Thank you for the support you have shown to Yachad over the years. Your continuing support in this unparalleled year will enable Yachad to carry out our commitment to seek justice by engaging in acts of loving kindness.

Despite the pandemic, we have been able to maintain and expand upon the many services we provide. 

We continued our partnership with the District's Department of Energy and Environment providing hundreds of DC residents with improved home energy efficiency and weatherization measures. 

We are a leader in the DC Healthy Housing Collaborative whose objective is to remediate household conditions that cause and exacerbate asthma, the most common pediatric disease in the U.S. Yachad is part of a pilot project in partnership with Children’s National that showed a significant decrease in ER visits among program participants when housing remediation is coupled with medical treatment.

Yachad volunteers are now helping low income homeowners navigate the maze of requirements to access assistance from government housing programs.

Our support for single family homeowners meets a crucial need. Home equity is the single greatest factor in building family wealth. But across the US, white families have 12 times the wealth of families of color. By improving the livability of the homes of our neighbors, we begin to move the needle toward economic and social parity.

Yachad's work continues. We are proud of the accommodations we have made to meet the needs of our greater community. Your commitment, your concern, your contribution will allow us to meet our goals. In the words of T.S. Eliot, “Home is where one starts from.”

Thank you for your contribution of $100, $150, $250, or more, this holiday season.

Audrey Lyon
Executive Director