Fence Law Disputes in Florida
Homebuying experience, nightmare?

Real estate professionals are spending an increasing amount of time conducting business on their smartphones. About one-third of real estate professionals spend more than seven hours per workday on their smartphone or tablet, up from 18 percent a year ago.

A Portrait of Successful Homebuyers

Homebuyers who remained unfazed by low inventory, rising prices, and higher mortgage rates were more likely to score a home according to the results of a survey by  Realtor.com . The survey found that 34 percent of those who purchased a home were not discouraged by rising rates or home prices and 51 percent didn't pay above the asking price. It found that 42 percent of those surveyed had made only one or two offers before closing on their home.

Understanding Fence Law Disputes in Florida
With the existence of tens of thousands of farms in the state of Florida, as well as hundreds of thousands of privately-owned residential properties, land boundaries are a frequent point of contention between neighbors. The state of Florida has edicted several laws regarding the legality and construction of fences around properties.

Owning a Home vs. Buying Difficulties

If the American Dream is to own a home, it seems the American Nightmare might be the actual buying process. According to a new study by  ValueInsured , 59 percent of American homeowners describe their buying experiences in terms like “having a root canal” and other colorful (and painful) language.

Our staff has been busy, they attended a Meditation Seminar presented by Tuck Taylor from  Beast Athletics this past month. They were taught how meditation can be helpful in relieving stress and instructed in a step by step method on how to meditate. 

Our team also celebrated Independence Day by grilling out hamburgers and hot dogs!!

For our philanthropy efforts, we held another blood drive with oneblood.org as well as collected school supplies for the foster children of Hillsborough County.