Home of Grace

He is eight, the paperwork says.
He looks less than 6. Tiny hands, tiny feet, such a little boy.
He was found chained up in a small dark bathroom.
Yes, chained.
He was given away by his mother to a couple who faked his birth certificate. 
A crime in this country.
He was severely malnourished and delayed when he was rescued one year ago.
For the last year, he has stayed in an institution that dealt with the malnutrition and not much else.

Yesterday, we sat around the conference room table...
his little legs dangling from the chair. I held his hand, and to my surprise, he held mine back. 
You will be okay, I promise.
His dark brown eyes held mine.  I promise. 

Home of Grace. 
a place for boys who have experienced trauma;
a place of love and healing; 
a place for their bodies to heal;
a place for their minds to develop;
a place for their spirits to grow.

This is our second home.

We opened in faith and need committed donors for this project to move forward.

The need is tremendous.
Our main home in Manila is full but referrals continue to come...
referrals of broken, abused, and abandoned little boys.

Boys that need to know they are safe;
Boys that need to be held so they can grieve;
Boys that need to run and play in freedom;
Boys that will one day, become men.

Help us bring healing to these precious children so that they will know that God has a plan for their life and God will never abandon them. 

Charity Graff
Executive Director
Healing through Ballet
The ballet program offered at Gentle Hands is instrumental in coming alongside the process of healing for the girls there. This program instills grace, discipline, and purpose in the hearts of these precious girls. They are taught to love and encourage their fellow dancers which builds camaraderie amongst the girls as they go throughout their day. Each girl there has daily battles they must bravely wake up and face each day. The staff at Gentle Hands gives the girls a foundation that is set in Christ Jesus first and that spills over into each area of their lives. Dancing is a form of worship which takes what they know about how much they are loved, cherished, and valued by their Heavenly Father, and can display that worship in an outward way. Dance is also a wonderful ministry
to help spread the gospel.
Bringing our daughter home from Gentle Hands has been the joy of our hearts and our family. Renalyn has been involved in the ballet program at Gentle Hands for 3 years. Through this program, she has built confidence and leadership skills that she has been able to bring with her to her new studio here in America. Being able to come to America and immediately have an outlet to jump into made her feel a sense of belonging and confidence. Dance is a language that crosses all borders. It doesn’t matter where you find yourself around the world,
dance is a universal art form.

Another wonderful opportunity that has come into Renalyn’s life because of dance here in America will be the option to become a certified dance instructor. Renalyn will be able to earn her certificate through working a certain number of hours in her new studio and after completion, she will be awarded a certificate that will allow her to teach dance in any studio. This is a fantastic opportunity for her and gives her a specific goal to work towards. Our family is forever grateful for the gift of dance that was given to Renalyn through
the dance program at Gentle Hands.

Trey and Meredith Dixon, Louisiana, USA  
Making a difference: One Hat at a Time
How does a nine-year old girl living in the Midwest United States become interested
in raising hundreds of dollars for an orphanage in the Philippines?
It stems from an interest in learning more about the Philippines, as her mother is half Filipina, from her Christian faith, and from her desire to do more for those in need or less fortunate. Reagan Donegan watched the YouTube video from 2014 by Jonathan Heppner and it really touched her heart. 

She had just received a knitting loom and was having fun making hats for friends and family in her spare time. Armed with a few hats and a flyer outlining her purpose and that of Gentle Hands Orphanage, she started around the neighborhood in the hopes of raising some money and the response was overwhelming. She left with four hats and returned with hundreds of dollars and orders for 12 more.

It has blossomed since with word of Reagan’s big heart and her beautiful hats, made with her own gentle hands has brought in dozens of more orders. She is knitting hats in her spare time, her heart filled with God’s love, knowing she is making a difference for children across the globe.
In order for us to provide the holistic care that our children deserve, we need continuous
prayers and support from people like you.