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Homecoming 2021 Theme Contest

We are excited that we will be able to have a homecoming celebration reminiscent of past celebrations. Homecoming this year will be November 12-14, 2021. Once again, we are encouraging the membership to help us solidify our theme. This year's word is 'Legacy". Why "Legacy"? We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us who sacrificed that we might enjoy ministry in a debt free environment. The buildings we occupy are their legacy given to us and this community. Many of you are a part of that legacy. In 1984 you completed the construction of our Education Building and shortly thereafter paid it off. We are where we are in ministry today because of your faithfulness and the faithfulness of those before you. The questioned raised for us this homecoming is what part are we now being called to fulfill in carrying this legacy into the future?

Contest Parameters

  • We need a scripture of focus. One that embodies the idea of "Legacy".
  • We need a tagline that will enable us to summarize the spirit of this year's homecoming.
  • We need a logo. The above "Legacy" logo can be a starting point.
  • Finally, all submissions are due by Sunday June 25 at 4pm.