Monthly Newsletter | December 2020
Your #HealthyMinds Update
The end of the year can feel busy with deadlines and holiday preparations, on top of everyday responsibilities. But it's also a time to process the highs and lows we've had over the past year. This year, many families have found creative new ways to work, learn, play, and stay connected during this challenging time. That's an amazing feat to feel proud of! And many of us have hopefully also learned new ways to practice self-care and build resilience.
Encourage the young people in your life to reflect on the successes and positives in their lives, both big and small. It can help to make the season a little brighter.

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Home for the Holidays During COVID-19
This year, the holidays will feel very different for many families who won't be physically together due to this pandemic. Read more for guidance to help you boost your family's spirits and make the most of this time.
The Power of Community Health During COVID-19
This pandemic has been especially hard for underserved communities. Tune in to our podcast with special guest Dr. Mary Lyons-Hunter for more on how the MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center is leading the way to show the role community health centers can play in addressing the wide range of stressors families are facing.
Ask Ellen: How to Respond to Your Child's Big Emotions
How can you respond to your child's meltdowns in a healthy way while maintaining your own sense of calm? Tune in to our latest "Ask Ellen" Q&A to learn more! Thanks to all who joined us live for this event.
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How can parents and grandparents support young people's mental well-being during this pandemic? Tune in to hear Dr. Gene Beresin’s key insights.

It's normal for college students to experience anxiety from time to time, but the good news is that there are many ways to manage it. Read more for 7 tips on how to cope with anxiety.

How can parents support kids and teens amid the pandemic winter? Read more for tips from Dr. Gene Beresin and other experts.

Practicing compassion for ourselves and others can help us better manage stress. Read more for 5 tips from Dr. Khadijah Booth Watkins and other experts on how you and the young people in your life can get started.
Monthly Mindfulness:
from The New York Times

Practicing mindfulness can help kids reduce stress and maintain their emotional well-being during times of uncertainty. Read more for mindfulness tips that can help parents and kids of all ages. 
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