great resource from Live Well San Diego that has a wide variety of links for all age groups covering topics such a exercise, home activities, education, mindfulness, and social connection.

We at CTS hope you "exercise" your self-care and kindness to yourself and others as we work through this situation together. Be well!


April has been declared National Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

It is a topic hard to discuss due to the vulnerability required and its associated shame. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center ( nsvrc.org, March 7, 2020):

* 1 in 5 women and 1 in 7 men will be raped.

* In the U.S., 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men will experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetime.

* 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18.

* Only 12% of sexual abuse is reported to the authorities.

An assault can imprint in the body not only physically but also emotionally/spiritually.

As a survivor of child abuse, I can appreciate the shame, embarrassment, confusion and fear that can be associated with abuse. I also have endometriosis and suffered for years with debilitating pelvic pain. Acknowledging and appreciating how abuse can influence the neural, hormonal, and immune systems was a critical piece in my path to healing. Abuse laid the foundation for my nervous system to be in a constant state of readiness or stress, leading to hormones preparing my body for fight, flight or freeze. Over time my tolerance to stress, less sleep, and dietary sensitivities decreased leading to more pain and tension.

Finally, it was stepping back and seeing the entire picture of how my posture, breathing, lifestyle habits were facilitating an up regulated nervous system, and thus pain, did I start to notice how I have control and can change my body's reaction. It is not that abuse caused my endometriosis or pain, but for me it influenced not only my spiritual and emotional well-being but also my physicality.

Do I still have pain...? Yes, but I no longer feel trapped by it and my reaction to more painful days is one that promotes healing (love, support, kindness) versus more pain (irritation, anger, retaliation).

This blog is to remind us that many of us are survivors, and know you are not alone. The imprint abuse can have on our bodies is strong and appreciating and understanding it allows for more healing. 

A great resource is the website mentioned above, as well as, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris. She is the first Surgeon General of California since 2019 and author of The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity. Remember it is never just one thing that heals us, and healing is a journey.

For more resources, visit nsvrc.org, or call the sexual assault hotline number - 1-800-656-4673 (HOPE) - to get in contact with your local rape crisis center.