Jan. 19, 2022
Homecoming Week
January 24th - January 28th
 Activities For All Middle & High School Students
LLCA is looking forward to celebrating Homecoming week right around the c We will have special themes each day, and we’ll end the week with home basketball games and dance for the high schoolers. 

Spirit Week Themes  
General Guidelines:
Risque attire will not be allowed. No clothing can display improper language or be offensive in any way.

Monday: Character Day
Character day is a classic part of spirit week that allows students to dress up as their favorite characters. Students will be allowed to wear costumes or outfits that are designed to represent the characters they like. 
Tuesday: Decades Day
Decades Day is a themed day that is centered around appreciating the fashion senses of previous decades. The student council decided that the specific decades that students will represent will be by year. Seniors will represent the 90s. Juniors will represent the 80s. Sophomores will represent the 70s, and the Freshmen will represent the 60s. The staff will represent the 2000s. This will be an opportunity for students to represent fashion tastes that aren’t particularly “in-style.”
Wednesday: Pink Out/Breast Cancer Awareness/ Hat Day
Wednesday will be a break from the other days, allowing students to wear pink to show support for breast cancer research, victims, and survivors. If students don’t own pink clothes, they can instead choose to wear a hat that day for “hat day.” It is designed to be a day that is inclusive and non-exhaustive.
Thursday: Mathletes Versus Athletes
Students will have the opportunity to either dress as a mathlete (more nerdy clothing) or an athlete, (sporty clothing). This will allow students to dress in a way that either is different from the usual or representative of their strengths here at LLCA. It is easy to dress in either manner, making it accessible, fun, and expressive of our academic/athletic spirit.
Friday: Spirit Day
Since the event was created, Spirit Day has been a part of LLCA’s Spirit Week. It is a day when students show their Raptor spirit by wearing our school colors, demonstrating how proud you are to be Lake Lure Classical Academy students.
Our Mission:
To provide an educational community with high academic and character expectations, creating life-long learners. 

Our Vision: 
To partner with community resources supporting a culture of mutual respect and academic excellence that reflects high quality and relevant instruction and produces college and/or career-ready graduates.
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