February 2021
Home is more important than ever
Through the dark days of winter and the pandemic, home has taken on a whole new meaning. It is a place of safety, comfort, and stability...more important than even we knew. More than ever before, affordable housing is essential, especially to the 350 people on our waiting list.

During the holiday season we committed to raising $100,000 in support of our programs. With a generous $20,000 match unlocked by your generosity, we are just $10,000 short of reaching our goal. If you have not yet made your gift, today is a great day to make a difference.
An Update for our Avodah Corps Member
Ava Gurman

During my first five months at Housing Unlimited, I have learned a great deal about affordable housing and the experience of being homeless. Waiting is a reoccurring theme, from waiting on line to get food and resources, to waiting on agonizingly long lists to receive housing and housing grants.

In my work with the Housing Unlimited waiting list, I have seen how waiting can be an integral experience for those who lack the resources. However, even though the Housing Unlimited waiting list is long, I know that we are promising something substantial and important - an end to the wait. I am so motivated by the services we provide and the people we serve.
Today is a Good Day to Get Started
Was your New Year's Resolution to get organized.? Make the most of your time at home and get started today!

Your organizational binge during the pandemic can benefit Housing Unlimited. We are always seeking lightly-loved household furniture, artwork and kitchen supplies to make our houses feel like homes. Contact Lisa Cook - lcook@housingunlimited.org - to arrange a socially distant and worry-free pickup.