October 23, 2010
Homecoming Week 2020 is coming up soon. To get into the Homecoming Spirit, students and faculty may choose to dress as detailed below. Participation in Homecoming wear is optional ~ regular uniform guidelines apply to those who choose not to dress up.

Monday, November 2
Throw on your PJs, favorite robe or slippers, and enjoy this yearly tradition.
Tuesday, November 3
Break out your fanny pack, camera, ugly shirt and hat to dress like a tacky tourist.
Wednesday, November 4
Please wear your favorite sports jersey or shirt.
Thursday, November 5
Dress like your favorite celebrity, teacher or friend.
Friday, November 6
Dress in Spirit Wear as we cheer our Cougars on to victory.
Northland Parents and Students,

Please note the dress code information above applies to Homecoming dress days.

According to the Student handbook:

SCHOOL SPONSORED EVENTS - NCS students are expected to maintain standards of cleanliness, modesty, neatness, and good taste both on campus and when attending school events off campus. Dress code for all extracurricular activities prohibits the wearing of short shorts and the exposure of any midriff skin. On UNIFORM FREE DAYS, no spaghetti strap tops, tank tops, see-through jerseys, muscle shirts, t-shirts with inappropriate advertising or short shorts will be allowed.

School administration has the final say on any and all dress up choices. Be creative, have fun, and please keep it appropriate for Northland!