Guide to Homemade Yoga Props
So you would like to take one of our Virtual Classes and don't have the yoga props required for class? We do sell props at the studio, However, in the event you're unable to purchase them, we've created this handy list for you. Here are some common household items to use as yoga props.
To make 1 block, use two hardcover books bound together with a brown paper bag and tape. If you don't have hardcover books, two large size softcover books would suffice. When making your blocks, try making them the same size - depending on the thickness of the books, you may need to use more than two per block.
Generally in Restorative class, you will need 2 to 3 blankets. When selecting your blankets from around the house, choose throws or twin size blankets. Be sure they are soft and cozy. Also, large bath or beach towels would do, but disregard sheets because they are too thin and possibly slippery.
To create a bolster, you need something firm. You can use a removable couch cushion or a comforter rolled up tightly and fastened with 2 belts, scarfs or straps.
Eye Pillows
If you don't have an eye pillow, you can use a sleep mask, a folded hand towel or washcloth to cover your eyes for Savasana.
Yoga Strap
You can use a long belt or scarf. Even a long thin towel will even serve the purpose. Depending on your. height you may use multiple belts or scarfs fastened or tied together.
We hope you find these suggestions helpful - have fun and be creative with your homemade props. Now you're all set to join us for any of our Virtual Classes or Special Events.
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