In this Spotlight:   Child Passenger Safety
Georgia Home Visiting Program
Resource Spotlight
September 2017, Vol 1. Number 6   
Home visitors can play a critical role in demonstrating and teaching safe behaviors including car seat safety. As home visitors you want to help the caregivers you serve ensure that their children are riding safely in the car when they take off each day. September is Child Passenger Safety Month and it's a great time to share some important resources to make sure that Georgia's children and families stay safe on the road.
So Mom Needs a Car Seat...
What do you do when you are serving a mom who can't afford a car seat? A top priority in child passenger safety is to make sure that everyone who needs a car seat can get one. The Georgia Child Occupant Safety Project (through the Georgia Department of Public Health) sponsors a mini-grant program to provide car seats for families in need. One agency in each county can receive grant funding to provide up to 6 convertible car seats and 4 high back booster seats per month for income-eligible families. Click here to find your county's designated agency that offers free car seats for families in need.

What if a family has a child with special needs?
If you are serving a child with special needs, this child may be in need of a special needs car seat instead of a conventional seat. Refer to the the  Special Needs Referral Packet  for more information. Page 2 of the packet features a flow chart that can help you and mom figure out which kind of car seat is needed. Call 404.463.1487 or email with questions about the referral packet.

Which Car Seat is Right for You?
Infant, toddler, rear facing, forward facing, booster...what to choose??
The Car Seat Finder (provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) is an easy-to-use tool that lets mom find the right car seat to fit her child. Simply click the image to the right, enter the child's birth date, weight and height and you'll be provided car seat type results that fit the child.
Have a Car Seat? Get it Checked!
National Seat Check Saturday is September 23!
Safe Kids Georgia, led by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, will offer free car seat inspections in communities around Georgia on Saturday, September 23. Click the link below to review the statewide schedule of car seat inspection locations by county.
Buckle Up - It's the Law!
Click the Georgia Child Passenger Safety Law brochure on the left for information on child passenger safety laws and car seat recommendations. You can order this and other brochures for free by clicking here . You may also add these brochures to First Steps resource packets for families.
A Final Note: "Look Again"
The “Look Again” Campaign was launched by Governor Nathan Deal and leaders of several state agencies in an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of leaving children unattended in vehicles to help prevent heatstroke deaths of children. During home visits where car safety is discussed, please remind caregivers to be aware of their surroundings and never leave a child in a car, even for just a minute. The message is simple: When you arrive at your destination, check the front and back of your car, and after you’ve looked, just to be sure, Look Again.