The Bridge
Sunday, July 18
Pam Zimmerman speaking during the dedication of the new altar for Carpenter Chapel
This Sunday, July 25
Dr. Dick Hamm "The Ordinary Presence of God"
Psalm 139:1-12

9:15 AM Informal sanctuary service
9:30 AM The Bridge service in the chapel with livestream
10:45 AM Traditional sanctuary service with livestream
Dick Hamm served as a minister of Disciples of Christ congregations for 23 years before becoming Regional Minister of Tennessee and then General Minister and President of his denomination, a post he held for ten years. He is now serving as Executive Director of Christian Churches Together in the USA, a new ecumenical organization.

As General Minister and President, Dick led the Christian Church in the United States and Canada in developing "2020 Vision" to be a faithful, growing church that demonstrates true community, deep Christian spirituality, and a passion for justice. The vision also called for the achievement of the following goals by the year 2020: to establish 1,000 new congregations, to revitalize 1,000 congregations, to develop the leaders necessary to make this possible, and to become an anti-racist, pro-reconciling church.

Dick has written three books, From Mainline to Front Line, 1996, Lexington Theological Seminary; 2020 Vision for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Chalice Press, 2001; and, Recreating the Church: Leadership for the Post-Modern Age, Chalice Press, 2007.

Dick writes and speaks extensively on the subject of church renewal and transformation. He is a Ministry Partner of The Columbia Partnership, a coaching/consulting organization for church leaders, congregations, and other church organizations,

Dick has served as a member of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches and as a Vice President of the National Council of Churches. He has served as a trustee of Christian Theological Seminary for ten years and recently completed service as a trustee of the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California. He and his wife, Mindy, live in Indianapolis, IN.
Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places
by Chris Cox
If you ask me to picture communion, I see many images in a mosaic. It’s true that I see pictures of us celebrating the Lord’s Supper here in the sanctuary of Woodmont, in our new chapel, down in the gym.
Yet I also see a hundred different communions from scores of summer camps of which I have been a part. I see the lodge at Bethany Hills. I see a wooded lake in the South Carolina midlands with an illuminated cross on the other side. I see a university courtyard with 500 people lifting the bread and cup into the air. I hear “Amazing Grace” being sung by students and adults. I see a beach at nighttime while someone drunkenly sings “Sweet Home Alabama” at a karaoke bar down the shore. And I imagine communion when we take our students up to camp this week.
The English poet and Jesuit priest Gerard Manley Hopkins once wrote that Christ plays in ten thousand places and all of those communions scattered through my years remind me of that. God can and does show up in our lives wherever we go, not confined by time or space.
Thus every place is sacred. It almost becomes like an adventurous scavenger hunt. Where can I find Christ today? In what ways can I encounter the holy that will transform how I am looking at the world right now?
That is always one of my hopes with summer camp. Fifty students and adults are heading up to Fountain Run, KY this Thursday. There are many goals: to have fun, to spend time with people we love after a trying season, to dominate other small groups in The Flag and The Furious (they don’t know about that one yet). But most of all, we want to grow closer to Jesus.
My prayer for this week is that all of us will have those moments in which we realize that something good, holy, something of God was in our midst. Maybe it’s communion. Perhaps it will be a song or spiritual reflection. Maybe it will be a conversation by a campfire or found in a moment of joy zip lining high above. I hope that we find Christ playing in tens of thousands of places at camp, that it will fill us with hope, and inspire us to search for all the places he plays in this world.
I hope that you will pray that for us as we’re up in Kentucky this week and I will be praying that for you. Whether you are at camp or at home, at church or on the road, I pray that you encounter the living and loving God. That you would witness the good and holy that is spread through this world. That it will give you hope, comfort, sustenance, and will set you off on an adventure to find Christ everywhere you go.
Homecoming & Promotion Sunday is August 22

On Sunday, August 22, all children will be "promoted" to their next grade level and the new Sunday School year begins.

Also on this day, we are excited to announce the return of our children's moment at the 9:15 AM service!
Creativity in Crisis
An update from our partners at Unbound in Guatemala
Unbound continues to be a lifeline for families as the COVID-19 pandemic threatens lives and economies in Latin America, India, and other places struggling to contain outbreaks. Sponsorship provides consistent financial support in uncertain times. It also lets the children, youth, elders, and families in our programs know they’re not alone, despite the isolation of the pandemic.

Please check out this special web page: Covid-19 Response - Unbound. The page includes updates from all 19 countries where Unbound works, including Guatemala.

We also invite you to read updates on Living Unbound, including this story which features Francisco Chavajay, coordinator of the Unbound program in Guatemala: Creativity In Crisis (

We hope you find these resources helpful in staying informed and connected. We ask the Woodmont community to keep Unbound and all those we serve in your prayers as we respond to this global crisis. Please know that you’re in our prayers and that we’re ever grateful for your support!
Summer Gospel Sing-Along & Potluck Supper continues Wednesdays at 5:15 PM in Room 105

Due to popular demand, our Summer Sing-Along & Potluck Supper has been extended and will continue every Wednesday through the end of July.
Choir Return
by Michael Graham
When the full realization of the pandemic hit the church, I must say it was a bit overwhelming to me. I am a creature of routine and find great comfort in working within established parameters. Covid-19 erased those guidelines rather quickly and I found myself having to think through new ways to get the job done. Long story short, I turned to God and asked for help. As always, He did not disappoint me. My help came through many sources. Fairly early on, Susan Hammonds-White sent me an article explaining virtual choir rehearsals. We tried it and kept the choir singing and learning from around June 2020 through June 2021. We picked up three new choir members during that time! God used Susan to plant an idea and the choir section leaders implemented those ideas with weekly rehearsals and virtual gatherings. We were able to create multi-screen choir anthems for use in our online services. God blessed our efforts. I'm glad we did not take our talents and bury them.

