These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
March 2020
Each month, I will be featuring some of my favorite places and things to do abroad, stateside and locally here in Naples. My hope is to help you get a head start on the legwork required to make travel plans and create amazing experiences!
Homebound - What Can we do to Stay Busy and Safe?
Never in a million years did I think I would be writing to you on what to do during social isolation in the midst of a pandemic. However, here we are, and I wanted to do my part in sharing some ideas of how we can all manage this together! If you are like us, we are working from home, schooling from home and entertaining ourselves... from home!

Everyone's situation is a bit different, below are some ideas whether you are an empty nester/couple, part of a family or living on your own. Please share what you are up to with me, then we can pass your great ideas along! And check in on each other! We may have to create physical distance, but we can all stay close in our hearts during this trying time.
Situation: Families with Children at Home
This is my personal situation, and routine is something that has really helped us the last several days. For the younger kids, it's so important to keep some kind of schedule. It makes them (all of us really) feel safer and more controlled when they know what the day will bring. Use a chalk board or poster board to list what the day has in store. Whether it is at-home school lessons, games, chores, or just good ol' down time, put it to a schedule. And parents! Make sure you are taking care of yourselves! Your kids need you healthy both physically and emotionally! Check out my niece's blog with a bunch of ideas on activities here. You can also download a free daily schedule here. Yes, those are her adorable kids in the photo!
Situation: Empty Nesters or Couples
This may be the first time in a while where the two of you are spending this much time together! Try to plan a few fun projects like baking together or tackling a light home project. On the other side of the coin, know it's okay to have alone time reading, meditating or relaxing, as well! At home date night ideas here.
Situation: Living on your Own
For those of you who live on your own, using this time for some serious self care might be just what you need! Reading, meditation, long hot baths... all good for the soul! Have a bunch of magazines laying around? Before you toss them out, use them to create a vision board! What a great way to get ready to face the world again when this is all over with! Here is some guidance for you!
Spotlight on Naples!
I love sharing new finds and experiences all around my beloved city of Naples, Florida! This month's two picks are local businesses that need your support. Both are open right now to serve our community.
Seed To Table Market
Brought to you by the passionate farmers of Oakes Farms, this 75,000 square foot facility is redefining how we shop for our food! If you need to get out and get groceries, this amazing market has it all! These folks are open and considered a "necessary business" I can assure you, there is plenty for everyone here! Seed To Table Market
Lake Park Diner
Add this to my list of favorites. Lake Park Diner was founded by Adam Smith and is now owned by both Adam and Paul Flemming, local residents of Naples. According to Paul, they are "...trying to serve great farm to table fruit and veggies, but grass fed beef when a burger calls." There has been a lot of buzz in the media about them, and for good reason! They are offering carry-out meals as of right now, and feature daily specials! Give them your support, you won't regret it!
Retail Therapy
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