Home Trends from the 2017 Furniture Market

Gold Fever, Gold Rush, 50 Shades of Gold...these are just a few of the phrases going around our office after the 2017 Furniture Market. 

Polished, brushed, antiqued, satin, hammered...it's a long list of finishes, but at the end of the day, it's all gold. This warm-toned metal is being used in modern and traditional design, in lighting, decor, furniture and bedding. 

But why gold? Why now?  

Maybe it's just a pendulum swing from the rustic and reclaimed look we've been seeing, but regardless of why, gold is easy to pair with most colors. And it brings a bit of luxury to any space.

Gold mirrors, lighting, accessories, and accent furniture.

Mixing metals is perfectly acceptable and can be quite interesting when done right (think Sonny & Cher or Donnie & Marie). However, it can easily look haphazard (we won't name these couples). If your house is filled with rustic iron and reclaimed wood, we're not going to bring you a polished gold starburst mirror. The key to introducing gold, or any other new element, is to  keep a cohesive style and repeat the component in the room.
Also in abundance at the market were bare bulbs. Yep, bare light bulbs. Often, these are filament bulbs (think Edison) or candle shaped. Just like gold, these bulbs do not discriminate based on style. We saw chandeliers of every style: traditional, modern, French country, farmhouse, etc., all decked out with bare bulbs. It's a fun look, and we saw a lot of lovely light fixtures. But how comfortable are these to live with? Anyone?

Bare bulb chandeliers in various styles

Another big showing in light fixtures is multiple pendants at varying height. We love this look, and are planing to install a variety of pendants over our work table in the office. We have a vision...now if we can just find just the right components. We've been called Goldilocks before.

Multiple pendants at varying heights

Wondering if you can bring gold into your home?  Need help selecting new light fixtures?  Call us any time. We'd love to help you get it just right.

Bringing it full circle! Here's an example of gold, bare bulbs, AND multiple pendants at varying heights. 

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