This month our volunteer spotlight is on Brianna Brown! Bri has been fostering with Kitsap Humane Society for a year and a half, and has already fostered 40 animals! Bri predominantly cares for kittens for KHS, but has also fostered adult dogs and cats in their times of need. KHS was especially thankful to Bri when she was fostering a mama and eight kittens, and mama cat was not making enough milk to support all 8 kittens. Bri stepped up and learned to bottle feed the kittens to supplement their growth, and now all eight kittens are healthy and adopted!

Both Bri and her husband work full time, yet still find time to be excellent foster parents. KHS works with foster parents to fit in appointments around their availability, and foster parents are never asked to take animals that require more time than they are able to commit to, or do not fit with their lifestyles. Bri proves that even busy foster parents are so valuable to saving lives, and her dedication and caring makes her an amazing addition to the KHS foster team. Thanks Bri!