Parenting Moments
presented by Healthier Urban Families at Wayne State University
Well, we are entering the last month of the year and have truly experienced the best of times and the worst of times. After a year filled with health, economic and political uncertainties, many of us are ready to embrace a new year! As we enter a month that is traditionally focused on family festivity, we are aware of and sensitive to the loss, anxiety, and loneliness that some people are experiencing. Please see this month's articles that address the mental health of young children, teens, and adults. Because the number of Covid 19 cases are rising, we will continue to keep our families safe. I encourage you to create new and safer family traditions this year. Please see the suggestions on fun, low or no cost activities that you can do with your children to create long lasting happy memories. Happy Holidays and a Happy, Healthy New Year to you and your family!
Mental Health Resources
The Rebound Detroit:
List of Michigan resources to help you manage your mental health HERE
Worry & Anxiety in Young Children – Sesame Street
Helping Teens Cope with the Pandemic
Home For the Holidays
Celebrating the
Holidays During
by Beverly Weathington, LMSW
MPSI, Healthier Urban Families
Fun Activities to Support Learning at Home
Games, Videos and More on Topics Important to You & Your Child
10 Great Musical Instruments to Make at Home
Differences Between the Flu and Covid 19
Stories about Black Children by Black Authors
Research Participants Needed
Research continues throughout the pandemic, despite restrictions on in-person interactions. Many of our researchers have revisited their approach to create virtual . . . MORE
Take good care. We'll be back soon with more parenting moments.