In our weekly services, we have resumed choir in stages, starting with a quartet in June, an octet in July and in a couple of weeks, the entire choir will be back, singing praises to God. During a potentially contagious season, singing is one of the riskiest scenarios due to the constant exhalation of moisture from the lungs. Thank God for vaccinations, which have paved the way for a quicker, safer return to singing.

I have spoken with several people from other congregations who basically shut down during the worst of the pandemic. Some of the congregations are struggling now because they did not stay connected and only offered online services. Clay's leadership gave us options and kept us connected at a critical time. Thanks be to God for His love, guidance and watchcare upon our congregation. We serve an awesome God!
Want to get involved? Learn of opportunities to serve?
Are you interested in learning more about and getting involved in the missions of Woodmont Christian Church? We have an email subscription service that will let you know whenever we have an opportunity to serve. This list includes everything from building/repairing homes to stuffing envelopes. 

For more info, and to get added to the list please contact Steve LaForge ( to get added to the list!
Sign up and find your calling!
The Nehemiah Project, an outreach of Woodmont Christian Church, has a home available in East Nashville

In an effort to promote affordable housing in Nashville, The Nehemiah Project is offering a home at lower than market rate (rent to be determined) at 905 Ward Street, Nashville, 37207.
Qualification criteria:
  1. Applicant must be a family with children
  2. Maximum 6 occupants
  3. Applicant should qualify for $1600 a month rent (rent will be lower)
  4. Criminal background check required
  5. Security Deposit required

Questions? Contact or call Karen Conrad at (615) 298-3735
Heart for Africa diaper drive continuing through July 30
It's that time of year again!

Each year we open a baby registry on Amazon for our friends to purchase diapers, wipes, and other needed items for the Project Canaan Children. With over 280 children now living at Project Canaan (and more to come), this is an easy opportunity to support our kids in a very big way!
Click the link below to shop and thank you for your support!
Donate a rocking chair to Heart for Africa

In addition to the diaper drive, we are also supporting Heart for Africa by raising funds for the famous Woodmont rockers that we send to Project Canaan!

If you would like to donate, you can write a check to Woodmont Christian Church and put Heart for Africa in the “for" line or contact Mary Welsh Owen at Items must be in Atlanta by Friday, July 31, 2021.
Help Alameda Christian Church buy a new garden shed & greenhouse for food outreach program

Our sister church on Ashland City Highway, Alameda Christian Church, has a wish list of needs. They have a garden on their campus and distribute the produce to people in the community who are food insecure.  

Alameda needs a new storage shed for tools and equipment. The dollar amount for this need includes a new shed and the cost of demolition and removal of the old shed, which is in disrepair.  

Their second need is for a greenhouse in which they could start plants and then move them to the community garden. The total dollars needed to fund these two initiatives is approximately $7,000.  

If you are interested in donating to help Alameda continue this outreach, contact Rob Quinn at
Members of the Chancel Choir during the 10:45 AM service on Sunday, July 18. The full Chancel Choir returns Sunday, August 1.
Communion at the 9:15 AM & 10:45 AM services is now "back to normal."
Do you have a collection of these?

Our church office is looking for two editions of our historical church rosters: the 1953 edition and the 1968-69 edition.

If you have one of these editions in your collection, please contact Jan Anderson to help us out!
Thank you, Woodmont!

Dear friends,

I would like to express my thanks for many cards, food, visits, phone calls, and support from the Woodmont community. I feel fortunate to have been a part of Woodmont for these many years. 

Many thanks and God’s blessings on each of you. 


Virginia Lewis
Watch sermon "When Everything Changed" by Justin Gung
Prayers for our church family

  • Chan Schoerke and Catherine Camargo, who were married July 10. Chan’s parents are Doug and Barb Schoerke. 

  • Steve Rush - St. Thomas West - back injury
  • John Stauffer - torn Achilles’ tendon, surgery last Thursday -
  • Lyn Downey (friend of Kristen and Dave Malone) - breast cancer


  • Nan George's mother, Alice Simon - hospital in Bowling Green, diagnosed with congestive heart failure and kidney failure
  • Deborah Danker's brother in Amelia Island - cancer
  • Connie Schmutz's brother, Michael Smith - recurring prostate cancer (undergoing radiation)
  • Connie Schmutz's cousin, Debbie Fuson, stage 4 breast cancer
  • Doyle and Virginia Rippee's daughter, Stephanie Rippee 
  • Ann Luther's father, Rhuel Patterson
  • Rita Baldwin's daughter, Debbie McPherson in Houston, TX 
  • Pam Groom's father, Gary Jones - Louisville, KY
Our elders invite you to join them in prayer

  1. For all of us as Christians to lead the world by example, of loving our neighbor (even through differences), and to walk with humility and kindness. 
  2. For those struggling with hard times, addiction, or loneliness.
  3. For us to slow down and enjoy God’s creation of nature. 

June 27: $15,405 
July 4: $57,259
July 11: $30,802
July 18: $34,835
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